Sonny, the biggest dinosaur is in Umno

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YOURSAY ‘Mukhriz, the biggest dinosaur of all is a character called MM. Once he's gone, your backstabbing Umnoputras will cover your back with spears.'

Mukhriz: Pakatan 'dinosaurs' won't always be around

Jiminy Qrikert: Mukhriz Mahathir has made an excellent point that all Malaysians must take into serious consideration as we head towards GE14. He says the Pakatan Rakyat dinosaurs could be gone by then but he makes no mention of who will then take over. If he did, he would be showing up the tremendous difference that exists between the next generation in Pakatan and BN.

He would inadvertently demonstrate the depth of quality, integrity and leadership excellence in the Pakatan ranks against the rubbish in the BN ranks. Mukhriz is right to remind us that the Pakatan 'dinosaurs', those undisputed giants in Malaysian politics, may no longer be around during GE14.

The rakyat now needs to rally around the next generation of Pakatan leaders, even as these leaders must continue to fight for the interests of the rakyat and prepare well for GE14. Malaysians will have yet another chance to rid our nation of the curse of BN.

SS Dhaliwal: Mukhriz, it is not about being old but about being principled, corrupt-free and having integrity. This is what we want in politicians, unlike Umno politicians who are brainless and without principles. That is what Umno stands for, whether new blood or not.

It is an open secret that you still ape your father's words and thoughts, and not capable of thinking on your own. Without your father's support you would have been chewed up and spat out by the vultures in Umno a long time ago.

Geronimo: Mukhriz, you mean to say that the old guards are to give way to the younger leaders so that the latter can enjoy the former's ill-gotten gains? These old croaks who have long passed their sell-by dates will cling on to power come what may, to reap the nation for what it's worth.

Toonarmy: Mukhriz, the biggest dinosaur of all is a certain character called MM. Once he's gone, your backstabbing Umnoputras will cover your back with spears. Enjoy the sun before the clouds and the rain descend upon you.

Onyourtoes: The greatest Umno reactionary force is talking about change, can you believe that? I don't see you representing change or the future of this country. You may be young in age, but your ethos, behaviour and orientation are no more than a dinosaur. You epitomise the old politics of hate, racism, dominance and ketuanan (supremacy).

Your proposed water charge on Penang shows your rent-seeking, bullying and racist character. You wouldn't be able to face the younger leaders of Pakatan. Even the older leaders in Pakatan are light years ahead of you. Seriously, what qualifications and capability do you have, other than you being your father's son?

Do you know why the Malays are always behind? It is because feudal leaders like you and your father are always having a stranglehold on them. With due respect, I don't see any hope or future for the country under your leadership. You will only complete the disaster begun by your father.

Call me Jibby: Mukhriz, I cannot agree more with you. Don't forget your dearest daddy is from the pre-dinosaur era, who refuses to retire from politics. He should spend his final years of his life with his grandchildren, not spewing racial venom to poison the minds of the younger generation.

What4: Hello, Mukhriz, what do you know about politics? Kan semua ini bapakasi atau daddykasi? (Weren't all of these given by your father?) You can't even fight with Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and now you want the members to support you for the vice-president's post? That is very greedy and a stab in Najib's back.

Ace: A petty sob trying very hard to sound intelligent. However, with the amount of grey matter, that's the best he can come up with. Anyway, after the dinosaurs in Umno go, their next batch of dinosaur-thinking "leaders" will be no match for the Pakatan youngblood. Just compare Mukhriz, Hishammuddin Hussein, Khairy Jamaluddin, etc, with Nurul Izzah Anwar, Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli, Gobind Singh Deo, Liew Chin Tong, Shamsul Iskandar, etc.

Evil girl: Apa "Berani Ubah" (Dare to Change)? You were already scared to debate with Khairy and Dr Mohd Khir Toyo in the last Umno Youth election, saying debate is not part of your culture. So what else are you going to change? Bring back the Internal Security Act (ISA)?

Bumiasli: How can you inject "new blood" with so much of dirty blood around? It's this "blood" politics that has destroyed our country. First father, then son, then cousin, and so on. The same blood flows from the top to the bottom. Change the blood group and we will have a healthier country.

CQ MUAR: Mukhriz is already showing signs inherited by his vicious father, continuing the legacy of his father, being a 'chip of the old block'. This is one guy all quarters must stay alert about - regardless on which side of the political divide they are.

If Umno is to look forward to a leader free of any form of dictatorship and tyranny, it must rid itself of the 'Mahathirism' - for the sake of especially the Malays and also for the non-Malays (with unity in mind).

Mukhriz can now promise you the moon and the sky to garner support, but once he has crossed the line and assumed power, he'd change like chameleon. He said his father enjoys the support of many - but he avoided mentioning his father also incurred the wrath of many, both Malays and those from the other races.

Kingfisher: It is hats off to Mukhriz for contesting the veep position as it will inevitably give rise to some serious soul-searching among Umno's younger and more progressive generation on the capacity and competence of the three incumbents.

It is an opportune moment for the party to cull and trim it of non-performers and challenge those who are seeped in superficiality in national political leadership and lacking in in-depth political philosophy and convictions.

Apacerita: After the dinosaurs, came the mammals and reptiles and men. So PKR will thrive on longer while BN/Umno die and become extinct, go into oblivion.

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