Meanwhile, IPPs continue to enjoy fuel subsidies

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YOURSAY ‘More than 50 percent of the RM23.7 billion in fuel subsidy is subsidy for the independent power producers.'

Malaysia's fuel price 'eighth lowest in the world'

your say Wira: Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan, more than 50 percent of the RM23.7 billion in fuel subsidy is subsidy for the independent power producers (IPPs), which are selling electricity to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) at pushed-up prices.

Since a 20 sen increase at RM1.8 to RM1.9 per litre of diesel and RON95 can yield an annual savings of RM3.3 billion, a RM23.7 billion subsidy wholly for the transport sector will push the petrol/diesel subsidy to RM1.44, which means a RON95 pump price of 46 sen per litre.

Go renegotiate the obscene fuel subsidy granted to IPPs or pass the privilege of governing to Pakatan Rakyat. A Pakatan government can and will reduce the price of fuel.

Whatsup: Why should we, the rakyat of Malaysia - an oil producing nation - not be allowed to enjoy the benefits of natural resources that belong to us?

Why must we use world oil prices to calculate the amount of subsidies which seem like just paper loss, not unless what we heard is true - you sell away our oil and buy low-grade oil from others. If it's our oil, selling to us at cost price would be fair, mind you, and not world prices.

Umno-BN, don't you dare forget that it is because of the rakyat that you are in Putrajaya, not the other way round. One would think you would repent after stealing the 13th general election (GE13) but, alas, you didn't but became even bolder and vicious.

It's not your birthright to ruin and plunder our coffers. How many more billions do you want to steal? Isn't what you all have stolen enough for you and your next generation?

Overlord: RON95 in Vietnam is RM3.55 per litre, which is inclusive of built-in licence renewal fee, built-in road tax, 98 percent toll-free roads and better public transport coverage, which is developing fast (bullet train is coming).

Their petrol price is adjusted according to the world oil price, packed with cheaper car prices. What is included in our petrol price?

Mob1900: They are using the same old trick of comparing us with non-oil producing countries. Try comparing us with Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, etc.

NoCorruption: The funny thing in Malaysia is when oil prices go up, the extra income that the government earn from exporting petroleum has no relation with higher price they pay for the imported fuel.

Hence, government must subsidies the difference in order for the fuel to be sold cheaper to consumers.

Endofworld: Why not cut the cabinet members salary by between 5 to 10 percent? Only then can they talk about the national economy. The government makes the people pay more but uses half of the collections for Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M).

G Pathmakanthan: You can't cherry pick. What about car prices, bet it's one of the highest in the world. So where are all the tax monies from the cars being spent?

Lokman disappointed with Umno over fuel price hike

Aries46: Umno Youth vice-chief aspirant Lokman Noor Adam, the damage has been done, its pointless to cry over spilt milk. Any kind of handouts proposed will not salvage the far-reaching effects of this foolish move by Umno.

The move is so ludicrous that people wonder whether this is really subsidy rationalisation or to cover the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and powerful.

Raising the petrol price is the worst thing that Umno can do as it has repercussions on all other commodities - transport, food, provisions, pharmaceuticals and all activities related to these.

The most affected are wage earners, pensioners and the poor. Heartless businesses are just waiting for such opportunities to raise prices and make easy money. Indeed, why rob the poor?

If Umno cannot do without the extravagance at least stick to taxes based on one's purchasing power instead of pushing up the cost of living for all and sundry.

An 11 percent increase in RON95 will see an 11 percent increase in a bowl of mee soup. Well done, PM Najib Abdul Razak. Make the traders richer.

Tao student: A rare truth spoken by an Umno man. Is he speaking it for the sake of the coming Umno election or speaking for the rakyat? Or maybe both, only God knows...

Fernz: Isn't Lokman supposed to shut up and toe the line like Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia P Waythamoorthy?

Thinkingmachine: Give the subsidy back to the transporters who are involved in transporting food items and to public buses including school buses so that they don't have to increase their transportation charges. And keep the prices of food in check.

Wildboar: Just think PKR can manage the country better and also lower the petrol prices. BN is leading the country to hell and still needs to increase petrol prices. Yet we have idiots still voting for ‘Bankrap Negara'.

Geronimo: If Umno Baru cannot do the job, why not call it a day and give it to someone else who can? This is a typical dog in the manger mentality.

Umno Baru has lied to Chin Peng, lied to Suqui, lied about national reconciliation, lied that a certain VVIP did not know a Mongolian woman, lies and more lies. Now they lie about the petrol increase. The party is beyond redemption.

For A Better Malaysia: A lot has been said about the burden to the lower and middle-income groups. The higher income is also feeling the pain. Many worked hard to get into that position and with little or no government handouts.

They pay the bulk of the personal taxes and car duties, yet use little of taxpayers subsidy whether through schooling of their kids or even government hospitals. Don't they also deserve some subsidies?

Apapunboleh: BN MPs can't count. That justifies the very low passing marks for mathematics.

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