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IGP, missing weapons are no joking matter

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YOURSAY 'I am disappointed that such a serious matter as missing firearms is dismissed by the IGP in such a flippant manner.'

IGP floats 'fell into sea' theory over missing guns

your say Onyourtoes: Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar (IGP)'s explanation that the 44 missing weapons were not used by criminals is really pathetic and moronic.

"Ballistic reports show that none of them have been used by criminals," he said. He should have said criminals arrested with weapons showed that none of them have used the weapons misplaced by the police - so far.

But this does not explain anything. First, the missing weapons could be in the hands of criminals still at large. Second, the criminals may not have the "police weapons" with them at the time of their arrests.

Thirdly, I don't believe the police force was that efficient and professional, and able to match the weapons seized from the criminals and test them against those that went missing.

Show us the ballistic records of all weapons owned by the police. If you have none, how do you match it against those that you have recovered from the criminals?

Tell us your standard operating procedures (SOP) on weapons (especially firearms) which went missing? Is it not a very serious matter? What actions have you taken against the personnel involved?

Star Wars: Dear IGP, these are all weapons and can be used to kill someone. This is no joking matter and the police have to be accountable whether they fall into the sea, into the toilet bowl or from the helicopter.

The Mask: (Missing weapons) fell into the sea! I nearly fell off my chair. What's next? Tsunami or hurricane swept them away?

Such a national security issue and not reported until the Auditor-General's Department brought it up.

ODIN: Khalid, if you want to lie, you must be intelligent and have good memory. The first prerequisite is necessary so that what you say can be believed. The second is necessary so that you can remember all the lies that you have told and won't trap yourself.

If those guns had "fallen into the sea" and became irrecoverable, that fact would have been stated when the police officers involved made their reports in order to get replacements.

Tholu: Police officers lose their service revolvers and they are just asked to pay for them. And they get to keep their job after compensating for the lost firearms.

Of course, the IGP believes they were lost in the sea. Were there any probe on these police officers to rule out the possibility that they could have sold them to criminals? Malaysia is truly a nation of endless possibilities.

SS Dhaliwal: IGP, did the 29 police cars and motorbikes fall into the sea too? It is well known that many confiscated items such as gaming machines and recovered cars end up "missing" from the police stations.

In order for this to happen, the cops would have to be sleeping on the job or they are themselves involved in the theft.

Having been to police stations many times, the former is not the reason. As long as there is no accountability in the police force, this sort of things, as well as custodial deaths, will continue.

Oriole: I appreciate the details that emerge in the Auditor-General's Report, but what happens after that? This is criminal misuse of public funds, so does anyone get charged with corruption or irresponsible use of funds? Does anyone go to jail for this?

For some years now we have been reading about overpriced staplers and such items ordered at astronomical prices. Why are these people not being held accountable? Is it any wonder then that the corruption continues?

Karma: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, instead of 'shooting' at DAP all the time, please explain your action plan to ensure weapons do not get lost in the future.

For those whose weapons had gone missing, what actions were taken against them?

For a better Malaysia: Guns going missing is already very worrying, but the fact they have no clue if they were stolen or where and when they went missing is even more worrying.

It seems like there is no accountability at all. Please PM Najib Razak or home minister, heads must roll.

Sunflower11: Our submarines are floating on the sea, our guns are falling into the sea; while our country is half-sinking into the sea, and our Umno politicians are fleeing overseas. This will be the song sung by our school kids, anyone help me to compose it?

Rubystar_4037: Mr IGP, in other countries, a soldier or a police officer being issued a weapon carries a heavy responsibility. Losing it, he or she will be subjected to serious punishment.

When a weapon is lost after being issued, you mean there was no investigation as to how the weapon became lost or misplaced?

You are just shooting from the hip and making general assumptions that the weapons have dropped into the sea as there is no trace of them being used. Mr IGP, as head of police you must take your work seriously.

It is equally astonishing that how you can, with such shallow depth and understanding, be elevated to the position of IGP. God save Malaysia.

Speechless: I am disappointed that such a serious matter as missing firearms is dismissed by the IGP in such a flippant manner. Making those responsible for the missing firearms pay for them is not solving the problem.

Maplesyrup: Instead of blaming ex-Emergency Ordinance detainees for the rising violent crimes, perhaps the IGP should examine to what extent the police's careless custodianship of weapons had contributed to crimes.

Anonymous_3e06: The audit report can say what it wants, but we will do what we think is right, we are backed by the Home Ministry and they need us, not we need them. Am I right, Khalid?

Wira: Does the government have the ballistic report of every gun in the country? This is the photo of the trace made on a bullet by the gun barrel which is unique to every firearm.

I cannot imagine that they have all ballistic records because the number of records, including legal firearms in private possession, would have overwhelmed the authorities. I don't believe you are telling the whole truth, Khalid.

HC: This gets better and better. It's like a comedy act with no end in sight. It's a little like telling my teacher: "My dog ate my homework".

As for the 156 missing handcuffs, something kinky is going on in the cells below Bukit Aman in my view.

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