Why no outcry from Perkasa over instant bumis?

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YOURSAY 'The bumiputeras' share of the economic cake has become smaller with these type of foreigners who have become instant bumiputeras.'

Pakistani with blue IC 'was threatened' when voting

your say Multi Racial: I wonder why those so-called patriotic NGOs and political parties are silence on this issue of citizenship being fraudulently given to foreigners.

Why none of them call for former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Project IC mastermind, and those executing his Project IC directives to be charged immediately? What they did is treason.

The Malay rulers should not keep quiet on this issue, too. If the authorities do not act, the rulers should give royal orders for action to be taken.

Gotcha: The bumiputeras' share of the economic cake has become smaller with these type of foreigners who have become instant bumiputeras. Umno-linked NGOs, what have you got to say about this?

Homesick: The important question is: What is to be done about the problems and how to stop it from ever happening again?

My prediction is nothing, as long as Umno-BN is in charge of Putrajaya. So, to the real Malays of Malaysia, please wake up and kick out Umno Baru Malays now before you become the minority.

If nothing is done now, in 20 or 30 years' time, a new breed of foreign bumiputeras will become the majority.

And all the Umno Baru Malays would be long gone with all their stolen loot and living a life of luxury in London, Paris, Cayman Island, etc, and the real Malaysians will be second-class citizens in their own country.

Heavywater: How many witness does royal commission of inquiry (RCI) really need before addressing the problems.

It doesn't need 147 witnesses, just a handful would be enough for the commission to reflect what went wrong in Sabah.

Anonymous #07247310: There are around 50,000 Pakistanis doing business in and around Johor Bahru area and they are buying houses 15 percent cheaper than me.

No raising Kugan case, deputy speaker orders MPs

Cala: The death of A Kugan under the watchful eye of the Subang Jaya police was only part of the larger social phenomenon that points to the lack of rule of law and unequal protection under the law.

By right, if the Umno-led BN regime has been sincere and steadfast to the functions of a democratic government, following from justice VT Singham's reprimand of the police for their role in causing Kugan's death, an admission of guilt and responsibility would be PM Najib Razak's best way to display his 1Malaysia concept.

To challenge the verdict of judge Singham is to defend the guilty party, which is in effect ignored "the rule of law", and thereby giving rise to the suspicion of the practice of "unequal protection under the law".

At this rate, one will see further deterioration of Malaysia's worldwide governance indicators prepared by the World Bank annually.

The West progresses so much over the East because of its culture of freedom of speech. The West believes that any issue can be debated freely and in the end, the reality (the truth) shall prevail.

Malaysia clearly is a Third World state as evidence from the Dewan Rakyat speaker's short-sightedness when he disallowed the parliamentary debate on Kugan's death. He wins in the short run, but Malaysia loses in the long run.

Old Timer: Kugan 's case and the other deaths in jail is an important national issue and should be debated in the Parliament, so that deaths in custody will no longer occur.

How can they bar this issue from being discussed in Parliament? Is this Parliament of BN or the rakyat?

Fighting for Justice: Why then do we have MPs for? They have been chosen to voice the rakyat's grievances.

If the deputy speaker can dictate what the MPs can talk or cannot talk in Parliament, then why hold elections and pretend to practice democracy.

The opposition cannot talk about haze, cannot talk about Kugan, cannot talk about indelible ink, cannot talk about Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)...

Anonymous #33877536: Whenever the government is caught with their pants down on issues unfavourable to them, then it cannot be debated in Parliament.

This is because they cannot counter the opposition with facts and figures. It's as simple as that.

Wira: Mr Deputy Speaker, how can you say this is still sub judice as the Kugan trial is already over? Moreover, it is not known if the government will appeal.

You are clearly putting the cart before the horse in disallowing discussion on the case in Parliament.

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