Contextualised conversions just bogeyman's shadow?

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YOURSAY 'Time and time again they said they will produce proof M'sian Christians are trying to convert Muslims. But each time they have failed to bring evidence.'

Group claims new ploy used to convert Muslims

Anonymous_4196: Here we go again with the Christian bashing, and this time base on a so-called thesis (on so-called 'contextualisation' where the converts to Christianity continue to pretend to be Muslim).

Please back it up with evidence otherwise don't risk the peace and harmony of the country just so you can find a 'bogeyman' as a ploy to call for political unity of a race.

Lim Chong Leong: Having failed to make up a bogeyman, they now have to be just content with creating the bogeyman's shadow to frighten the rural Malay folk.

Right-wing movement Jalur Tiga' (Jati) president Hasan Ali and the like have time and again accused and said they will produce proof that Malaysian Christians are trying to convert Muslims and take over the country. But each time they have failed to bring evidence.

Now they will just have to say there is conversion without there being conversion. No bogeyman but only the bogeyman's shadow.

Pimai2tangtu: I am still waiting for the Penang police to charge four Chinese youths who were alleged to have distributed bibles to Malay students in Jelutong.

This allegation led to Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali threatening to burn bibles. All this happened just before the last general election.

Mk: We are going to get a continuous stream of news that seemingly threatens Muslims in Malaysia. It is a political ploy to garner support for Umno. Half-truths, fiction or simple mistakes will be used to sensationalise and amplify this strategy.

Religion is very emotional stuff especially with Malays. And Umno knows how to use it.

Astounded: Here we go again. On one hand we have the authorities trying to destroy the DAP and on the other, you have these people demonising the Christians.

The objective; to strike fear into the hearts of the Malays with all these baseless accusations, so that they will all run back to Umno.

I hope and pray that their target audience will see through their ungodly motives and make them fail miserably.

Open Minded: It bemuses me a lot and at the same time I wonder if the Malays are so weak in their faith that they can be easily swayed or influenced into following any 'deviant' religion. If it is the latter reason then rather than looking outward, they should look within to see their own weaknesses why it occurs.

Some religions try to coax me and influence my mind as to their way of life and thinking but I am not influenced.

Why? Simply because my mind is free to think and make judgements on its own instead of allowing external forces to take control of me.

Sadly, certain people do not have this basic liberty of human beings and are instead, subjected to strict and draconian control by external forces claiming to be legitimate representatives of a religion. To me, it's like shooting your own foot.

Anonymous #02382443: What has become of Malaysians? Have we got nothing else other than sex, religion, lies and corruption? Come on, let's all grow up and do other more constructive things.

Exranger: I think instead of punishing and blaming non-Islamic organisations, Islamic organisations must seriously look into effectiveness of Islamic teaching to Muslims and generally all Muslims, especially those in the leadership positions, to show good and successful Muslim models.

ODIN: First, if A Karim Omar and his NGO, Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Malaysia (Muafakat), had done even a teeny weeny bit of research, they would have found out that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Mormon Church. I believe this church came into the Malaysian scene relatively recently.

If it indeed has converted Malays into Christianity, I doubt very much that the number of converts would make for materials sufficient even for a bachelor's degree thesis, never mind earning a doctorate.

Second, the absence of an author's name and details pertaining to the so-called thesis renders their claims as refutable as any of Hasan Ali's.

Well Thats Fantastic: What ever happened to making up your own mind? What happened to no compulsion? Who would want someone who is forced to be there, praying next to them?

Do these people exist or is this another fairytale? Strengthen your own faith in the religious belief then your religion will be safe inside you and can never be destroyed.

R1: Why retain someone whose faith is not strong that they can be converted? It is just like having an atheist within your ranks. Quality over quantity.

Anonymous$&@?: If you find anyone breaking the law, spell it out. Make a police report.

Ipohcrite: I'm sure A Karim Omar would love to have the Emergency Ordinance back in Malaysian law. After all, it's not easy to arrest the wrongdoing priest when you don't have his name, address or the name of this thesis. But the EO might just do the trick.

Anonymous_3f4b: Every person should have the basic freedom to choose his/her own religion. The religion a person professes is a matter of belief, faith and trust between him/her and God.

No one should be forced to follow or comply with a religion that is not consistent with his beliefs and consciousness. Religion is a matter of privacy between him/her and his maker and not an ideology to be pushed through.

What the person does in his/her natural life only God will know and decide in the afterlife.

Swipenter "Father Augustine Chen" is making another appearance in Bolehland.

Anonymous #90733629: Contextualisation! Another word that will get thrown about like a swear word without knowing what it really means, along with pluralism, communist and socialist. Go Malaysia.

Dalvik: It is always dangerous to see someone 'enforcing laws' (more like their own standards, based on their own understanding of religion) in the name of god - to make their actions seems right.

The last hope of this country is to remain a secular one with man-made laws.

IBye: A true Christian would not live a double life. Such a claim could just be politically/racially motivated.

VP Biden: If the Christian converts are living a 'contextualised' lifestyle then they are neither Christian nor Muslim.

They are lost souls lost in this 'la la land' called Malaysia run by 'contextualised' BN politicians.

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