Top priority for cops - go after pig-head ketupat culprit

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YOURSAY 'I can't believe this is happening in Malaysia. We have serious issue of violent crimes on a daily basis and here we have the IGP looking at petty stuff.'

Cops on the hunt for 'pig head ketupat' culprit

your say Thana55: There goes inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar again, focussing on the wrong priorities.

You do not need an IGP to comment on this Facebook pig's head ketupat insult. A low-level PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) officer should be able to handle the situation.

Karma: Khalid, just in case you identify the person and he or she turns up to be a Muslim, please don't just keep quiet. Reveal it.

We are still waiting for the identity of those you had caught throwing pig's heads into the mosque compound in the past.

If you start treating all cases of insulting religion fairly without any excuses such as misprints of bibles, nobody would dare to insult any religion.

Unfortunately, some people feel 'safe' to insult certain religions and they know you will not punish them.

Bamboo: With the prevailing trend of ‘sandiwara' from the powers-that-be, I believe this is a self-inflicted insult to the Muslims - throwing the stone and hiding the hand to blame others for the act.

One of the worst crimes of humankind is slander or fitnah. Don't think the rest of Malaysians are so warped in our thoughts to insult other religions. Insulting another's religion just reflects bad practice of the true teachings of any religion and bad upbringing of the perpetrators.

This is just another attempt to ignite racist fires. Thank God the majority of Malaysians don't fall for this overly recycled trick.

Pemerhati: The police and most of the people have a fairly good idea as to who had the motive to kill Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and who had the authority and clout to order the two police officers to blow up Altantuya with C4 explosives. But up to today nothing has been done.

Similarly, it was quite obvious as to who were behind the mischief created by the cow-head protesters. But again the police did not go after the masterminds.

Now this Facebook mischief also seems to have been masterminded by the same crooks that were behind the cow-head incident, aimed to polarise Malaysians of different faiths.

You should know who the main beneficiary of such polarisation is, and hence they should be the main suspects. But since the police are their lackeys, they are now helping to publicise the issue and will not apprehend the real culprits.

Wira: If it is a duplicate Facebook account, then they should be investigating where it came from, not the person it is spoofing. Otherwise, anyone can create a Facebook account under the IGP's name and let's see if the IGP will investigate himself.

Siang Malam: The police are just wasting their resources on such trivial matters, and meanwhile crime is escalating. I thought with a new IGP, we would get a better police force but instead we are going down further into the ‘longkang' (drain).

Sakit Hati Ku : Khalid rose to be an IGP not on his intellectual ability or his talents as a police officer. He is simply Prime Minister Najib Razak's shoe-shine boy. What more do you people expect from him?

Hang Tuah PJ: On the matter of M Indira Gandhi's children's religion, why don't the Perak government, Perak Islamic Religious Department and Registrar of Muslim Converts ask the two older kids whether they want to be Muslims? Case closed.

As for the little girl who was snatched from her breast-feeding mother and who does not know what is happening, the civil court has decided for her. She was created out of a civil marriage and the civil court has made its decision.

So buzz off Perak government, Perak Islamic Religious Department and Registrar of Muslim Converts. This message is coming from a convert mother.

Anonymous #708871335: I can understand the Perak Islamic Religious Department and Registrar of Muslim Converts appealing against the Indra Gandhi ruling, but why is the state government also a party to the application?

Geronimo: IGP, it is your boss Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who said you are facing personnel shortage.

So instead of wasting your time on this, which you can leave to another enforcement unit, can you and your people spend more time protecting the lives of Malaysians instead of politicians and some religious bigots?

NoCorruption: Please put fighting crime as a higher priority and don't waste my tax ringgit on this stupid Facebook stuff.

Jesse: Go and concentrate on catching the 260,000 criminals that your boss, the home minister, said is lurking in the country instead of undue focus on such matters. If the number in indeed true, it means the police have not been doing their job adequately over the decades.

Indeed, collecting ‘kopi money' for traffic and other minor offences have diverted them from crime prevention.

Allis: I can't believe this is happening in Malaysia. We have serious issue of violent crimes on a daily basis and here we have the IGP looking at petty stuff.

Fair Play: I suppose for the PDRM fighting real crime such as the recent spate of shooting incidences comes in a distant second to investigating Facebook 'crime'.

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