Bung Moktar should change his lifestyle

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YOURSAY 'Bung Mokhtar, if the increase won't affect the poor, it will definitely not affect the rich either. So who does it affect?'

Bung: Petrol price increase won't affect the poor

your say Headhunter: What a stupid statement from Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin: "Petrol prices have gone up, but it surely would not burden the rakyat as the only people with big cars are prominent figures who can afford it. Kampung people don't have cars."

I suppose he thought that all goods and household essentials are delivered free to the interior? Does the man have a brain or not? Just watch the prices of goods go up by leaps and bounds in tandem, and this time it's going to be much worse than the previous increase.

The opposition was right that PM Najib Razak would hike the price of fuels after the 13th general election. We have been conned again and I say serves us right for bringing back the BN.

CiViC: Bung, if the increase won't affect the poor, it will definitely not affect the rich either. So who does it affect? How much is there in your pea brain to make such a statement?

Black Mamba: How stupid can our politicians be? Hasn't he learnt or heard of the chain reaction in the supply chain? The poor with low income can't afford to own a car, but the grocery suppliers need transport to deliver to the goods to them.

Isn't that a cost added to it and passed on? Manufactured products are not going to stay stagnant with the increase in diesel price, and the costs again will be passed down to the consumers.

Everyone is affected. The fixed income earner, unless given a raise, has limited resources to utilise his purchasing power.

Apacerita: Ask this MP and the rests of BN ministers to live like us ordinary folks for one month and see if they can feel the pinch.

Take away their chauffeur-driven cars and all the perks and benefits. Ask them to take the public transport daily and see if they are able to cope. Give them a budget similar to that of the ordinary people's.

Don't be arrogant, BN politicians. We are the ones who are paying your allowances and all the other perks. Don't make more stupid and insensitive remarks to make us even more angry.

Wiser: Bung, are you in the "poor" category? Obviously not! Do not attempt to justify the extra burden you put on the poor. Your smirking face says it all.

You have no idea the hardship the poor must go through with ballooning inflation. Your constant whimsical remarks reflect very well your intelligence. Did you care about Sabah being given away to foreigners?

Kgen: If BN is so insistent that we should pay market price for petrol then remove the subsidy and at the same time remove the super high taxes on cars.

This obscene government can only moan about the cost of petrol subsidy but quietly enjoys the billions it is raking in from the artificial prices of cars.

Cantabrigian: Thank you very much, BN voters. I love you all so much. This is the best Merdeka gift ever by our beloved government. I (heart) PM.

Next time, make it a bigger gift, at least 80 sen hike, just like what Pak Lah did (and you know where he is now).

Isana: Where is the patriotism? It's just two days after Merdeka, we should be thankful that it's just an increase of 20 sen per litre.

Furthermore, we are living in a peaceful and productive country where our police are doing all they can to infiltrate the triads.

This reduction in petrol subsidy will help our beloved nation to slowly pay off our ever increasing and never-ending national debt.

Next year, we proud Malaysians will be able to contribute more through GST (Goods and Services Tax) to help PM Najib Razak spend more in transforming Malaysia.

I would like to continue but the possibilities are endless.

Nazri: Ministers forgo free fuel? Rafizi must be stupid

Wira: BN increased the price of RON95 which was supported by all ministers. It is logical that they should be the ones who should lead by example. After all, YB Bung said only the rich drive cars.

Otherwise, resign and let the coalition representing more than 51 percent of the population run the country. They will reduce the price of RON95 by reining in BN's corrupt excesses.

4W4K3N1N6: Assuming there are 10 million motorists in Malaysia and on average, we consume 20 litres a month. At 20 sen per litre, this works out to be RM40 million a month or RM480 million a year.

I believe our AP (approved permits) kings make more money than that every year with prices of APs ranging between RM15,000 to RM30,000 each.

Why is the government burdening 10 million rakyat (forget about cost of living going up due to high transportation costs which affects the whole nation) so that a handful of AP kings can continue to make the equivalent or more every year?

Old Timer: Walk the talk and leadership by example is certainly not in Nazri Abdul Aziz's book.

Even if he claims that he's not corrupt but by virtue of being a witness to corruption and wastage and not bringing attention to it when he represents the people, he is party to the practice.

Where have all the good men gone that we are left with morally bankrupt and intellectually arrogant people running the country?

Satay Satay: Yes, all need to forgo free fuel. They need not be subsidised 100 percent by the people and the government. Do not cause the poor men on the street to have to dig deeper into their empty pockets.

The members of parliament and state representatives cannot and should not avail themselves to more than what the public do not get. They cannot and they should not.

Why should the people suffer while they enjoy life and make decisions to heighten the hardships of the people under their rule? Anyone can be ministers too, okay?

Onyourtoes: Rafizi, don't let this nincompoop rattle you. This was I said earlier about inspiring and capturing the imagination of the people.

We must hassle them relentlessly - yes, it is time we question and trim down the privileges of ministers, deputy ministers and senior officials of the civil service, statutory bodies and GLCs (government-linked companies).

They are getting too much and these privileges are expanding exponentially, running out of control practically.

Privileged people tend to lose reality and have no empathy of others. Too many privileges also entice too many people with wrong attitude to join politics.

Ordinaryman: Nazri must be a greater stupid to recognise a stupid.

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