Deputy finance minister spitting in the wind

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YOURSAY 'The Chinese got what they own through work and saving. Why blame the Chinese when you have provided hindrance rather than facilitation?'

'Only 15pct of shops in Klang Valley are bumi-owned'

Cheong Sai Fah: Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan must know that bumiputeras through the government and GLCs (government-linked companies) control the major sectors of Malaysia's economy.

The vast majority of Chinese have been reduced to owning shop businesses which form a tiny percent of the economy. Why would the deputy finance minister begrudge the Chinese for trying to make a living?

Onyourtoes: Did the Chinese rob or steal those shops? Did the Chinese buy those shops at a special discount? Did the government decree any law and regulation to exclude other Malaysians from owning and operating those shops? What are you spewing, Ahmad Maslan?

Is there any decency left in Malaysian politics? It is obvious you are pitting not just Malays but also other Malaysians against the Chinese. What wrongs have the Chinese committed other than just wanting to see this country better governed?

What happened to bumi participation programmes? What happened to the discounts on prices that were given to help the bumiputera? Who were responsible for all these programmes?

The Chinese got what they own through hard work and prudent saving. Why blame the Chinese when you have provided hindrance rather than facilitation?

Now I want to remind you of something which you may have inadvertently overlooked: 100 percent of the important policy makers in this country are Malays.

100 percent of the important ministerial positions are Malays. 100 percent of the important positions in the civil service are Malays. 100 percent of the important positions in GLCs and statutory bodies are Malays.

100 percent of the top positions in municipals and local authorities (including those in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states) are Malays. 100 percent of the vice-chancellors and important positions in universities are Malays. Do you want me to go on?

These are positions all delivered on the silver platters out of the largesse of the government. Please think. The Chinese have never gone against the spirit and the intent of New Economic Policy (NEP). But what happened?

Why don't you put the Chinese in charge of NEP; I think the chances of success for the Malays would be greater. That was what I told Malays senior government servants and politicians years back.

Akutuan: We, the non-bumiputera, work very hard to earn our living. For us, every cent counts. We have sleepless nights. We eat less in order for our children to eat more. We bought a shoplot so that we can have a business to run, because we know nobody is going to help us.

Don't use unity as a reason to disgrace our hardship. Our children got limited chances to work in GLC, or enrol in matriculation schools, or be the 'pengarah' (director) in public service.

You want to talk about unity? Show us that bumis and non-bumis are equal as a citizens of this country.

Rick Teo: Why are you so stupid, Ahmad Maslan? How did the Chinese manage to own 85 percent of the shops in the Klang Valley? The Chinese are successful because of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

They were not given any help or a leg up by the government but instead faced obstacles. In the face of all these adversities, they succeeded.

So are you saying that the Chinese do not deserve to be successful? Or are you implying that the Chinese should just give up all the property they have to the bumiputeras?

Just don't forget that 90 percent of taxes are paid by the Chinese and that includes your salary.

Old Timer: The Chinese own these shops through hard work, sweat and blood, and thrifty spending; not from anything given by the BN government.

No one is stopping the bumiputeras from owning the shops. You are jealous of what others obtained through hard work?

Anonymous #02382443: Who is stopping this minister from getting the Malays to open all the shops they want? But do they want to work long hours, seven days a week with marginal profits and no safety net?

Why not have the shop owners change places with the civil servants? Working in the civil services with regular income, plenty of perks, short hours, a five-day week, annual vacation and a life-long pension. We can trade places anytime.

Thana55: Well Ahmad Maslan, the Chinese did not stop the Malays from opening any shops in Klang Valley.

By the way, why are petrol stations almost all Malay-owned? Why is the public service almost 85 percent Malay? Why is oil and gas virtually a Malay monopoly? Get out of this race-based mentality and only then we can move forward as a nation.

Multi Racial: Ahmad Maslan should admit that the policy of giving fish, and not help the Malays to fish, is making things worse for the Malays. Worse still, many true and deserving poor Malays did not get the necessary help because of the following:

1) Corruption at almost all levels of the BN administration.

2) The policy of making rich Umnoputras richer.

3) By not focussing on meritocracy, education standards dropped and as a result Malays, being the majority race in Malaysia, suffer the most.

4) The concept of the Malay race is being hijacked by politicians with vested interest. By redefining the Malay race, there are now many non-Malay Malays and as a result, genuine Malays become even poorer.

The Stig: Ahmad Maslan, if that is the case, thank you for pointing out how Umno and the NEP have failed miserably in helping the bumiputeras. Stop blaming other races for your own failure.

Seriously, when will Umno stop blaming the Chinese?

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