Tyrannical ROS acts without giving reason

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YOURSAY 'The key word today is accountability. If the ROS can't explain its decision, it's tantamount to saying it acted without due consideration.'

No need to state reasons for fresh DAP polls, says ROS

your say Anonymous_4031: I am shocked that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) does not have to give reasons for asking DAP, or any other party, to hold fresh party elections.

I think there must be something wrong here. Can a judge pass judgment without giving solid reasons why a person should go to jail or be hanged?

Karma: If an official acts without giving reason, it is pure tyranny. It is abuse of power. No government official whose salary is drawn from taxpayers can act without reason.

DAP members, including its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, are taxpayers. ROS is a government unit. So they must give reasons for its action.

Or else it is called 'makan gaji buta' (drawing a salary without working for it). Shame on them.

Kit P: The days when government officials held absolute prerogative without having to explain the reason why decisions were made are over.

The key word today is accountability. If the ROS can't explain its decision, it's tantamount to saying it acted without due consideration.

Mwong: All concerned citizens for fairness, justice and truth should not allow this ROS ‘kingpin' and stooge of BN to violate the law and take matters into his hands, soiling the office of ROS. I suggest getting a million signatures to protest this decision.

Anonymous #708871335: They act according to their whims and fancies, they may not be legally obliged to state their reasons but morally and in the interest of transparency and impartiality, they should briefly state their grounds to show that they are not acting on anybody's agenda.

Anonymous_3e68: As the Societies Act is silent on ROS having to give reasons, is there any provision stating it should not?

Have you not heard of fair play, natural justice and transparency? Already the department is looking stupid. It should cease making further statements to salvage a grain of respect.

Psycho: Firstly DAP did not send the notice of meeting to all eligible members /delegates and allegedly altering the results after a month blaming a computer glitch.

Loser becomes winner and winner becomes loser. For the fiasco Lim Guan Eng has created, now he is diverting everyone's attention towards the ROS as though it is at fault. Best Grammy award for father and son team.

Anticonmen: What a lie to say that the DAP did not cooperate when so many meetings were held to provide documents and explanations?

"No reasons need to be given" means there is no tangible reason to hold fresh elections.

The power to hold fresh elections lies with the party members, not with ROS. When the majority of DAP members have ratified the results, who is ROS to override this at its whims and fancies?

Onyourtoes: ROS, what is the "satisfactory clarification" you demanded of DAP? Can you highlight what you have asked for and what DAP has given you and let the people judge whether DAP has cooperated and given you satisfactory answers?

Fair Play: Who says there's no natural justice? They can either comply or take the matter to court if they feel that registrar had exceeded his authority and that he had acted beyond his powers by not giving any reason under the Societies Act.

To begin with, Guan Eng shot himself in the foot by providing the registrar the opportunity to pounce on them.

Ipohcrite: If my kid is rude even to a stranger, I would reprimand him. And if he justifies that by saying there's no law to compel him to be courteous, as a parent, that is totally unacceptable to me.

I wonder if ROS, as a public institution, understands what is meant by the principles of transparency and good governance.

If ROS is not able to state its reasons and be seen to be fair in dealing with the DAP CEC (central executive committee) matter, it stands accused of pandering to its political masters and justifiably earns the wrath of the rakyat. Be warned.

Homesick: No need to give reasons to order a fresh election - what kind of Gestapo ruling is that? I am flabbergasted.

Thana55: Hello, common sense and natural justice require that you give a reason. If the Act has been written that way, amend the Act.

The police, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the ROS have now officially become the legendary three stooges with the way they have been discharging their responsibilities.

Sakit Hati Ku: ROS, are you trying to tell your paymasters (the rakyat) that you can give a directive without having to give your reasons? Who do you think you are? The lord of the land?

Myrights: ROS' insistence that it does not need to provide any reason means it has no moral or legal justification for insisting that DAP holds a fresh election. This further proves beyond any doubt that ROS is nothing but an Umno tool against the opposition parties.

The problem with this crooked government under Umno is they still think the rakyat are dumb and ignorant. Wake up and it is time you realise that the next generation of voters demand explanation for your actions. We're not fools who accepts everything we hear.

Anonymous_40f4: The letter from ROS may be prepared by Umno and only signed by scapegoat Dasmond Das Michael Das. The ones behind the letter are the conspirators.

Peacemaker: When will Dasmond learn that a decision without reasons is arbitrary and dictatorial. Who appointed this petty bureaucrat?

He is duty-bound to give reasons for his decisions and the DAP can challenge its correctness in a Malaysian court.

Anonymous #708871335: Please don't bash Dasmond, he does not make the rules, he acts on orders of the registrar, I don't think any Dasmond can rise to registrar's level for obvious reasons.

Anticonmen: Why was the registrar himself afraid to sign this letter?

Chris T: Common sense and natural justice demands that any action taken must be followed by an explanation. Even a child expects that from you.

Msian: Even a primary school teacher wanting to ask a student to redo his homework needs to tell the student the reason. He/she cannot just say: just do it as I want you to redo the work.

ROS, please grow up. What about the Election Commission, why did they not hold fresh elections when the indelible ink failed?

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