NRD 'motto': We deliver, even deep into Sabah jungles

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YOURSAY 'Are we the only country in the world to welcome foreigners to be citizens and tell our own citizens to emigrate?'

Blue IC sent to foreigners even in jungle, RCI told

your say LittleGiant: The continuing revelations at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Immigrants in Sabah is simply shocking and is nothing short of an insult to the country's genuine permanent residents and foreigners in the country who struggled and acquired their citizenship papers through legal channels.

With so much 'dirt' coming out of the RCI, it is imperative on the part of the BN government to initiate an royal commission on immigrants in the whole country without any further delay.

What if we hear that ICs (identity cards) and citizenship papers were processed and shipped to immigrants overseas even before they landed in the country?

Dudeno: The National Registration Department (NRD) is so efficient in Sabah. When I, a Malaysian born, have to go queue at its office to get my IC, they deliver it to foreigners in the jungles of Sabah.

Appum: Are we the only country in the world to welcome foreigners to be citizens and tell our own citizens to emigrate? The irony being that Malaysia exchanges its 'cream' for the 'suds'.

Mr KJ John: I think United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) president Bernard Dompok's stand that all Sabah ICs be reissued based on birth certificates is not a far out possibility.

The RCI must recommend this to the Agong for the sake of genuine Sabahans who have been cheated by their Semananjung counterparts, along with their accomplices from Sabah.

Exranger: My mother, born in Malaysia before Merdeka, applied for the blue IC after Merdeka and only got it with the help of Pakatan Rakyat early this year.

I was with my mom when we resubmitted her application for the third time in Putrajaya. The officer taking her oath told us that we had to wait for four years and that was the normal time period.

Lover Boy: Sabah RCI chairperson Steve Shim, can you kindly look at the terms of reference (TOR) for the RCI?

You are not permitted to investigate beyond your TOR. Asking who is to be blamed is not part of the TOR.

However, Malaysians are not stupid. In 1981, the Malaysian know who was the prime minister. If he is not behind this, who else dare to carry this heinous work.

Joe Lee: Steve Shim asked, "The question is, who is to be blamed?"

I have a theory about many Malaysian judges. After years of Umno literally sitting on them, their natural inclination is not to look at the facts objectively, and then find a 'get out of jail' premise to allude to something irrelevant so that they don't have to blame the boss in Umno.

In this instance, even a 10-year old can deduce that it was Dr Mahathir Mohamad who organised the drastic change in demographics in Sabah to stop the Kadazan Christian majority from winning the state elections.

Project IC was simply to knock out PBS, to entrench Sabah Umno as the state government for eternity.

Steve Shim, just state the facts. And the facts are that Mahathir was, is, and will be the main culprit.

Show us that a judge can be a witness to the truth. Declare Mahathir as the culprit in all this. Tell the world he has committed treason by giving citizenship to all and sundry Muslims. The truth, please.

FairGame: Who is to blame? The answer is obvious, isn't it? But the most pertinent question now is: Will those involved in Project IC be prosecuted?

And to think that Mahathir even commented earlier that those who were given the ICs did not necessarily vote for Umno-BN in previous elections. This is truly a day of infamy for Malaysia.

Gen2indian: With so much of evidence already out in the open, why do we need to go on and on with the RCI at taxpayers' expense?

The learned judge should just declare enough is enough and press for those responsible to be tried for treason. Better still, be shot.

For some Sabahans, MyKads are very elusive

Jesse: What injustice to the natives. The NRD, or whichever department that is responsible, should send a team to this remote area (Long Pasia) to fix the problem.

We owe it to the rakyat, those without a voice. These are the forgotten citizens. What are Sabah MPs doing about it? Can't you service your constituencies or are you too busy chasing money and power?

Anonymous #07910507: This a national tragedy and makes a sham of every government agency involved in such corrupt, immoral and illegal acts.

Every single person who supported and abetted in these despicable acts should be made to pay - and pay dearly. But justice in such situations is a rare thing in our supposedly Islamic nation.

Old Timer: The truth is finally being revealed bit by bit, and I hope the culprits, however high their position, is will be punished for the evil deed they have done.

Odin: Ahmad Abdul Rahman, may God bless you and all those in your Sabah Law Association for doing what is right.

The injustice against Christian natives in Sabah has been going on for far too long, and it is heartening to note that you, a Muslim, are not bigoted.

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