Indelible ink supplier very media shy

Ahmad Fadli KC

Modified 19 Jul 2013, 12:05 am

Integrated Challenger (M) Sdn Bhd, the alleged indelible ink supplier revealed in Parliament yesterday, has refused to entertain several journalists who visited its office.

Based on information contained in a company search, Malaysiakini visited the indelible ink supplier's office at an office complex in Section 9, Shah Alam at about 2pm yesterday.

NONE The company's premise did not have a signboard and was located on top of a Balinese spa.

However, Malaysiakini was able to speak to one of the company's staff, who insisted on communicating anonymously through the intercom.

Malaysiakini: Good afternoon. Is this the office of Integrated Challenger? I would like to speak to its director, Norsiah Yusoff.

Staff: She is not in the office right now as she has some work outside.

Malaysiakini: I want to get comments regarding the company, which is said to supply the indelible ink to the Election Commission. To whom can we address the issue?

Staff: I don't know. I do not know when Norsiah will complete her task.

Close ties with EC

The staff member also refused to provide Norsiah's contact details or that of other executives in the company to answer the allegations made in Parliament.

After waiting for about an hour outside the office, there was still no sign of Norsiah or any other company staff members.

Two journalists from other media organisations arrived later, also to seek information about one Mohamed Salleh Mohd Ali, whom Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli named in the Dewan Rakyat as one of the directors with links to the EC.

However, they left with only photographs of the building.

Malaysiakini has also contacted the company for comments.

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