Seizure of fake IC a ploy to sabotage the RCI?

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YOURSAY 'Now, no more witnesses with dubious ICs will come forward. How will the RCI get to the truth of the matter by frightening off witnesses?'

Stunned Indonesian has IC confiscated at RCI

your say Keturunan Malaysia: I am not saying a wrong is right, but this is indeed a blatant threat to prevent more witnesses from coming forward.

The revoking and/or confiscating of the IC (identity card) of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) witness can come later when the whole show is over and done with - if indeed there is real sincerity on the part of the commission in doing a good and thorough job.

Fair&Just: Now, no more witnesses with dubious ICs will come forward to give evidence. Does the RCI really want to get to the truth of the matter as it is now frightening off witnesses?

CiViC: It is indeed a threat to all not to testify. Crystal clear.

Taking: Please, there is no citizenship to take back when these people were never citizens of Malaysia in the first place as these blue ICs were forged.

Perhaps an amnesty could be granted for witnesses with these fake ICs, as opposed to charging them for being illegal immigrants and being in possession of fake official documents.

I assume it's illegal to be in possession of fake Malaysian government documents like ICs and passports?

Wira: Your honour, former Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Steve Shim. If witnesses are allowed to have their identity exposed and their status immediately questioned and their IC cards confiscated - albeit that those are illegal ones - I am wondering who else will want to come forward to testify in your RCI?

OMG!!: Why didn't the RCI conducting officer Jamil Aripin confiscate the ICs of the other witnesses who obtained them using forged documents?

Is he trying to lead the RCI and the public to believe that the whole scam is the job of criminal syndicate and not as a result of Project M?

MockingYou: Too bad for the Indonesian witness. All those involved in today's confiscation incident; don't just stop with one. Get them all.

Odin: If I am not mistaken, it was last year or in 2011 that several people were implicated and charged for selling identity cards to foreigners.

This means that besides granting instant citizenship to such illegals without them having any proper documents, the selling of fake ICs has been going on for many years.

Now it is more than clear why Sabah's population rocketed from 636,431 in 1970 to 2,449,389 in 2000.

This represents an increase of a staggering 285 percent! Now compare that to Sarawak (106 percent) and West Malaysia (113 percent) over the same period.

Siang Malam: RM40 for a blue IC - so cheap and easy. And the police are more interested in catching me for using an expired road tax sticker?

Real Truth: Why sent Ishak Us'luan, the RCI witness, back to Indonesia when he will point the finger at who gave him the IC?

When was the IC issued to him and under whose instruction was it given? What about all other Indonesians who were given forged ICs, are they immune?

Grraaawwwnnn: This is a truly well-planned move to kill of the RCI. Next on the agenda - no more witnesses and insufficient evidence to charge, leading to NFA (no further action).

Cry Wolf: Real good show by those involved in confiscating one IC today. Why just one only? What about thousands of those given out to the aliens through Project M?

Ar-ma-ged-don: Someone should check the identity of this Muslim Timorese. If he had voted in the last general election, the election result should be challenged.

If this had involved the opposition, the government agencies would be in full swing to check his identity.

But when it comes to illegals with genuine or false ICs issued by 'you know who', BN agencies just pretend to be deaf and dumb.

How to get to the truth then? Another cover-up again?

Abang Adek: What a joke. Instead of getting to the bottom of the Project IC scandal, the RCI is now bent on terrorising foreigners into not testifying at the RCI.

This RCI is therefore doomed to finding nothing. No further action for sure. Truly, we get the government we deserve.

Anonymous #20513663: This man, Ishak Us'luang, is just a scapegoat for the perpetrators of Project IC. But what about the 699,999 other possibly forged Ics?

Eric Koay: Even if the ICs were forged, these people have been staying in Malaysia for so many years, paying taxes and everything. Now you just take their citizenship back and tell them to get lost?

This shows what kind of inhumane government we have in Malaysia.

Now, there will be not just a Chinese and Malay tsunami. Soon, an Indonesian tsunami will also follow.

Cantabrigian: What's new? BN can make people appear and disappear at their behest.

They can evaporate Altantuya Shaariibuu into dust and ashes overnight, and erase her immigration records just like that.

They can also transform Bangladeshis into Malaysian voters and make their records available in National Registration Department (NRD) and Election Commission (EC) lists.

Anonymous_5fbL: All I can say is this, the federal government has betrayed Sabah, or to be exact, Umno has betrayed Sabah.

Sabahans should relook into whether Sabah should remain in Malaysia considering such a betrayal.

Longjaafar: The mastermind is still alive and should be punished for gross treason.

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