So kidnappers extorting money for pilgrimage?

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YOURSAY 'Can the IGP explain why these pious criminals attempted to collect RM3,000 ransom from Ng's family? Were they planning a pilgrimage?'

IGP insists 'hina Islam' kidnapping related to Alvivi

your say Odin: As we all know, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar is a person totally unfit to be IGP. He isn't above twisting and lying to suit his own interests.

To be consistent with the decision of the most honourable, highly learned judge Murtazadi Amran that he has arrived at after exercising his exceptionally brilliant logic, Ng Mun Tatt's abductors and extortioners must be put in jail till their trial is over in the public interest.

They are dangerous to society. They have committed two serious crimes - kidnapping and extortion. They are also allegedly drug addicts. But, of course, no such thing will be done in their case as they are Muslims defending the faith.

Geronimo: By saying that because it was a religious issue, it was all right to harm an individual? Isn't this like giving a blank cheque to Muslims to attack non-Muslims whenever a controversy arises?

Funny, I ask myself now: Why should I pay tax to these PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) fellows to only see myself kidnapped and beaten by someone who claims to defend the faith?

Boleh Land: What has this kidnapping victim to do with Alvivi (Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee)? The police chief's opinion is very dangerous.

Next time, if ever any crime committed by a Muslim on a non-Muslim, they can easily say they do it in retaliation to Avivi's Facebook posting.

I don't blame the criminals for taking advantage of this situation but I curse those idiots in power who are openly supporting such criminal acts.

By the way, who contributed the most in income tax in this country to pay their salary?

Appum: Mr IGP, if these rogues were really Muslims at heart and championing Islam, will they be robbing Ng during the holy month of Ramadan?

So you still think it is related to their being offended by Alvivi's stupidity? It is a kidnap-and-ransom case, not a religious one.

It is like a victim in court explaining what happened to him but the prosecution insisting otherwise. Hey, you are not an ordinary man in the street but the police chief, for goodness sake! So think like one.

Dudeno: I can't see how this connection is made. I doubt these bunch of glue-sniffing drug addicts who were purportedly Ng's kidnappers are active Muslims as to do this to defend their religion.

This connection is just made for the sake of denying the Alvivi couple bail by citing that their actions caused acts of hatred, and need to be imprisoned to prevent further provocative actions.

Bravemalaysian: Of course, the IGP has to justify his statement of the Ng's kidnapping-Alvivi linkage. He has given the criminals the perfect reason to use it as "mitigating" factors.

The IGP is a stooge of Umno and has disgraced PDRM even in such a short time. Glue sniffers and extortionists/kidnappers have now become heroes of Islam, thanks to the IGP.

Onyourtoes: It is that simple, glue-sniffing kidnappers and extortionists can't be fighting to protect their religion. Welcome to the land of nincompoops.

You are the police, why don't you ask those arrested whether it was a retaliation or diversion. Why don't you ask the victim what had transpired during the whole episode? Why are you postulating? How sure are you?

My4Hope: Don't you realise you are now suggesting to criminals on the street that they can carry out whatever crime so long their victims are ‘branded' with "I insulted Islam" on their chests?

You are not helping the kidnapped kid but instead victimising him further, as well as opening the door for criminals to use religion as an excuse to justify their action.

Mahashitla: What has happened to our moderate Islamic Malaysia? In this month of Ramadan, there appears to be no forgiveness - Perkasa and Jati want Vatican envoy Joseph Morino out despite his apology, while the court denied bail for Alvivi despite their apology.

Alvivi must be imprisoned because the IGP is afraid of kidnappers. What action has the police taken against those glue-sniffing kidnappers? Has the IGP issued any warning to those who want to create trouble in apparent retaliation to the Alvivi case?

Or is the IGP encouraging Islamic fanaticism selectively just to serve this minority government's interests? Foreign investors are watching very closely indeed.

Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum: The IGP seems to suggest that the criminals who kidnapped Ng were acting out of religious fervour.

Can he explain why these pious criminals attempted to collect RM3,000 ransom from Ng's family? Were they planning a pilgrimage?

Dappy: Whatever it is, charge the abductors with kidnapping, assault and extortion. The IGP should not be seen as defending the actions of these attackers. What has become of the Malaysian police force?

Wira: I pray the kidnappers are not going to be let off because they robbed to defend their faith. In this country, many strange things can happen.

A rapist can marry his underage victim. Rapist with a good future (like a bowler or a technician) can escape jail sentence.

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