Will ROS harass other parties, like it's doing to DAP?

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YOURSAY ‘Father Augustus Chen is as real as the Red Bean Army. Both are figments of Umno's imagination.'

DAP gives 'Father Augustus Chen' seven days to show up

your say Onyourtoes: The issue here is, will other political parties facing the same technical glitch be subjected to the same kind of harassment as the DAP?

Come on, which political party would not have a few disgusted members bent on creating trouble, either out of personal ambition or paid to do so?

Registrar of Societies (ROS), please be reasonable. The whole world knows the credibility gap problem now besetting Malaysia. Of course Father Augustine Chen is fictitious.

Anak Kedah: What has a supposedly Catholic priest got to do with worldly political party elections?

It sounds like the bogus priest/writer of this piece of pulp fiction is someone who is not familiar with the role of Catholic priests. Maybe I'm wrong, but has there been any Catholic priest in Malaysia who is also a politician?

Headhunter: Father Augustus Chen is as real as the Red Bean army. Both are figments of Umno's imagination.

Fair&Just: By succumbing to such ubiquitous noises, ROS could have opened a floodgate of illicit and irrational reasons, where with some flimsy and dubious complaints or booklets, ROS can simply decide on the fate of a body or a society without giving reasons.

So, a fictitious religious person can come out demanding that Umno closes shop, just like in DAP's case, with a questionable booklet?

Louis: Obviously this guy is so stupid to use a priest's name to lie. How many priests are there in the country? Also, only Catholic priests are addressed as ‘father'.

The identity of Father Augustus Chen can be verified with the archbishop. My bet is that there is no such priest.

Ipohcrite: The manner in which ROS has dealt with the DAP central executive committee (CEC) election has been very opaque and gives rise to the suspicion that it is being strung along by its political puppet-master.

Anonymous_4056: Father Augustus Chen is an imaginative character dreamed up by Umno itself. ROS is now playing Umno politics. Father Augustus Chen is not a ghost, but ROS is.

A righteous party like DAP, which fights against all things evil and corrupt, transgressors against human rights, robbers of the nation's wealth, as well as abusive government institutions, does not fear ghosts.

Anak Kedah: If that is the stand of ROS, then anyone can pretend to be a Catholic priest or an imam, write some nonsense and ROS will request the political party to hold fresh elections.

Maybe anyone here would care to do this after the coming Umno elections? Can? In that case, we'll be having elections all year round.

Democracy is a mockery in the DAP: Is this braggart Lim Kit Siang stupid or what? The ROS decision to ask DAP to re-elect its central executive committee (CEC) has got nothing to do with the ‘Father Augustus Chen' booklet.

It was based on the reports made by disgruntled eligible DAP members who were not invited, thus denied their right to vote in the Dec 15 DAP congress.

My advice to Lim is not to spin. Face it like a man so that you will be respected by DAP members instead of being spat in the face.

Psycho: Father protecting son. It is natural. Banging the tables to have a fresh GE due to the indelible ink fiasco but chicken out on having fresh elections for the CEC due to the DAP election fiasco.

Instead of harping on Father Augustus Chen's identity or the writer's, the Lims should convince their members that the fiasco did not happen or ever took place. That will be the best for both of them.

Why should ROS reconsider their decision whether Father Augustus Chen exists or not? ROS acted on the complaints of members and not of the so-called priest. DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang acts worse than Umno when it comes to saving his own skin.

Grraaawwwnnn: Hello, ROS did not make the call or decision to ask DAP to do a re-election. It was the home minister . He announced it during buka puasa, before ROS could decide. Remember?

Heavenly King: The term "father' in Bolehland is significant. Father of Independence, Father of Development, Father of Destruction, Father of Racial and Religious Division, Father of Corruption, Father of Lies, Father of Pornography, Father of Sodomy Prosecution.

Toonarmy: Wow, the ROS is under the thumb of Father Augustus, a Christian! But what is interesting is that Umno, those Bible-burning buffoons from Perkasa and their leeches are not jumping up and down and screaming about the Christian conspiracy to take over Malaysia, converting all Muslims to Christians and making Christianity the official religion.

So, if we put two and two together, what we have is crap written by some paid lackey of the illegitimate regime.

KiaSi-SiamSai: This is going to be real funny when the person surfaces from the underground. I wonder which or what type of Malaysian is he or she? May be Israeli, Singaporean or Indonesian or best, Bangladeshi?

Amalgam: Whatever the reasons 'ghosts' and BN want DAP crippled - we know that DAP has the power to change Malaysia but we would like to see more of a truly Malaysian DAP.

V David and P Patto were the leaders who converted many in my generation to support DAP.

Unmasked: Let me give you a clue. Father Augustus Chen is related to the three racist Chinese doctors in Penang.

LiarsSlaughter: DAP needs a party re-election. GE13 needs a re-election even more because 51 percent of the votes only won Pakatan Rakyat 89 Parliament seats, whereas 47 percent votes gave the BN 133 Parliament seats and it formed the ‘illegitimate' government.

Sack the EC office bearers and have new ones and re-conduct the general election for GE13, fairly, freely and cleanly.

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