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We Malaysians need our own Nelson Mandela
Published:  Dec 8, 2013 6:45 AM
Updated: Dec 9, 2013 1:31 AM

YOURSAY 'We got rid of the colonial domination with Merdeka and now we face racial domination, apartheid! We need a Malaysian Nelson Mandela.'

Umno man won't apologise over '1Melayu' call

your say, Yoursay Oriole: This Umno clown, Penang delegate Musa Sheikh Fadzir, is a simpleton who has opened his mouth and stated what has become patently obvious to the rest of the nation 1Malaysia has been all about pandering to the Malay vote. But in speaking so, he has also shamed his boss, the Umno president Najib Abdul Razak.

I think for this Musa character, as with many of the other clowns who generally perform at this Umno circus, this is going to be their only moment of glory.

They will register a minor approval rating for their racist rantings and that will be the sum total of their contributions to the nation. And the fact that he doesn't even know it's racist to say the things he says just indicates his lack of grasp or refinement.

After this they will retire to their little holes to live on the little bumiputera privileges that will come their way, thanks to the taxes of the non bumiputeras that they profess to hate so much. Hope it doesn't stick in your throat as you gorge yourself on these privileges, Musa.

Louis: Penang Gerakan chief Oh Tong Keong, this is the second slap on your face in as many days. Have you awakened from your slumber? Did you feel the insult when Musa refused to apologise? It is not only that your pride and integrity that is at stake, it is the whole Gerakan's.

As always, a small minnow in Umno can take on MCA or Gerakan giants without a shred of fear, but not the other way round. This is what MCA and Gerakan claim that they are equal partners to Umno. Oh, still want to cling on to Umno's sarung?

Fairnsquare: The result of racial politics. Is this what all Malays want, to use their majority to dominate the minorities? Hopefully the more moderate Malays will answer the call for a Malaysia free of racial discrimination.

We got rid of the colonial domination with Merdeka and now face racial domination, apartheid! We need a Malaysian Nelson Mandela. Perhaps the GE 14 will bring about the change.

Doc: Good show Musa. Do not apologise. Remind Gerakan that Umno is boss. Please work hard to ensure that 1Malaysia is switched to 1Melayu. I'm sure that Umno does not need the Chinese, the East Malaysians or the Indians to continue ruling Malaysia.

The Umno-supporting Malays or true Malays (unlike PAS/PKR Malays) are enough (maybe along with few thousand Bangladeshis and the Election Commission) to ensure Umno rules Malaysia and takes back Penang in the next general election.

Swipenter: Since the demise of apartheid in South Africa, there is no country in the world today that defines "race" by constitutional means except in Bolehland. Apartheid is not as dead as the world assumes it to be.

Onyourtoes: Musa, I just want to tell you this: It is more than the malfeasance and stupidity being displayed in the assembly. I don't think the oratory and the jokes are funny anymore. On the contrary, it is their complete lack of concern and understanding of the major issues confronting this nation that now are being shown for all and sundry.

Have they gone to the market lately and seen for themselves the escalation of prices of basic foods and commodities? And these increases are even before the goods and services tax (GST) and the new electricity tariff comes into effect.

Have they looked at disorderly developments, the clogged drainage, the floods and the filth now scattered all over the country? Have they ever highlighted religious principles that are supposed to be magnanimous to all humankind besides those of their own religion? It is not God's attribute to bully and belittle others.

Rampa: Musa, Umno will listen to your advice and will implement 1Melayu slogan from 2014. You are the saviour of the superior Malay race. Hidup 1Melayu (Long live 1Melayu)!

Whatsup: Umno is not a racist circus, I mean party, at all, see, so many running around making a monkey of themselves and making dungu (stupid) speeches, even insulting their own ancestry, in this so called party for the Malays.

Looks like they are trying to outsell each other to impress the circus owner so they can hop on the gravy train to riches. Clowns, nothing but clowns ... and monkeys.

Ksn: No need for you to apologise although you undermined Najib and his infamous slogan 1Malaysia. Why should you? Instead of throwing you out of Umnobaru, Najib and the top leaders of your party are thinking deeply how to reward you for your most original idea.

I have a suggestion for Najib. Make you the bumiputera agenda minister as someone, who is of the same calibre as you, suggested at the assembly. Just wait.

Headhunter: Why get upset? After all, he's calling a spade a spade. 1Malaysia right from inception has been nothing to the rest of us anyway. It's just another pathetic expensive meaningless public relation exercise that Najib's advisers and consultants came up with so that they can pocket our money. I say let them shout until their face turns blue.

LogicalMalaysian: Each time the Umno general assembly takes places, these delegates talk and do things that ensure the continued slide downwards of Umno. Don't they realise that there are dossiers for each of them and come the next general election, these dossiers will be revisiting them? Don't they realise that this is the age of the Internet?

Anonymous_4031: Nelson Mandela said, "I hate racial discrimination intensely". Racial discrimination will be our nation's downfall in economy, in sports, in education, in government-linked companies (GLCs), in practically every sphere of life. In this globalised world, people are very mobile, and the best brains will move to other nations where they are appreciated. We will be left with second or third-grade workers.

How could the nation progress with such workers? To move forward and upward, we must compete with the world. In 2020, seven years' time, we hope to achieve "developed nation" status.

How could achieve such status with workers of low intelligence form top to bottom? We cannot afford to be selfish if we wish our nation to be competitive in the world market.

If we are contented to be frogs in a small pond, just croak. But nobody listens except fellow frogs. So, don't dream of getting developed nation status by 2020. It is a pipe dream.

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