Rise in crime - not enough laws or lack of enforcement?

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VOXPOP ‘Maybe we should learn from our neighbour on how they manage the crime rate. I have never heard that their law was inadequate.'

Zahid: PCA to be amended to give cops more bite

vox populi small thumbnail Sadhu3: Is the increasing crime rate in Malaysia due to inadequate law or inefficient enforcement processes?

Maybe we should learn from our neighbour on how they manage the crime rate. I have never heard that their law was inadequate for the enforcement to carry out their duty.

I learn from them that to reduce crime, just get the culprit to the court in the shortest time possible. Not asking for more than 72 days.

YF: Umno says before the elections that crime has greatly decreased. Now after the elections, the same people are saying crime has greatly increased. So obviously Umno has been lying to the rakyat.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Umno wants everything back to normal, that is laws to harass and arrest the innocent under the pretense of security. This is the way of Umno - paint a beautiful picture before revealing the monster underneath.

Silence Is Golden: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, care to share with us the details of your proposed changes to the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) so that we can have a healthy debate on issues that affect us all?

This is what a mature society does. After all, we are going to be a developed nation by 2020. There is no harm practising some maturity ahead of time. The government doesn't need to always give the rakyat shock therapy, like the 20 sen increase in fuel prices on Monday.

Sarajun Hoda: I suggest that if the police arrest a suspect and then fail to prove the crime or when it is proven that the police made the arrest without any tangible evidence, the police personnel involved must be punished or made to pay reasonable damages.

This clause must be included to make sure the police do not exploit the law to exact revenge, punish the innocent or enrich themselves.

A man is innocent until proven guilty and arresting an innocent man is a travesty of justice and against his natural right. A police officer, too, must be seen as 'earning' their salary by working for it.

Bosnian claims a local stole his sperm and bore a child

Disgusted: Firstly, how did Bosnian Ervin Ahbabovic get permanent residence (PR) in Malaysia when many Indians and Chinese are not given citizenship or PR even though they are born here, but for some technicalities.

Some died without securing a citizenship even though they lived here 80 or 90 percent of their lives. Others who are married to a Malaysian spouse (non-Malay) could not get PR or citizenship although the other spouse and children have citizenship.

If he is a Muslim, shouldn't he be charged with khalwat? He has the gall to sue a Malaysian citizen for money after having a fling with her and not for joint custody of the child, alleging that she stole his sperm when he willingly deposited it into her, and having derived great pleasure in doing so.

Let us wait and see what the courts will do in this matter. Endless possibilities in Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia courts.

Fair&Just: Wow, he is claiming RM600,000. The woman can also claim the same amount against his sperm transgressing onto her womb and getting a child.

This instant PR Bosnian (which we believe many are Muslims and holding PR) could open the floodgates where many poor young girls are conned by casanovas in hit-and-run cases, leaving the poor girl with child. Now we can sue these casanovas.

Swipenter: It seems to me that he was willing to be her "sex slave". Stole his sperm for having sex with her for six times a day, each session lasting more than hour?

Any man will tell you if that was the case, he would be dry as a bone and limpid as an over-ripened banana unless he was a super stud.

Cascara: She should in turn charge him for accommodation. After all, she was accommodating him six times daily.

Solaris: Go sow wild seeds and now say she "stole" his sperm. What nonsense is this? He should go back to Bosnia and try doing it there.

MockingYou: This Bosnian thinks he is in the United States and is saying his loaf was stolen and baked without having his name on it. Sort of a backdoor justification for My Second Home to stay in our country of willing ovens.

MatrixLYN: I like this story. With the rising standard of living, maybe Malaysians can start a business selling sperm.

Vijay47: Shuhaimi Baba, now this is a story about which you should make a movie. It would certainly be a box-office hit.

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Well, I sure would mind if my sperm was 'stolen'. More so if the thief was a beautiful woman. In fact, I would have encouraged the 'thief' to steal it.

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