Best way to help is give licences to genuine cabbies

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VOXPOP ‘Syed Hamid Albar, it is not about the fare, it's about who controls the permit that is sucking the taxi drivers dry.'

Taxi fare hike on the cards

your say Wildboar: The real cause of the suffering of the taxi drivers is not the existing fare. It is the daily rental their need to pay to the cronies who own the taxi and licences.

The taxi drivers work like a dog and must pay for all repairs, etc, while the cronies just sit back, relax and collect thousands or even tens of thousands ringgit a day from the licences they hold.

So after the 13th general election (GE13), it's ‘janji ditepati' and the ‘janji' is to make all the rakyat suffer. Not only taxi fare, electricity and gas are going to cost more soon.

Then the chain reaction will take place and everything is going to increase with the only exception being the layman's monthly salary.

Factnot Fiction: The best way to help the taxi drivers is to give licences to genuine taxi drivers and not friends of Umno; give a special discount and help the taxi drivers to own their own vehicles.

Dudeno: Increase the taxi fare to deal with the higher cost of living. And then introduce higher cost of living to commuters. Is this sustainable?

Dont Just Talk: When was the last time the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) chairperson Syed Hamid Albar travelled in a taxi? Just look at the exterior of the Proton taxis especially the red and white taxis - that alone will project a poor image of our taxis service.

Syed Hamid talked through his nose when he said that many youths welcome the move if it meant that the service will be improved.

Are you kidding us, Syed Hamid, when your past record as home minister speaks volumes of your failure in handling matters like the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the Allah issues.

Cendol Bean: The cost of living has skyrocketed due to the inefficiency of BN and massive corruption. Inflation is not new here.

You got to be kidding to want to raise the fare further, what more when our taxis are using Proton, not Toyota Camry like in neighbouring countries which are much more comfortable.

Here, there's also mafia-like control that unless the taxis pay a certain levy they cannot take passengers, for example at KLCC, Pavillion, etc. It is not about the fare, it's about who controls the permit that is sucking the drivers dry, you dimwit.

KB Menon: You can increase taxi fares but the rogue taxi drivers will continue cheating commuters, especially foreign tourists. What is being done to bring these rogues to heel? Ensure checks are made to verify taxi drivers are genuine Malaysians and not foreigners.

Sunflower11: In Penang, I haven't come across any taxi who goes by the meter. So price hike or not, it does not matter.

3 weeks to charge MP, 3 years to mull over Negri MB

Fair&Just: Can one just send RM10 million to London? Meanwhile, former DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock had to be grilled as witness for an alleged fraud of RM2,400, and ended up flying out the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) building window?

Just look at the disparity and the gross injustice whose stench should have permeated all the way up to heaven and yet nothing happens - not even God is bothered.

Perhaps these goons are really God's chosen people for they are so filthy rich and can lead opulent and decadent lifestyles. Only the chosen can have blissful lives, or is it?

Birdseye: I bet they will not be able to locate the moneychanger now. Therefore, no case.

Well Thats Fantastic: Another reason why we need the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). Then we could depend on the people doing the investigation to carry through with the prosecution.

Anonymous_3ff5: It appears that the common people are more efficient in probing high-profile issues and scandals as compared to the authorities.

Dudeno: The attorney-general in this country does not serve public interest. It serves Umno's interests. Abdul Gani Patail has brought disrepute to the AG's Chambers by acting as an instrument of Umno rather than championing the people.

FairGame: Corruption, corruption, corruption. Umno-BN has been siphoning funds (running into trillions) obtained through illegal means, but never an iota of action was taken against them. Small wonder that they are clinging to power using all means (legal or otherwise).

Tpn: In Malaysia, you can get charged over a false travel claim of RM1,500, but not for RM10 million.

CiViC: No, no, no, three weeks is too long. It usually takes not more than three days to charge an opposition member.

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