In Bung Moktar's book, 51pct of Malaysians should leave

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YOURSAY 'Voicing your anger at electoral fraud is a country-leaving offence. So is showing your disgust at newspapers instigating racial hatred.'

Bung Moktar tells AirAsia X CEO to migrate

your say Absalom: It seems to be a trend now that if you utter an opinion against Umno or Utusan Malaysia or if you vote against the ruling party, you are asked to leave the country.

Voicing your anger at electoral blunders and alleged fraud is a country-leaving offence. So is showing your disgust at newspapers blatantly lying and instigating racial hatred.

Actually if you think about it, more than half of the electorate (going by the GE results) are absolutely disgusted with the bigotry, corruption and IC (identity card) fraud, not to mention the shameless behaviour and actions of politicians who would go to any length to hold on to power or cover up their wrongdoings.

So, do all these people who voted against BN also have to leave the country? It is a very sad thing (especially for taxpayers) that after an expensive process such as a Malaysian election and all that goes into it, we end up paying people who cannot even think rationally and pollute the august house of Parliament with verbal garbage. It is really a waste of good money.

LittleGiant: With MPs like Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) blabbering their way through in Parliament, we can see more and more wellqualified and talented professionals leaving the country and settle down in countries where their calibre and courage to speak their mind would be given due respect and recognition.

If Azran Osman Rani, the AirAsia X CEO, should emigrate, it surely will be loss to Malaysia and not to Azran. Umno and Utusan should stop intimidating professionals and corporate leaders in the country.

Can Bung Moktar, Umno and Utusan explain how Malaysia can attain the fully developed nation status with a timid and 'completely voiceless' corporate sector?

Hang Babeuf: For my part, I would dearly like to see Utusan migrate. The migration that I suggest is not punitive in nature and intention but growth-enhancing.

I would love to see Utusan migrate from the bizarre, counter-factual and delusional parallel universe in which it now lives - and which it frantically keeps trying to recreate and "shore up" for the Malay multitudes languishing in thrall to its fantasies - and into the world of modern historical and political reality. Malaysian political reality. Inclusive, Malaysia-wide and Malaysia-focused political reality.

Not the obsessively crafted simulacrum, or "patung", of a supposedly ideal Malay world that never existed in the strange form, now fashioned and promoted by Utusan and its ethno-heroic "spin-masters".

It's time to migrate, guys! It's time to join contemporary reality! Even for you. Especially for you.

DontPlayGod: I am really appalled at the low quality, in fact, infantile quality of our so-called MPs and lawmakers from Umno. This is a democracy and the rakyat can criticise or comment on things that they don't agree with.

This is normal and respected in mature democracies. But here, if we don't agree with Umno, we are always asked to leave the country. It is as if only Umno is right and only Umno has the God-given right to govern, and nobody else can disagree.

Malaysian Pariah: Umno does not own this country. I find in most cases those criticising Umno are true patriots of this country. On the contrary, those in Umno have committed treason on many occasions.

Ferdtan: Umno MP Bung Moktar's taunt at Azran for criticising Utusan to "migrate to a country of his choice" has taken a new twist.

Normally such the "get out of the country if you are not happy" calls are directed at the non-Malays who had criticised Umno-BN government or its cronies. As such, it was seen as utterly racist.

However, the call by one Malay-Muslim to another Malay-Muslim to emigrate - ah, that is something new.

Should the non-Malays be ‘happy' or ‘relief' that this proved that Umno leaders are not racists? Does it mean that they only make such disparaging remarks at anyone who opposes Umno or Umno-friendly Utusan , as in this case?

So beware, my Malay brothers, don't criticise Umno or Utusan if you do not want to be their target, not unlike the usual non-Malay victims.

By calling Azran "Melayu biadap" (insolent Malay) for criticising Umno's Utusan , Bung Moktar had in fact indirectly condemned at least two million Malays, out of 51 percent who voted against Umno-BN in the last general election.

Vijay47: While this reaffirms beyond doubt Bung's level of intelligence or lack thereof, as learned lawyers would say, I believe that this is part of a concerted well-organised scheme to intimidate and frighten.

Initially this was directed against non-Malays but now also towards Malays who might represent some voice of reason. Having lost completely non-Malay support, Umno's strategy now seems to be not to brook any opposition from Malays or even any alternate viewpoint that does not jell with Umno's.

In this way, the unfortunate rural Malays will assume that those who criticise the government are only the traitorous Malays. Then again, Bung may be speaking rubbish because that is all he can.

Imraz Ikhbal: Since when did this country belong to the racist bigots such that anyone who do not share their racist ideologies need to migrate?

Can we all collectively propose into exile all the racists in the country to a secluded island far away from civilisation instead?

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