Honour a rare commodity in MCA

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YOURSAY ‘When you decide to accept no government post, it means no lah. What are these excuses now? Chua, please, where are your principles?'

Soi Lek mocks those 'sent by god to save MCA'

your say Anonymous_40ca: Whether the government posts that MCA leaders like MCA chief Chua Soi Lek are now occupying were appointed before the 13th general election or not is irrelevant, as the main purpose of passing the resolution was to make it the party's stand that MCA would not accept government posts if it fared worse than the previous GE.

The purpose that this particular resolution was passed at the AGM was to bring a clear message to the Chinese community that MCA should be the party to represent them in the 13GE. Otherwise, MCA would do the honourable thing by rejecting posts.

MCA even tried to use this as part of their election campaign to try to lure and also intimidate the Chinese voters into voting BN and MCA.

But when MCA fared worst than the 12th GE, the MCA leadership seems to be playing a game of ‘tai chi' (evading the issue). Moral of the story: never expect a morally tainted person to do anything honourable. It only makes a mockery of the resolution.

Dont Just Talk: That is MCA's leadership by example, and that sums it all up why the party was rejected by the Chinese during the 13th GE.

Chua Soi Lek's reasons for holding on to the post as chairman of the Penang Port Commission is an excuse, just like him holding on to the MCA president's post when the party was totally rejected by voters during the 13th GE.

Please emulate Koh Tsu Koon's example of resigning as president of Party Gerakan after their poor GE performance, that is the least the thick‑skinned Chua Soi Lek should do.

Newday: Honour is a rare commodity in MCA. Drowning leaders will even clutch to a piece of a small‑time leadership position in a government agency.

Do what the leaders say you must do, but don't do what the leaders themselves do. Being shameless is the most visible attribute of desperate leaders. Voters rejected these people because voters have greater dignity and a higher sense of responsibility.

Bluemountains: Would Chua and former Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen be appointed to such posts if they were not leaders in MCA? Whether they were appointed by the PM or recommended by the party, they are still government posts and therefore should be relinquished without being told to do so.

These MCA leaders are just trying to spin and split hairs just because they have been caught in their own trap. Be like gentlemen and resign, or else you will lose whatever little credibility that you might still have.

Anonymous #33877536 : MCA, stop bickering and move forward. When you decide to accept no government post, it means no lah. What are these excuses? Chua, please, where are your principles? Ask all to resign from their posts, including you.

Sabahan: The 'shun government posts' ploy was a last ditch effort to gain support from the Chinese voters. The bluff was called, and now we see the rats fighting each other for scraps from the table.

Sinner: On this issue of MCA's Save Party Committee 3.0, I must agree with MCA chief Chua Soi Lek. Half of the people in the Save MCA group are expired local leaders of Pahang MCA, and hoping to get recycled by Liow Tiong Lai is their only motive and motivation.

Slowlee: Hello Chua, I think even god cannot help MCA. If you are still there, MCA would go down even faster. First of all of you there are only doing things for self-benefit. None of you are telling the truth and only know how to bully the Chinese, and you never stand up for them.

Cala: Ordinarily when a 60-year-old party suffers such a humiliating defeat as MCA did in the last GE, the entire leadership ought to resign en bloc. To the Confucius scholars it is an act of honour as gentlemen to resign.

But to talk about being gentlemen is to speak Latin to MCA leaders. Chua is partly correct for not taking the responsibility. The slow demise of MCA has been going on for decades, caused by its taiko (big brother) Umno.

Artchan: MCA is dead. So what is there to save?

Righteous: Chua, the Chinese population in Malaysia has gone down so badly, thanks to the inner workings of MCA with its brother Umno behind close doors. MCA is now floating, belly up in the filthy Klang River after GE13.

Chiew Eng Ng: It seems that the Chinese nowadays could not care less whether they have a Chinese party to represent them in Malaysia. It also seems that they feel whether there is a Chinese representative or not, it does not matter because most of the leaders are yes men and more interested to fill up their pockets rather than fight for the rights of the Chinese they say they are representing.

If MCA after 53 years have actually done what they claim, there would not be so many unfair policies discriminating non-Malays from job opportunities to education to social institutions and social issues.

As such, the Chinese nowadays are not interested whether any of the Chinese parties survive or not.

Ontoi: The best way to save the Chinese interests is to shut down MCA. Other than that, MCA is fighting for self-interests only.

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