Mohd Khir Toyo, who really bullies who?

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YOURSAY ‘The merry go round - Rogue cops protect rogue politicians who protect a rogue judiciary system that protects rogue cops.’

Bullied cops can't fight crime, says Khir

Ferdtan: Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is partly right when he said that the police are unable to act against criminals because they are being bullied by certain quarters.

However it is not the opposition who are obstructing the police to do their duties but top Umno leaders and the powerful organised crime organisations.

Politically, they obviously took instructions from Umno leaders to curb on the activities of the opposition at every turn to frustrate them.

With crimes we know, even it had been exposed in the Copgate affair by none other than the former commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) chief Ramli Yusuff, that our then IGP Musa Hassan had allegedly connections with the underworld.

So it is not wrong to say that police are the puppets and the puppeteers are the Umno leaders for politics and organised crimes the underworld ‘Godfathers’.

All the puppeteers need to do is to pull the string and the police start to dance to their tune. Now tell us, who bully who?

Kamikasi: A ridiculous statement coming from someone who is corrupt to the core. Due recognition should be given to the police for the duties they have performed, similar to all other service agencies.

They have done good work otherwise the country will be paralysed, but there are black sheep in every agency.

To ridicule the police as a whole is unfair. But to say that the police are being bullied is an insult to that institution. If it is it will never be the opposition. Recent incidents have pointed to the fingers to the ruling party that forced the police to take sides which have tarnished the whole force.

Mohd Khir will make use of the police if he is still the MB of Selangor. So to the attorney-general and the IGP, you should be impartial when carrying out your duties.

You are dealing with educated society now and your actions speak louder that words. The whole force will go to the dogs if no effort is made to restructure the values and principles of good governance.

Wiser: The merry go round - Rogue cops protect rogue politicians who protect a rogue judiciary system that protects rogue cops. Is there nobody who is for Malaysia?

Ksn: For goodness sake, God forbid, I hope, wish the police do not share this man's logic, and views about crimes as it is completely devoid of any intelligence.

Anyway why and who is this guy to talk about the police force, where did he come from? The defence of the force is the duty of the IGP, the Home Minister, the cabinet, the PM and those in the government.

The police should I suppose reply the criticism by performance. Of course if it does not have sufficient manpower and other requirements to fight crimes, to maintain law and order, the government should ensure they do.

But as a matter of fact, the PM has promised that aspect. So why is this guy jumping in? Is he looking for some favours from the police?

Kit P: Cut the nonsense: the BN government, Home Ministry and the police have been spending the last five years, using taxpayers’ expenditure, trying to convince the people that high urban crime rate is just a matter of wrong perception.

The fact is police priorities in terms of manpower and priorities are heavily-biased towards suppressing people or groups seen as political threats to BN/Umno.

Thana55: You are an absolute failure and it shows in the way you have analysed the problem. Stick to dentistry, if any one still has the guts top see you for their dental problems.

The police force must commit to changes to tackle the rising crime. Blaming the opposition for their inaction is a lame excuse. They need to be reminded that the taxpayers are paying their salaries and inaction will not be tolerated.

CiViC: Oppositions MPs are facing worse threats than the police. Everything they do, the BN government finds fault in it. Who is going to protect them?

Yet they carry out their duties to the people, they run their states the best they can. Did they ask for protection so that they can do their job? Can they even so much as to ask for fairness or justice?

TehTarik: Can Mohd Khir give specific examples of instances where the police have been bullied? Does he justify custodial deaths? How does he justify that less that 10 percent of police manpower is actually involved in fighting crime?

Does he condone the misallocation of over half the police force to internal security, when the communist insurgency has long gone? Can he explain why the authorities have underpaid and under-equipped the police force?

Well Thats Fantastic: And if the Selangor government had never changed to Pakatan Rakyat, he would still be bullying the cops so they couldn't investigate him.

This man has been found guilty by the Malaysian criminal justice system and yet he thinks he is qualified to talk about how the police should be run. If the police were not harassed we would be overrun with crooked police, I suppose stupid is a qualification in BN.

OMG!!: What a lame excuse? All the cops in developed countries are operating in the same environment. Don't tell me the country is on course to become a developed country as alluded by the ruling elite but its administrators and officials are still of third world calibre that they are dysfunctional without brutality and detention laws and enforcement?

Hang Babeuf: Cops? Bullied? By whom? Come off it, tooth-man! To have proper measures for responsible public oversight of police work is not "bullying". Only an idiot could see that as bullying. Such measures are especially needed when serious and credible criticisms are regularly made of police practices.

What is more, there are no such procedures and measures "in place" here anyway. People have merely suggested that there should be. Proposals for such a system that were made following nothing less than a royal commission of inquiry, as former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, or Pak Lah has recently reminded us, were opposed, frustrated, resisted and blocked by police action - by police bullying.

This tooth-man has the same relationship to proper public policy that theft has to honourable labour and fibbing has to truthfulness. A close relationship, but an inverse one.

Just the opposite. This tooth-man was trained to work "inside the head". But only at the lowest level. Not where clear-thinking is done.

Anonymous #708871335: Please don’t try to give excuses for your lack of competency. If you can’t do the job, just resign or go on optional retirement instead of wasting tax payers money earning high salary.

The public does not simply pick faults with the public sector. For example, now many people go to government hospitals because their trust level has gone up.

People even praise the Road Transport Department (RTD) and Immigration Department for simplifying many of their procedures, except when people got angry over a RTD computer glitch recently.

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