Hindraf naive to expect more from MOU
Published:  Sep 13, 2013 1:17 AM
Updated: 3:34 AM

YOURSAY 'One must be an idiot to believe that a leopard can change its spots. No Waytha, Umno will not change for you, not in a thousand years.'

Hindraf report card gives red marks for MOU progress

your say Onyourtoes: So Persatuan Hindraf's sole achievement in P Waythamoorthy's first 100 days in cabinet is forming a new unit under the Prime Minister's Department. But is this not the most important achievement?

It is only with this unit that Waytha is having his deputy minister's pay, official car, travelling allowance, driver, and of course not forgetting his senatorial pay and allowances as well.

The rest of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) is not important really. They are highlighted periodically just to hoodwink ignorant Indians for the next three years before Waytha qualifies for his double pensions.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has neutralised Waytha. Waytha has destroyed Hindraf. The poor and marginalised Indians kick the dust yet again.

Dood: Yes, tell us something we didn't already know and didn't already expect the moment Waythamoorthy betrayed us Malaysians and joined Umno-BN.

Now the question is, and I ask this whilst Umno-BN leaders are still laughing behind his back and asking him to leave if he doesn't agree with them, what do you plan to do about it, Waytha?

Abasir: This is so shocking - Hndraf's ‘nambikei' betrayed? And by 'janji ditepati' Umno? I would advise Waytha to henceforth refer to the MOU as MOM - Memorandum of Misunderstanding - and move on.

DontPlayGod: One must be an idiot to believe that a leopard can change its spots. No Waytha, Umno will not change for you, not in a thousand years.

ABU, Don't Play Play: Isn't 100 days enough for Hindraf to act? Before May 5, Hindraf was baying for Pakatan Rakyat's blood while insisting that Prime Minister Najib Razak can fulfill what Pakatan would not dare to promise.

So you are willing to believe in Najib's 'janji' rather than to listen to honest men and women with proven integrity? As for us rational-minded Malaysians, it has been ABU (Anything But Umno) since GE12 back in 2008 until the day when Umno eats humble pie (and dirt).

Their day of reckoning will come. It did not happen in GE12 and GE13, but it will surely come in GE14.

Samurai: Hindraf scoffed at Pakatan's offer to solve the stateless Indians issue in its first 100 days if elected to power, and instead got nothing from BN except an office in the PM's Department.

If this was a Pakatan MOU, Waytha and gang would be issuing loads of scorn in daily statements against the "mandores" in Pakatan by now. But now, all they can manage in the face of BN is a frown?

YF: Just as the standard answer from Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz goes, "Who is Waytha? Who is Hindraf? Toe the line!" You can remove the foul 'pariah' word from ‘Interlok' but you cannot remove the racist 'pariah' mentality of Umno towards Waytha and Hindraf. You had been warned.

James1067: More powerful men have tried and failed in transforming the government. Who is Waytha? He has been just made used of to fulfill the agenda of Umno.

Four years down the road, the scenario looks like they wouldn't need the Indian support anymore. So enjoy the perks and benefits while you can, Waytha.

Continue-The-March: If Umno Baru can be trusted, cows will fly. Only idiots like Waytha trust the racist Umno Baru and sell poor Indians' soul in the process.

The Chinese learned the hard way with the Suqiu movement in 1999, but Waytha thinks the Indians would be treated better.

KiaSi-SiamSai: Waytha's arms are twisted so he has no power to execute the MOU. I believe this is a stalling tactic until GE14, when the Indians would get conned again. They will say, please throw support to BN and we will give more government land for building temples.

Each Tamil school will get RM1 million allocation if BN stays in power. Hilarious, 50 years they have been cheated by MIC and yet they still want to be cheated.

Robert Lim: Hindraf, I must say, your group seems very persistence in bringing changes to the Indians in Malaysia. Even with all the brickbats, you persevere.

Please carry on your journey to reveal the truth that appears to have been muddled in this modern times for the deprived ones. As Buddha says, "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."

I think you have walked path with your truthfulness in this 100-day report card.

Awakened: Waytha, please look at what has been happening in the last two weeks, then you will know whether BN is paying attention to the MOU.

The government raised the petrol price by 10 percent to collect about RM1 billion in the name of reducing subsidies and economic rationalisation. A few days ago, Najib announced that the government will spend RM160 billion on railway projects for the next seven years.

Hindraf was asking for only a few billion ringgit. Do you think Najib would do it? He would lose the coming Umno presidency if he does that.

S omebodyElse : Malaysia is full of endless possibilities, but not for you, Waytha!

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