Bumi package a case of strong bullying the weak?

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YOURSAY ‘The question is whether the prime minister has acted legally and constitutionally, or is he usurping power for his own gains?'

Bumi affirmative package 'unconstitutional'

your say Baiyuensheng: The epitome example of the strong bullying and oppressing the weak.

Sodom me Sodom you: Najib Abdul Razak continues to polarise Malaysia. What he and his government are doing is akin to taking the nation back to the time of racial distrust in the late 60s. Right thinking and honest Malaysians must not stand by and watch this nation be plundered and its people made to hate one another.

Constitutional law expert Aziz Bari's voice must be heard by all. The opposition must educate people of all races about unity and strength in diversity that Malaysia has always stood for. If left unattended, civil war will be upon us and that is Umno/BN's plan.

Sabahan: Most of the money allocated to development ends up in the pockets of Umno politicians and their cronies. I have never been convinced by the frequent announcements of allocations to Sabah.

Just look at the public roads. A good example is the gravel road from Kalabakan to Keningau. The project was for a sealed road but a gravel road was built. Nonetheless, the full price was paid to the contractor.

Bamboo: Prof Aziz has exposed Najib in an entangled web Najib that spun himself!

Tehachapi: If he were a responsible prime minister, Najib should have consulted the federal constitution and sought expert advice prior to making a major announcement.

Now, widely contradicted by legal experts, this serves to damage the prestige of his office as the latest pronouncement portrays our PM as being a rash and careless leader of the government in dealing with the affairs of the nation.

In taking the oath of office, the PM had solemnly promised to protect and uphold the constitution. So, by going against the constitution, is this not trampling on the sacred document of our nation?

In the face of all these accusations, the prime minister has a duty to explain and clarify himself to the satisfaction of the people. The question is whether he has acted legally and constitutionally, or is he usurping power for his own gains?

Gen2indian: What say you, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, etc? Constitutionally proven wrong, are you lot going to challenge it in court or simply, as usual, wait for some (big) crumbs to drop from the main (Umno) table? My friends and I have all decided either to stop paying taxes or look for (legal) ways to avoid them.

Doc: As a non-Malay, I am not really rattled with this RM30 billion Bumiputera Economic Empowerment package. Firstly, it's the Umno AGM season again.

This is the season where Umno politicians will become ultra Malay radicals and start claiming to champion Malay rights. Basically this is to look good politically at the AGM, especially when it is election time.

After October, Umno politicians will revert to doing what they do best - thieving and robbing the rakyat, Malays included. In short, RM30 billion is just a political rhetoric to shore up political support for PM Najib. Nothing more.

Secondly, where is the RM30 billion coming from? If the nation's coffers are flushed with cash for PM Najib to lavishly give this amount to the bumiputeras, then why did he reduce the petrol subsidies recently, which is unpopular, just before the all important Umno elections where his presidency is up for grab? In short, the country has no money.

Ourvotesdecide: Yes, in Sarawak, which companies have been given hundreds of thousands of hectares of logging concessions, planted forest licences and leases for oil palm plantations and prime lands for property development (residential/commercial properties) by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud?

Go visit all the towns in Sarawak and in the rural areas now. It's the same big companies of Taib's cronies, the Laus, Tiongs, Wongs, Lings and Yaws operating under different identities or subsidiaries. The bumiputera ones are only companies of Taib's family and relatives led by Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS)!

Haji Budin: What is more important to Najib now is that his Umno members must back him up for the coming Umno election. It is not important what the other citizens of this country think.

Fair&Just: It seems that these bigots have inserted the practise of apartheid into the constitution and the United Nations (UN) should have taken action against such a country. So the UN is only for show?

The Chinese are paying most of the taxes and no help or opportunities are given to the community. Perhaps the law of nature will one day reach equilibrium here in Bolehland and justice shall prevail.

Anonymous #44199885: How many generations of non-Malays, who have sworn loyalty to the King and country and fellow Malaysians and duty-bound to protect the King and country against foreign invasion, are going to be discriminated against simply because of where our grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers and mothers originate?

Did not the non-Malays work hard and tirelessly and continue to support both King and country despite 40 years of discrimination? Are our children, their children and generations after that going to continue to be penalised and discriminated?

Are the majority of the Malays comfortable with this? Do they not see that non-Malays have the same aspirations and hopes for themselves and their children?

Exranger: Dear Malaysians, please understand this, Najib is not interested with the Malays in this country, what more bumiputeras and worse, the nons. All he is planning for is how to sapu that RM30 billion for himself and some for his cronies as a reserve for 'the rainy days' that would soon come for him.

Kadaram: When it comes to money, robbing non-Muslim taxpayers' money is halal but everything else is non-halal.

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