Before the global media, Najib is 'guilty on all counts'

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YOURSAY 'Najib was being his usual disingenuous self when he told Amanpour that the government was ‘not racist at all'.'

'Najib preaches moderation abroad, extremism at home'

your say, YoursayAbasir: I saw the interview and PM Najib Razak's 'ants-in-his-pants' discomfort was apparent when CNN's Christianne Amanpour asked him to explain a whole list of electoral irregularities and the pandering to the 'conservative' elements a.k.a. Dr Mahathir Mohamad's lunatic fringe.

He put on a weak smile that actually said 'guilty on all counts' before giving a non-answer. If this had been Tim Sebastian formerly of BBC's Hardtalk, he would have been roasted alive for being evasive.

Amanpour, for whatever reason, chose not to pursue him when she had him on the ropes. But given that she could rattle off the litany of woes Malaysians are familiar with on international television, the damage was done, despite the red herring thrown by the spineless, gutless Najib to deflect the attack.

He was an embarrassment to watch. I guess he felt that way too.

Quigonbond: Indeed, it is sad that Amanpour of CNN didn't pick up any of these fine points in grilling the PM. Or was she asked to go easy on him?

Fernz: Najib was being his usual disingenuous self when he told Amanpour in London on Oct 31 that the government was "not racist at all".

Najib also denied allegations of his government being corrupt and indulging in electoral fraud. Both are outright lies considering that the ruling BN won a majority of the seats in Parliament with a minority of the votes (47 percent) against that obtained by the opposition.

Still, it will be Najib's denial on Malaysia being racist that takes the cake. There's a caste system in place in Malaysia with shades of apartheid, fascism, Nazism and Islamisation.

The 1.4 million strong civil service, the judiciary, the armed forces and the police, are 90 percent Malay although the community forms just over 50 percent of the population.

Kim Quek: Vintage Najib Razak - hypocrite, two-faced, dishonest, double-talk. However, while many Malaysians who know the truth might have been infuriated by such blatant lies uttered in the TV interview, many other ignorant viewers may have been deceived by Najib's rhetoric due to the polite nature of such interview.

This is the problem besieging this country - the lack of independent mass media, in particular TV channels and mass-circulating press, that can truly reveal the awful state of decadence that this country has found itself in, after decades of BN rule.

MissPandora: I watched that interview. I cringed with embarrassment. Najib's is such a low calibre PM, regurgitating low calibre comments.

LHDN building flooded although 'repairs done'

Hajile Leumas: It will be interesting to find out who the directors of SN Akimida Holdings Sdn Bhd are, and whether any one of them is linked to Umnoputras or BN cronies. Also, whether the Auditor-General's Report mentioned if the tender was awarded based on open tender or not?

The rakyat will not tolerate any more of such wastage of public funds. Heads must roll for the incompetence of the contractor and the Public Works Department (PWD). The contractor must also be blacklisted.

CiViC: To add on to that, these contractors will always tender at very low price to secure the deal, and once awarded, thousands of reasons will be given to inflate the costs.

Anonymous #85701391: If someone could lay their hands on the books of these "lucky" contractors/companies or on the number of cheques issued by these companies for encashment, there may be more surprises than the flooding of the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) building in Bangi.

LHDN may even recovered some tax revenue to cover the extra VOs (variation orders) and overruns.

AngryBird: This how the Umno-BN government cheats its citizens. Just because of their mismanagement of the country's finances, we in 2015 will have pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Fair&Just: The PM even lied in the recent CNN interview, what's more to be expected of the other lower goons here down the government hierarchy? Many are liars or is it in their genes to wantonly, blatantly and irresponsibly make false statements?

Fitch, S&P (Standard & Poor's) and Moody would do well not to only take note of Bolehland fiscal policies and its demise but its infrastructure as well, and rate accordingly or many poor investors will lose their investment like those in the British Victims of Investing in Malaysia (BVIM) group in London.

Senior: As former transport minister Liow Tiong Lai once said of Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), the minister of works has no "mens rea", he only said what his officers told him.

Harapanbaru: Demon kings are descended from Asuras and Cyclops. They have a huge eye with which to spy on everyone, but are extremely stupid because of inbreeding.

Their descendants now pose as CEOs, MDs and chairmen of the board of whatever enterprise they can lay their grubby hands on.

How can you expect to do anything worthwhile, substantial or meaningful when you run on one percent skill and 99 percent ego?

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