JB should clean up crime, not murals

Modified 17 Nov 2013, 10:40 am

VOXPOP 'Instead of whitewashing walls, shouldn't the city council be focussed on eradicating crime and solving other problems that plague Johor Baru?'

Erased JB mural was a 'hit' among locals

voxpop, voxAntoine Ross Deliones: The mural by street artist Ernest Zacharevic should be left as it was. Presently, it can serve as a reminder to the public and the authorities that the high crime rate in the city is an issue that needs to be solved urgently.

In future, even if and when the risk of being a crime victim in the city is reduced to almost zero, the mural should still be left as it was, to serve as a reminder that high crime rate can return if social problems are not properly addressed.

Anonymous #07910507: Instead of 'whitewashing' walls, shouldn't the city council and all of the authorities be focussed on eradicating crime and solving other problems that plague Johor Baru?

Or is wiping out a work of art easier than doing real work?

It is something city councils around the country seem to have trouble with ‑ real work. In addition I think city councils are misguided in thinking that they serve their political masters. They should be serving the rakyat.

Another reason why this country needs to go back to having city council elections.

Real Truth: Idiocy at it's best from the Johor Baru city council. We spent millions putting up signboards to show certain areas as snatch thief areas, but this mural has created greater awareness than all the TV, newspaper ads and signboards put together. How is this mural different?

Kafkaonthepeninsula: Hey big brother, inane censorship of art and truth does not work any more in this age. It just draws attention to the censored stuff and shows how pathetic you are.

Headhunter: Typical idiotic knee‑jerk reaction by dull-witted people who can't tell the difference between humour, art and reality. They think putting plastic palm trees along the road is art. Had Picasso been alive today and painted a mural in the same manner, they would probably whitewash it too, claiming it was graffiti.

By the same token, shouldn't they remove all signage warning people of snatch thieves and so on as they also give the same impression that Johor is not safe? This country is totally hopeless because we have so many idiots running it.

Bnscum: There will always be a stupid decision by the authorities under D(U)mno. They just can't face the facts. And the police can't do much about crime, because many of their weapons have 'fallen into the sea'.

2zzzxxx: The Umno government never learns. Every time it tries to suppress something, that thing becomes even more popular. Had they just ignored the mural, it would most probably have been forgotten by now.

If they are so concerned about 'saving face' then they should be putting their energy into fighting crime more efficiently.

Paul Warren: They hurriedly take this mural down, and yet all the bills pasted by the Ah Longs are rarely taken down and better still, they can easily track them down and charge them, yet nothing is done. Why? They get a cut of the takings as well. Prove me wrong please, local council and police.

Old Timer: The government tries to hide the truth by whitewashing the painting? Unfortunately, for the government, many evils (eg corruption, election gerrymandering, suppression of human rights, inequality, cronyism etc etc) cannot be whitewashed.

James1067: The truth is the truth and you can rewrite, erase or even put a lid on it. It will rise up to remind and prick your conscience of what is wrong and what needs to be put right. So stop trying to close or wipe it out but face the reality that crime is still not under control and the public is sending you a message.

Clean up the city and the mural will be history, otherwise it will be your nightmare.

Kinikid: The artist said, "Art does not damage a city's image, crime does." I say, "Art does not damage a city's image, the act of removing the art does."

Masing reminds Putrajaya on M'sia agreement

Hbasill: Sarawak senior minister James Masing, only now you speak about the 1963 Malaysia Agreement. It is not important if Sabah and Sarawak should remain part of Malaysia, crucially the right government would bring prosperity and peace.

BN obviously isn't the government that will provide this, so do the obvious by bravely declaring that you will be independent and support policies that bring benefit to all Malaysians, especially the marginalised.

Don't worry about a hung Parliament, do the right thing of getting all indigenous parties in East Malaysia to be independent of BN and see who forms the new government. And if the new government rules the country fairly, ensure that both Sabah and Sarawak benefit from this new government. Try for change, never be afraid of it.

Lexicon: Masing, you are one of those responsible for wringing Sarawak dry. Return all you have been bestowed by the White Termite King to the rakyat, then apologise, retire and stay silent. You might regain more credibility that way.

Onyourtoes: As they say, 'please don't hang a cow's head to sell dog meat'. I know the Sarawak election is coming up. Masing, if you have any conscience left, please stop giving false hope to your people.

Worse, please don't mislead and bullshit them further. You fellows could have done much more now; please don't talk about how things should have been or what you intend to do. It will never happen, Masing.

Touche: The Malaysian government has reneged on the Malaysia Agreement and as such Sarawak and Sabah should secede and break away from Malaysia. Be brave, Sarawak and Sabah would be so much more prosperous and developed if they stand on their own just like Singapore and Brunei

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