Najib and Rosmah, self praise is no praise

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YOURSAY 'Just admit it - Rosmah has no business and she is not entitled to use the government executive jet, period.'

Najib defends Rosmah, lists her unsung deeds

LKT: PM Najib Razak is trying to defend the indefensible act of his wife, Rosmah Mansor, being allowed to use a taxpayer-funded state asset for her personal trip .

He must be thinking that we are a bunch of simpletons and will swallow wholesale what he says. If Najib wishes to reward his wife for meddling in the affairs between states, he will need to pay for it himself.

Personally, I will say that she should not have been directly involved in appealing on behalf of Malaysia to Egypt and Saudi Arabia because she has no official executive position in government. Thanks but no thanks, I would say.

To those Umno dimwit apple polishers, it is completely irrelevant if Najib 'sayang' (love) Rosmah or otherwise.

We all realise it is very convenient and classy to be flying around in private jet but the truth of the matter is she just don't qualify to fly solo in an aircraft funded by taxpayers (which by the way are mostly non-Umno members).

Ferdtan: Najib should be singing the MCA's karaoke campaign video, ' Love is in the air '. The song was so 'popular' that it went all the way to Australia appearing in their TV show with their hosts laughing throughout the programme.

Yes, we know you love your wife so much that you broke ethical rules (possibly criminal if it were to be probed further without fear or favour) to allow her to fly in the government jet to attend her private function.

Could it be that Rosmah whispered that there would be no love if she were not in the air in the luxurious private plane?

RM40Million: On behalf of those whom Rosmah has helped, I wish to thank Rosmah and congratulate her for the contribution. Thank you, Rosmah. Ministers who are suppose to do the job, please resign.

James1067: What were all the previous wives of the PM's doing? Were they not contributing time and effort in their own ways in serving the country? Yet they did their part in a quiet and humble manner never taking advantage of their positions.

Today, they are highly respected by the public. There has not been a single accusation pointed in their direction.

Onyourtoes: Strange enough, when I first read the caption of this news report, my immediate reaction was: don't tell me he is going to talk about Permata. See, I can almost read your mind already.

Yes, that Permata (schools for early education) which costs us millions has now placed Malaysia 52 out of 65 countries in the latest Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) ranking, way behind even Vietnam.

With regard to her other roles as mentioned, I think you should shut down the whole Wisma Putra and sack the foreign minister.

I think it is even wrong for her to interfere when one of our citizens was arrested for spying in a foreign country. Don't you think due process must be allowed to run its course?

Look PM, the more you defend your wife, the more ridiculous the whole situation is going to be. Just admit it - she has no business and she is not entitled to use the government executive jet, period.

Vgeorgemy: Prior to Najib's administration, we had so many such instances where our fellow citizens faced hardship overseas due to the internal political issues. We solved all of these through and by excellent Foreign Ministry and Wisma Putra officials.

Najib now admits that under his regime all of these finest institutions are destroyed to the extend his wife needs to rescue the public services. What a shame, and Najib has none of it to admit that.

Cala: Soong Mei Ling, wife of General Chiang Kai-shek of the Kuomintang government, was also not an elected officer. She went to America, spoke to both Congress and Senate, and in the end, secured funds to finance against Japanese invasion and later against the communists.

Since she was accountable to no one, her family siphoned at least half of American aid for themselves. Of course as expected, Kuomintang lost China to the communists despite having a huge army size of 10 to 1.

If Rosmah is not put under control, we may see another Soong in the making.

Ombak Biru: Najib, please keep your wife at home. If you want her to do volunteer work, we say thank you, but not at the taxpayers' expense.

If according to you, she is so good at backdoor diplomacy, please sack the foreign minister and appoint her instead. Stop wasting our tax money having two persons doing the same job.

Perhaps close the Foreign Ministry - just Rosmah and a battery of phones would do.

Odin: In order to appreciate Najib's rationale in support of his wife using of the private jet for her recent private visit - the one known to us, that is - we need to remember that those Umno people are of a different wavelength from ours.

Witness, for instance, they regarding of Muslim Malaysian fanatical terrorists as more or less heroes in their using of government aircraft to fetch the remains of those criminals not too long ago. Essentially, what are improper to us is normal to them.

Louis: Najib, self-praise is no praise. Everyone has in one way or another done good deeds for the country. Some might have done even more noble tasks for the nation than Rosmah, and yet did not announce them to the whole world.

There are doctors or teachers who volunteer their services in god-forsaken places and no one knows about them.

If by your logic, they should be entitled to travel on private jets for holidays. Anyway, the roles played by your wife, as mentioned by you, are no big deal.

Given her position, any woman can do them. Despite these roles, there is no reason at all for her to use the taxpayers' money for her private jet visit to Qatar.

Clearwater: You know what happens once the fat lady starts to sing. Better for you, Najib, to let her (mis)deeds remain unsung.

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