What democratic system is Nazri talking about?

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YOURSAY ‘What democratic system is he referring to - his own version? A real democratic system does not permit nepotism or dubious appointment.'

I'll not quit over son's appointment, vows Nazri

your say Black Mamba: How can Culture and Tourism Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz's son Nedim be in the ministry website as a special officer in the ministry one moment, and the next, as his father's special officer in his parliamentary constituency of Padang Rengas ? Which is which?

Onyourtoes: Nazri, the way you answered the questions shows that you are cocky and intransigent.

Please stop harping that you were elected with a bigger majority when that tiny constituency represented voters who were generally kept poor and ignorant by Umno's machination and indoctrination.

And stop justifying you are rich and able to pay for your son's salary. The fact remains you have no authority to appoint your son to carry out ministerial functions. That is the role of the civil service.

If you wish to appoint your son to do your constituency and political work, his name should not be listed in the ministry, period.

Remove his name and those whom you have appointed who are not on ministry's payroll from the ministry's website now. Otherwise, you resign.

Progressive: If someone is working in the ministry or elsewhere without a salary and money from the taxpayers, why should this be an ethical problem for anyone, unless vested interest has a political axe to grind?

Nazri is entitled to appoint his son as a special officer if no salary is involved - his son is a voluntary worker - so what's the problem with that?

Not Convinced: Some have missed the forest for the trees. This is not just about a minister appointing his son to work as his special officer in his ministry. It is about Nedim, an alleged bully who have been linked to a number of brawls .

Jesse: What democratic system is Nazri referring to - his own version? A real democratic system does not permit nepotism or dubious appointment. He has long forgotten what democracy means after being in power for so long.

Vijay47: What a typical cunning slippery Umno snake, trying his best to squirm out of a sticky situation when caught with his pants down and he has the cheek to try and paint himself as a saint. Democratic system indeed.

The system is there for you to execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to you, not for you to plant members of your family into the government service. You grandly said you have been paying taxes since the age of 24.

So what? I have been paying taxes from the age of 23 and don't have a single taxi licence to my name.

ACR: Though Nazri has his shortcomings, he surfaces like the proverbial knight in shining armour to safeguard the minority interest when Umno right-wingers bay for blood. His track record in this regard is quite laudable.

I feel that this Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM)-type NGO outfits are pure Mahathirists and should not be allowed to dictate matters concerning PM Najib Abdul Razak's administration.

Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be very happy if Nazri is kicked out.

Well Thats Fantastic: In any mature democracy, a politician that is doing damage to the image of the government and party would resign without question.

We will never see the true 2020 vision until people like this (mostly in Umno) begin to understand why they need to step down.

AB Sulaiman: To those of you not familiar with Bahasa Melayu (or Malaysia, Kebangsaan, Baku), here is one reason why you should learn it.

For here you see a top-level political leader and public servant committing 'latah' and that he is 'melatah'. It's when one who instinctively says nonsensical things when caught under pressure, i.e. with his pants down.

Myop101: I don't think Nazri should resign over this. At most, his son should resign. Again, it is unnecessary if his son is capable and good at helping his dad in his job.

Apa Ini?: If he's the best person for the job, why not? Problem is, he's not and all Malaysians believe he would never qualify for the job if his father wasn't the minister. And his father openly declared that he is the minister. Simple lah .

Heavywater: Old horses like Nazri, Hishammuddin Hussein and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi with limited visions and perception should all go if Umno is to continue to be relevant and strong in the eyes of the people.

They have been above the law for too long that they have became arrogant, a trait in Umno. They have forgotten how to be a public servant but have become 'overlords' instead.

6th Generation Immigrant: Why is JMM not go after Mahathir for scheming against the rakyat, and using Umno and government machineries to install his heir, now strategically placed to take over his supposed throne Malaysia?

Nazri stood up against Mahathir time and again; is this payback time? If so, let's be fair all around.

Anonymous #00130375: Nedim is another rich kid who cannot get a job in the real world or doesn't want to do an honest day's work like everybody else.

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