Are all the PMs, past and present, in this together?

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VOXPOP ‘Anwar said he never heard about it. But... says the scheme started before Mahathir's tenure and continued by next two PMs.'

Don't blame it all on Dr M, says his nemesis

vox populi small thumbnail Anak,bangsa,malaysia: They were all together in this. Even Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was part and parcel of it. But in the end we know the story that he was kicked out by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Because of that he now says he does not blame Mahathir alone because the entire Umno regime wants to rule this country forever and ever.

Johnny: My guess is that Anwar is also guilty of knowing about it but doing nothing. That would explain his guilty conscience about this as opposed to some other people who seem to lack a conscience at all. I can understand Anwar not daring to do anything about it while being under Mahathir.

Swipenter: Umnoputras, the champions of the Malays and Tanah Melayu, are selling the country off for votes. It cannot get more ironical than that. Now the newly-minted bumiputeras and Malays are competing with the "pure" Malays for special privileges and the tax ringgit of the non-Malays to support their "birthrights".

As the population of those entitled to special privileges grows exponentially, the population of the non-Malays declines drastically and with oil resources running low, sooner rather than later there won't be enough wealth to support the former's addiction to special privileges. Then, we will see the explosive nature and ugliness of Project Mahathir.

Are the non-Malays going to be blamed for this dangerous state of affairs once again? Let me guess that the supposed looting of the country's riches has intensified and taken on a very urgent basis now because one decade later we can be a bankrupt country with little to rob. I don't believe Anwar is innocent of Project IC.

Well Thats Fantastic: What about the treason of letting it continue while the different PMs held their seats? Just because it was, doesn't mean it ever should. Mahathir is looked upon as a very smart man who does nothing without a reason. So, if he knew this was happening, why didn't he stop it then?

Johnson838": So, Anwar said he never heard about it. But at same time, he knew a lot about it by saying the scheme started before Mahathir's tenure as PM and was continued by the next two prime ministers. Great!

Anonymous #06188481: There isn't an iota of political will by the federal government to straighten matters for the good of the rakyat. It is all for themselves. Same old fact.

My Opinion Is: Anwar is trying to say, "Dr M and I didn't start it" or "I was not in control to stop it because Dr M has all the power". Well, as long you are in Umno, you have assimilated into pure evil.

Endofworld: Even though Project IC was going on before him, he has ruled for over 20 years. So, why no action to rectify it? I believe whoever was in power did not have the will to do so. As the Malay saying goes; 'tepuk dada tanya selera'.

Black Mamba: So magnanimous or maybe he fears he, too, may be implicated? Honour among thieves is what I would say in this situation.

Anticonmen: Treasonous men who cheated the rakyat of their rightful choice of government.

Magnus: If you were to give someone a false passport, you'd be arrested for committing an illegal act. So how much more serious is the offence when you give someone a false, illegal right to citizenship?

And the reason for doing so constitutes further offences of gerrymandering and abuse of power by elected public officials in breach of trust to the citizens/nation.

2LAN: And so what can anyone do with this Sabah invasion? This confirms you can never trust Umno. The party will do anything to survive.

Ku Nan will not attend tribunal by 'unclean' Bersih

Geronimo: BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, if it is true that electoral reform NGO Bersih did shuttle in Bangladeshis to vote in Putrajaya, don't you think that it is all the more imperative for you to attend the People's Tribunal hearing and provide proof.

All you Umno Baru people know is to sit from the outside and condemn others when you yourselves are guilty many times over. At least, we are glad to note that the tribunal panel is filled with eminent persons and not some Umno Baru-paid people.

Astounded: Now I am also flabbergasted. How low can a man go? And a person in his position. It does not reflect very well on the top echelons of Umno and the government. But then, it shouldn't be a surprise anymore.

Malaysian 001: This is the Umno way to avoid getting caught with your pants down at the tribunal! How long can you hide Tengku Adnan?

APA INI?: He said he would attend the tribunal when he gets his invitation . Two invitations later, he turns back on his own words and makes counter claims against Bersih. Rise, Ku Nan and face up to your claims or bring more shame to yourself and the people behind you. Coward!

Jean pierre: The mother of all baloney is uttered without a flinch. Only possible due to a listening and believing audience, and he knows it. The Malay tsunami has diverted the course of this country to one we will rue for years to come. Bleak.

Urkidding: If there is nothing to hide, go. If Pakatan Rakyat is teaming up with EC for that matter, go and expose it. Only if you are telling the truth.

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