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The tourism minister and his wayward son
Published:  Aug 16, 2013 1:02 AM
Updated: 3:24 AM

YOURSAY 'Can the tourism minister say that there is no other person better qualified than his own son in the whole country for this job?'

Nazri's son now special officer in dad's ministry

your say Headhunter: Tourism and Culture Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has opened a can of worms.

Now all government ministers and top civil servants can bring in their family members into any government service, claim that they are paid from his or her own pocket and then enjoy all the perks accorded to him or her.

Someone please ask Nazri, is he going to pay for all the expenses such as hotel rooms, meals, laundry, etc, for his son whenever he travels?

As if we not already having our hands full with spendthrift Rosmah Mansor, who at least is officially the PM's consort. This has got to be a first. Malaysia boleh indeed.

LittleGiant: It is disgusting. I do not care and do not want to know what his (I feel sick and do not want to even pronounce his name) so-called responsibilities are in the Tourism Ministry.

Can the tourism minister say that there is no other person better qualified than his own son in the whole country for this job?

What will be PM Najib Razak's response to this appointment? Isn't this a clear case of nepotism? Is this what the BN government promised the people and is this how it wants to govern this nation?

Blackmoon: The 185 comments posted below reflect the narrow mindedness of the commenters. Anybody can appoint any number of 'special officers' to assist him in his duties as long as he can afford to pay them from his own pocket.

As for nepotism and cronyism in the true sense, one need look no further than in the Chinese chauvinist DAP where the father, son and daughter-in-law rules with an iron fist.

RKR: You cannot compare Lim Kit Siang/Karpal Singh/Anwar Ibrahim/Nik Aziz Nik Mat with this case. The opposition leaders' children were elected by the people into the positions they helm currently. Nedim was appointed by his own father!

Victor Johan: Nazri said his son Nedim is not a gazetted officer and is not involved in any matter related to the Tourism Ministry.

He said, "I have told him not to get involved in politics, his duty is just to engage with the young voters."

If he is only a personal officer, why is Nedim listed as a 'special officer' on the official website of the ministry?

1Citizen: Does this minister and his cabinet colleagues care about what people think and say? This obstinate arrogance seems to be the hallmark of Umno and the BN government. Unfortunately GE14 is still a long way. God save Malaysia!

Lover Boy: Come on, give Nazri's boy a chance. His father is the tourism minister, the boy drives many exotic cars, including the Hummer . He has no job and always getting into trouble.

Father brings him in, give him a job so that father can keep an eye on him. The position is special officer - make coffee, ‘beli rokok' and whatever errands only special officers can do. You don't expect him to be called office boy, do you?

Boonpou: This just makes me sick in my stomach. Look at the guy. Doesn't he look like a thug?

So many ministers in Malaysia behave as if they are above the law. To them, there is no court of public opinion because your legitimate votes do not affect their political and business careers.

Where is democracy in Malaysia but a form a managed democracy where political offices can be bought with money and connections. I am so sick of being a Malaysian.

Hero325: The minister must put a stop to this, get rid of the son and tell him to seek employment elsewhere. If Nazri refuses to act, PM must step in to protect the government.

Cantabrigian: He is a spy for his father in the ministry. Just name any vice that you could think of and he will say, "Been there, done that."

The question now is, why work when you have millions of ringgit stashed in your bank accounts, a fleet of sports cars and a bevy of beautiful chicks around you? The answer is - to cover up father's hanky-panky in the ministry.

Swipenter: Nazri, surely with all your connections you can get him a job elsewhere or you just to keep a close eye on him. For example, looking after a big fleet of hired taxis and taxi drivers is enough to occupy him full time.

Justice Pao: I just could not believe that a violent thug who probably cause the death of a would-be-lawyer and allegedly beat up a condo security manager can be made a officer of his father's ministry.

Maybe that is one way the old fellow can keep an eye on his wayward son.

Seadragon: Expect Nazri to say, 'I don't sleep with my son , how would I know he works in my ministry?' End of the story.

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