'Stopping Chin Peng's ashes returning a low priority'
Published:  Sep 17, 2013 10:55 PM
Updated: Sep 18, 2013 11:58 AM

YOURSAY ‘Hundreds of thousands of illegals enter or leave M'sia without being detected. Can the cops detect a single dead body or ashes being smuggled in?'

Cops on alert for return of Chin Peng's remains

your say EvenSteven: Forget about it, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar. I saw Chin Peng about five years ago in Bentong (Malaysian side) having his favourite bowl of mee sua in a coffee shop.

He was said to be a fairly regular customer and comes in and out, as and when he likes. You want to stop his ashes being brought in? You got to be kidding.

If he could escape capture for decades and had a ‘Ho Chin Minh trail' running down the spine of the peninsula, do you not think one of his kakis (comrades) can easily bring his ashes in?

For all we know, the urn containing his ashes may have just passed Pantai Remis on the way to Kg Koh Setiawan. Don't waste precious resources hunting down a phantom. Better still, get back down to serious police work.

Clearwater : Hundreds of thousands of illegals enter or leave Malaysia every year without being detected. Do you think the cops can detect a single dead body or ashes being smuggled in?

Ipohcrite: If only the IGP could assure the rakyat that the police are as attentive towards crime as being political stooges. Preventing the return of Chin Peng's ashes should not be the priority of the police in the current crime-ridden regime. Sigh!

Gggg: If Home Minister Zahid Hamidi is so efficient in preventing Chin Peng's ashes from reaching Malaysia, then he should also help to enforce against the ashes of Sumatran fires reaching us every year.

Doc: Hypothetically, If Chin Peng's ashes do make it back to Malaysian soil, how are the police going to handle it? Will it be repatriated back to Thailand?

Speechless: Good grief; to think that the police would deploy so many of its men to guard the borders just to ensure that someone's ashes are not brought into the country. Shouldn't the police be patrolling our streets to make them safer for us?

NoCorruption: Really got nothing better to do? Please control immigrants from coming in.

MacMac: Noordin Top's remains could be brought to Malaysia - and he was a terrorist killing innocent people. What a sham the police are. Everything is racial in Malaysia under the minority Umno Baru government.

Jaded: Seriously. Crime is rampant and you are focused on the ashes of a man. Is this where the tax payers money are going to. Sure he was a communist but he also fought against the Japanese and later the British. Ideologies may differ but he was fighting for Malaysia.

It's time to let bygones be bygones and focus on more important things - like the safety of the people.

Louis Ahmad: Zahid Hamidi, this is the biggest operation ever mounted by our police in sealing our border. And all just to prevent, of all thing a dead body or ashes from breaching it. Don't you think it is a waste of human resources?

Mobilising such big number of policemen to defend our border against a dead body or a sack of ashes. Just fancy that.

Victim: We have illegal immigrants, human trafficking, drugs, stolen goods, guns, terrorists etc entering our country, but at least we can all sleep peacefully that we do not have Chin Peng's ashes. Sheesh.

Shanandoah God chose Malaysia Day to take Chin Peng home. Can that memory of him be erased? So come every Sept 16, Chin Peng will be honoured and revered on Malaysia Day by his followers and supporters.

Maybe the immigration department can help remove his memory from our records by not celebrating Malaysia Day.

Anonymous #05023297: How ridiculous can this be? The police placed on high alert to prevent even the ashes from crossing into Malaysia?

1. How does one identify ashes?

2. Perhaps they can get a GLC to be a middle man and bring in multi-billion ringgit equipment to do that and award it to a friendly middleman.

3. Assign a Pemandu KPI on that.

The Rover: Is this attitude Islamic? Does it reflect the true spirit of Islam where forgiveness and reconciliation are prime principles? When they signed the peace treaty, both agreed to forgive each other and to move on - but yet again we see so clearly the mentality of these racist vengeful scoundrels who cannot be trusted to honour their agreements.

Prmaju: These are the facts: Without Chin Peng, the British would not have granted independence on a platter to Umno. It was Chin Peng whom the British feared. He fought the Japanese so valiantly; the British gave him two campaign awards and an OBE.

Did Umno do anything to fight the Japanese? Collaboration there might have been, but certainly no one from Umno fought the invaders. The British knew, if they stayed, Chin Peng would give them hell until they were driven out, just like the French from Vietnam.

The British knew Chin Peng 's dogged determination, so they did the wise thing, they pulled out gracefully and gave Malaya independence.

Umno happened to be at the right place and right time. Not only did the British grant Malaya independence, they also gave Sabah and Sarawak to Malaya. Umno was lucky to benefit from the work of others.

BernieBaby: You think the communists will use checkpoints to bring in his body? You cannot get to them in the first place. You need to monitor their secret tunnels along the border. If you are nice to them they might tell you where these tunnels are. Good luck, IGP.

Milosevic: For the first time the IGP is making sense. It is important to put Malaysia on high alert for the infiltration of Chin Peng's ashes. We cannot be over-vigilant.

His ashes could spread around the country and invade the body of every Malaysia, turning them to communist zombies. This could be worse than an alien invasion. It is nice to know that our police are on top or things and they are aware of the nation's priorities.

So please, no more fussing about street assassinations, murdered Mongolians, and deaths in police custody. These are trivial non-issues compared to the Chin Peng menace.

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