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Pak Samad has earned his keep, he needs no award
Published:  Sep 6, 2013 9:18 AM
Updated: 3:48 AM

YOURSAY ‘They can take away his title but they can't take away his principles. Let the clowns do whatever that pleases them.'

Pak Samad: Go ahead, revoke my title

your say Headhunter: National laureate A Samad Said (Pak Samad) don't need no award. He has already earned his keep as one of Malaysia's most respected poet and a true Malaysian patriot.

They can take away his title but they can't take away his brain and his principles. Let the clowns do whatever that pleases them just to win brownie points.

Adsertor: It is a sad day that a giant of Malaysia declare that things are so bad that he is willing to let those idiots in power to take away his citizenship to spite them and to make a point to all Malaysians.

Harapanbaru: It's clear that we live not in two separate Malaysias but in two separate worlds. One world is inhabited by parasitic descendants of pirates with serious personality disorders, and Pak Samad is viewed as a traitorous villain.

In the real world, Pak Samad is a true patriot championing justice, truth, freedom and the dignity and sanctity of the human spirit.

Those in the bogus world value only superficial appearances and so they spend lavishly on decorating themselves with fancy titles and their mansions with luxury furnishings.

They squander millions on self-promotion (spray-painting their faces on trains, buses, wherever they can be seen and worshipped like gods by a stupefied public), paying exorbitant amounts to foreign public relations shills to whitewash their tarnished image.

In the real world populated by authentic human beings, those who stand up for the truth and for social justice are the very soul of the nation - the reason why we feel proud to call ourselves Malaysians.

Armageddon: Pak Samad is merely exercising his democratic rights and that is the freedom of expression. Just because of that, some idiots are proposing to take away his title.

He didn't kill people, or siphoned the country's resources, or abused his authority, or had sex with an underaged girl, or produced any sex videos. Indeed, I am confused between what is right and wrong.

Anonymous #42402094: The powers-that-be have lost all sense of respect, honour and good manners. Culture and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek does not even come close to the giant of a man Pak Samad is and he thinks he has a right to comment on his title.

You can scream till you froth and strip the title, but Pak Samad earned it by his sheer brilliance, not like you ampu bodek (apple polishing) guys.

Peacemaker: Pak Samad is an undisputed giant of Malay literature and poetry, title or no title. It's childish to threaten a man of his age and stature as if he clings to these temporary and ephemeral things called titles.

Pak Samad, we salute you and we are with you. By the way, I don't read Malay literature or poetry but I admire him for his integrity and spunk.

Justice seeker: Who are they to strip him of his citizenship, he is a true bumiputera of this country. There are big-time thieves, robbers and traitors in this country, they should be stripped of their citizenship, not Pak Samad.

He has contributed vastly to Malay literature, hence he is the number one citizen of this country. Nobody can question that.

Stop Lynas!: This is a very good example that Umno Baru is not fighting for the Malays despite that they keep saying so. They are fighting for their own interests. Anyone comes in their way, chop, chop.

Gen2indian: This is no way to treat a kind and gentle 81-year-old son of Malaysia, much less a poet. What harm can this kindly old man do to the country that warrants such despicable reactions? Soon, we won't have any thinking Malaysians left but foreigners who can only vote BN.

Vgeorgemy: Ahmad Shabery and his cohorts must accept the challenge from the respected Pak Samad. If they didn't follow through with it, then we will consider them as kurang ajar (rude).

Versey: Indeed, Pak Samad is an elderly man of wisdom. He knows best what is good for the nation and out of his love for this country that he did his best to arouse the public awareness of the importance to uphold justice, truth and freedom.

He is a true patriot, with or without the title, he is still our national laureate, our national treasure. People can strip away the title but cannot touch the knowledge, wisdom, honour and respect that Pak Samad has earned over the years.

They can harass him physically but can't do a thing to his soul. If they strip off his title and citizenship, they are shaming nobody but themselves.

Saddened: The government has broken the last bone in an honourable man. For someone to say these words, you can gauge his feelings and disappointment. To minister Ahmad Shabery, be honourable and apologise like a gentleman.

YouAreNotAlone: A wise man such as Pak Samad lives to the age of 81 has seen much of Umno's ploy and plot to bring Malaysia to its doom.

That an old man of his age still do his part for his country is a real blessing to Malaysia and its younger generations. I salute you, Pakcik Samad.

Bystander: They even bully a national laureate. How unbecoming. Pak Samad, rest assured with or without your title, it would certainly not make you a lesser laureate but on the contrary, you should be given the title Tun for your undying contribution to save Malaysia at all costs.

SpongeBob: A hero is defined by what he or she has done - in defending justice and not by the number of titles. Pak Samad will be a true Malay hero in every heart of Malaysians. We love your literary work. Keep going, Pak Samad.

Ferdtan: It takes a soft-spoken and frail 81-year-old man to show Malaysians the way how not to be cowed by the mighty police force that is politically-subservient to BN.

People's hero A Samad Said, unlike most titled classes, does not care much for material wealth and titles; only principles count.

We salute you, Pak Samad. It is rare to find such bravery to stand up against the overwhelming police force and government machinery.

You remind me of that iconic picture of the brave lone man who was dubbed ‘Tank Man' standing in front of the tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in China. You are one man standing against the full force of the BN government.

Like the Time Magazine that named the China's ‘Unknown Rebel' one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, we, the people, will vote for you to be our most influential person in Malaysia this century.

YF: If an award means keeping one quiet when injustices is abound that's not called an award but bribery. Pak Samad does not want his piety and integrity to be tainted with Umno and Malay rights NGO Perkasa's filth.

Fair Play: Well, if Pak Samad is stripped off his national laureate title, it would be the greatest insult. But wait. Not to him but to the powers-that-be themselves because it would clearly show that a national award or recognition is only awarded to a Malaysian who is compliant and not based on his or her contribution.

As far as the rakyat are concerned, Pak Samad is a towering Malaysian, with or without the endorsement of the powers-that-be.

Ruben: Perkasa and Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia , just to name two organisations, should have been clamped down with the sedition on so many occasions. Yet the Home Minister and police did not even lift a finger at them. You call this justice?

Pak Samad is being persecuted. That's what it is. Our government and enforcement organisations are becoming more and more brutal targeting anyone who opposes them. Pak Samad, we are all there for you.

Wpa: You are who you are, Pak Samad. The lower entity do not understand title and citizenship means nothing except an identity issue by an authority except oneself. Please forgive their idiocy.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Picking on a frail octogenarian, that too a national laureate, is to say the least, despicable and cruel.

I suppose the pen truly is mightier than the sword so better disable the man behind the pen. That seems to be the logic now.

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