M'sia not on autopilot, but completely rudderless

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YOURSAY 'At least an autopilot mode has direction. The country under Najib's leadership is in fact on rudderless mode, drifting aimlessly.'

PKR: Najib has lost focus, M'sia on autopilot

vox populi small thumbnail Ong Guan Sin: Great job (Bayan Baru MP) Sim Tze Tzin, for doing this analysis of Prime Minister Najib Razak's 100 days in office in his second term. But you are being too kind to even use 'autopilot' to describe the situation.

Judging by the absolute silence from Najib on the various issues surfaced in the last 100 days, Malaysia is heading without a direction. A crash landing is what we should expect to come and wake up all of us.

SpongeBob: The general sentiment of the PM's 100 days in office is a lack of excitement. I personally see no clear direction in many sectors. Rather, it seems like many sectors have erupted with chaos and corrective polices and remedies are not effective to improve the situation.

The remedies to correct the situation seem to be very slow or detrimental for the future of this country. Some of his ministers seem to be carrying out actions that are rather detrimental to his image and the cabinet.

So for me, I have noting to feel excited about but my thoughts only lead me to visualise a more gloomy future.

Louis: On hindsight, former PM Abdullah Badawi (Pak Lah) was a better PM. He merely slept on his job, but could wake up once in a while to take charge, like in the cancellation of the crooked bridge project.

Najib is worse; he is hibernating on his job, while other ministers like Nazri Aziz and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are dictating orders.

Malaysia is not on autopilot - at least with autopilot mode, there is still a direction. The country under Najib's leadership is in fact on rudderless mode, drifting aimlessly.

Anak JB: Najib's track record speaks for itself for all the wrong reasons. Our ringgit has plummeted, our debt ratio is the highest in Southeast Asia, the budget deficits, a bloated civil service.

And the high unemployment, high crime, high contract killings, dysfunctional police force leaving crime unabated, high inflation, reckless spending without competitive tendering and corruption remains unchecked, general inefficiency ...

Rakyat Malaysia: By not talking it means Najib does not give a damn about the Malaysian public's interests. Look what's happening with all the shootings and increasing daily robberies everywhere in KL, and through all this the PM just keeps quiet!

What a great PM, not talking, just looking pretty. As they say, when you don't know anything, then people won't ask you and they have nothing to talk about. Because all Najib says is, "I don't know," and silence means consent.

Besides, I think he is too busy preparing for the Umno AGM. The PM job is taking a back seat now as the big show is coming.

Wg321 : Who is the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib or Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi concerning the usage of the word 'Allah'? On April 11, 2011 Najib signed the 10-point solution with the Christians, which had the agreement of the cabinet permitting them to use the word 'Allah'. This was addressed to the Christian Federation of Malaysia's chairperson Ng Moon Hing.

If Najib were to keep silent and makes as if he knows nothing (buat tak tahu), it looks like Ahmad Zahid is the de facto prime minister of Malaysia for declaring only Muslims can use the word. Full stop.

Cala: Is Najib deceiving us? To my mind, this man is a lot shrewder than meets the eye. If he is quiet, only two things are probably up his sleeves.

One, he is cooking up something other than public policies. Two, he is working on long term planning for Malaysia. To Najib, public policies have to deal with the insurmountable problem of universalism of the people in a pluralistic society (justice, freedom, equality).

Hence, he is wise or more aptly said, cunning, to deal with the first issue with respect to winning the imminent Umno election. Note, the goals of the two issues are often at loggerheads with each other.

As cronyism, rent-seeking, and misgovernance are the hallmarks of Umno, he has wisely kept a deliberate low profile to attend to party matters. And that explains Najib's loss in action as PKR's Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin has found.

Gen2indian: For a career politician who became an MP at 23 riding on his father's name, he really isn't PM material. He surrounds himself with 'yes' men and professional image builders, and spends money with little accountability.

That sums up the man we have for a PM.

Anonymous_40dc : Perhaps the PM's thinking mode is, "When you don't do anything, you don't make any mistakes. So let's not do anything". Not realising that not doing anything itself is a big mistake.

Gumdrops: Dear YB Sim, don't be arrogant. You have a poor record as an assemblyperson, living in KL and returning to your constituency only two to three times a month. Now you are MP and your presence in Bayan Baru is even more invisible.

Don't judge others until you have had a look in the mirror. Your own 100 days is not good, so don't point fingers at others, because three fingers point back at you.

Samurai: Two wrongs don't make a right. Even if Sim has a poor track record as a YB it doesn't make the PM's lack of leadership any less tolerable. This is how pro-BN people always respond to criticism, with a childish, 'like you can do better' sulk.

Besides we are paying Najib to do a job and he costs us a lot, judging by his office size and his home electricity bills.

Chks: BN is hopeless, so there is no point talking about it. But I agree with the comment that even Pakatan Rakyat seems to be losing the cohesiveness among its component parties and lacks the innovation for new policies, especially in the states they control.

Please bear in mind that this is an earned privilege, not a right by the default. The rakyat can vote you out the next general election. To be fair, perhaps they are still recovering from the shock of the last GE results.

For DAP, perhaps the CEC re-election is a distracting factor. Please get back into focus.

Bumiasli: Never in Malaysian history did we ever have our country run by a virtually dead PM. Even a 'sleeping' PM was forced to quit during his term, but this guy remains, even though his role is that of a puppet.

The upcoming Umno elections may be the reason for him to hang on to the last straw, but then it's unfair to the people. 100 days of non-action and yet he is getting paid! If we had outsourced his job to consultants, we would have been in a better position today.

Anonymous_3e86: Najib did not lose focus. He never was focussed since 2009. The only thing he is focussed on is his tweeting.

Tenfour: If Malaysia is on autopilot who is going to land it safely? This country is going nowhere, the captain is sleeping, the stewards and stewardesses are running around monkeying with the switches and playing the role of pilots.

Sooner or later this country is going to crash if we keep going like this.

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