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A 'shoot to kill, leave no prisoners' policy?

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YOURSAY 'The absence of the IPCMC enables the police to kill anyone they like in cold blood and then cover it up by cooking up some sort of a story.'

Outrage over Sg Nibong police shootings

your say Pemerhati: After the Shah Alam schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amzah was shot dead by the police in his car, the present inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, who was then Selangor chief police officer, said that the schoolboy was a criminal, a thug, because he supposedly had a parang in his car.

He also claimed that Aminul tried to reverse the car and ram the police officers. But Aminul's schoolmate, who was in the car, exposed Khalid's blatant lie when he revealed that Aminul died in his lap, still at the wheel, and the car rammed into a retaining wall.

This proven liar lost all credibility after that incident. He could now again be telling a similar tall story.

The absence of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) enables the police to kill anyone they like in cold blood and then cover it up by cooking up some sort of a story.

The fact that the police claim that they were able to carry out ballistic tests within a few hours on 12 cases scattered throughout the country is a dead giveaway that the police are cooking up a story.

Dev Anand Pillai: The police are finally doing their job. Once the public feel how it is to be robbed at knife or gun point, they will realise the pain.

It is of no use to charge them in court, with corrupt officials at all levels in the administration of justice, it will be back to the police again. So it is best that the police are allowed to do their job or else the underworld takes an upper hand in this war.

Franklyspeaking: I don't doubt that they were criminals, but the way in which the PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) handled the whole situation is questionable.

Since they were in a condominium, the chances of escape is almost nil. Why shoot 20 to 30 shots? Definitely, it was with the intention to kill and not to arrest.

Are some of these fellows linked to the police underworld? Is PDRM going to use them as scapegoats to get out of the hard place the police is now in? Is the police cleaning our streets or their mess?

Mohamad Abdul Malik: The criminals were in an enclosed place and were trapped. Would they surrender if given the choice? Should the police let them surrender in the first place?

But if it's true that they have fired shots at the police, then it's only fair to deduced that they have no intention to surrender and in this case it's right for the police to claim self-defence.

The police were facing hardcore criminals. Either killed or be killed. In this case, the police chose the former. Anybody would have done so in their situation. Either way, there was no way for the decease's relative to know whether their kin was a criminal.

Wira: What if the police made a mistake in their investigation? What if an innocent guy happened to be there at that time, visiting a member of the gang?

We shall never know because the law has become the lawless when the enforcers are taking no prisoners.

LogicalMalaysian: If in fact the guns and ammunition retrieved are from the deceased, then I am more than happy that they have been gunned down. The parents and their kin who make such a big hue should be also charged for complicity.

It is very shameful that they had to live a life of crime. Does it really matter whether their bodies are riddled with bullets? They don't deserve to walk free and put the lives of ordinary folks in danger.

For all those who scream now should have realised that shooting and murdering others come with a heavy price. With all the recent violent crimes, the police force must be congratulated for taking these criminals off the street.

If their relatives feel that they were shot like "animals" then they should ponder when these criminals treat others like animals too.

We all want to walk on the street without fear and sending these criminals to their eternity should be appreciated by all peace-loving people. Good riddance.

I Hv No Comment: Bravo, PDRM. Well done. If these are indeed gun-toting criminals, yes, shoot them dead. Save on court proceedings.

But then again, with the PDRM's reputation with the public being so low, it's hard to believe PDRM's story.

Swipenter: We can conclude that both sides, white and black, are getting extremely violent to settle their scores. Killing seems to be the norm on both sides of the fence these days. This is a very sad reflection on us as a country.

The marginalised are getting desperate to find an honest means of livelihood and the police is under tremendous pressure to regain the trust and respectability they once enjoyed.

And of all of us ordinary folks are finding the cost of living pretty unbearable in the face of a depreciating ringgit and a poor performing national economy.

We are sliding down faster than we admit, but our political leaders are so engrossed with the issues of race and religion and not bread-and-butter issues.

BTN: The problem is PDRM has lost it credibility and that's the reason any action by them is questioned by the public.

They were spending too much time involved in politics and there are may double standard action shown by them on many occasions which brought about this mistrust thing.

Kgen: I think these people should have been given a chance to surrender. The police cannot execute suspects summarily without a trial.

What if there were innocents among the criminals? It's not as if our court system are lenient on criminals. There is a death penalty for possessing firearms, so let the court do its job.

Ruhaizan Muhd Fikri: There are hardly any credible officers left in the force. The easiest way to solving crime for them is to shoot to kill.

Unlike in the past, we had inspector S Kulasingam who could capture the much-feared Botak Chin without killing him. Times have indeed changed.

Ieee: Five guys, three guns and all shot dead. One of the guns is a revolver (six bullets maximum before requiring a reload). I see some holes in the police's story.

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