Idris Jusoh, how about BN giving up Kuala Besut?

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YOURSAY ‘The seat must be contested even if the opposition were to lose. It is just to tell BN that they do not walk away just like that.'

Idris Jusoh asks PAS not to contest Kuala Besut polls

your say Onyourtoes: Education Minister II Idris Jusoh, frankly I don't know how to categorise your statement - naivety, haughtiness, nincompoopism, joke, or absurdity?

But you are in charge of education, the future of your children and my children. That worries me.

Multi Racial: Basically it means if PAS win in this by election Idris Jusoh should resign as education minister since he put his minister's position as a bait and prize for the people in Besut.

Hello: Terengganu almost had a hung legislature in the 13th general election (GE13). The reason is because BN fielded people like Idris Jusoh, otherwise they would have had a bigger majority.

So it's possible for PAS to pull off a victory in the by-election, especially with the latest round of legislative blunders in Parliament by BN and not keeping its word on doing away with the Sedition Act. Janji tidak ditepati.

Subang Jaya: The seat must be contested even if the opposition were to lose. It is just to tell BN that they do not walk away just like that. I am sure the opposition can find a credible candidate.

Ramachandran Muniandy: It's very simple. As you want less politicking, how about the BN not standing?

Idris Jusoh, just give PAS a walkover and there will be less politicking. Don't you think it's God way of overthrowing a government through this by-election?

You not worried for the poor rakyat, but you are worried the GE has opened the eyes of the rakyat, the cheating of the Election Commission (EC) by planting bogus voters and by using the washable ink.

TakeMiddlepath: He's shaking in his pants even before entering the ring. With a slim majority; a win for PAS would spell disaster for BN. There could be another round of state elections.

They said there was a Chinese tsunami in GE13. Now I hope the Malay tsunami will sweep Terengganu so that it will make the tsunami totally Malaysian.

This is really an interesting by-election. I just can't wait for it. I hope Idris Jusoh will get to eat humble pie.

Jesse: The BN politicians expect citizens to be grateful. They seem to be living in the dark ages where they behave like feudal lords.

In fact, they should be the ones who should be grateful that people have elected them to govern for the public good, not further their self-interest. This is the type of thinking that ultimately demonstrates their unsuitability to exercise high office.

CQ Muar: The MP from Besut had just issued a challenge, and PAS must double or triple their effort to prove this conceited former MB wrong.

Idris Jusoh is belittling and insulting PAS with his ridiculous and preposterous remarks. Obviously he chooses to turn a blind eye to the fact that GE13 was riddled with fraud and manipulation by the Election Commission and Umno machineries.

For that matter, Idris might have spent exorbitant sums fooling the gullible voters in his constituency to vote for him. The bottom line is, what do expect from a newly minted education minister II post which was given to him on a silver platter?

P Dev Anand Pillai: With these kinds of comments coming from the MP for Besut himself, PAS should come out with a vengeance and prove it that they can take the Terengganu state assembly to task by winning this seat.

Umno is at it again, what it does best, being boastful and pompous about their ability to win hands down. So PAS has to show that it is no pushover.

Sabahan: Everyone has the right to vote. Giving up this right will encourage dictatorship and misery. This urging to PAS not to contest is uncalled for, undemocratic and stupid.

Tholu: Idris Jusoh, perhaps it would be wise of you to advise Umno not to contest in the by-election.

In a by-election, all the resources of the contesting parties will be focused in the election and it will be difficult for Umno to ward off the aggressive campaigning of PAS' election machinery, leave alone any attempt to cheat.

And it is Umno that does not know how to choose candidates for elections, otherwise how could they have chosen people like Perkasa's Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali for GE13?

Myop101: I am sure Idris Jusoh meant well but PAS is not exactly contesting with ill-will. So let there be a healthy contest in the name of democracy.

Amalgam: It looks like our PM has picked a handful of brainless MPs for his new cabinet. Idris Jusoh, once beaten (not in the physical sense) by PAS, is nervous about BN winning. We, the rakyat have to show our fellow Malaysians what goons they are in Umno Baru.

And it's every parent's worst fear to have this minister, who can make such a statement quoted here:

"Their member of parliament is now education minister II. The people are proud of it. People in Besut should feel grateful and thankful because recognition has been given to them."

I shudder to think what our young will grow up to become. Truly, here begins the slide of Malaysia into the lowest rank of Third World countries.

Hopeful123: Idris Jusoh, what about a challenge? Cut off your ears and jump into the nearest river if BN fails to get the seat.

Ghkok: I would think that since it's Ramadan time, it's even more important to have a by-election so as to enable the rakyat to vote whichever party that stands against corruption, tyranny, cronyism, racism, oppression, suppression and repression.

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