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Our students need 'to learn how to learn'
Published:  Dec 17, 2013 1:03 AM
Updated: 2:52 AM

YOURSAY 'There is no way universities and colleges are able to provide for all the specific skills required by the industries.'

'Urgent overhaul needed to our education system'

your say, Yoursay Kim Quek: That our education level has descended to rock bottom in world rankings is due to decades of unbridled racism. I will sum up our fatal flaws in two words: 1) meritocracy, and 2) politicisation.

In an education system, where meritocracy is a dirty word, and where political loyalty to the ruling power is the prime criteria in engagement and promotion of teaching and administrative staff, and where pursuit of excellence is an alien ideal, the quality of education can only move in one way; down and down. And the only solution is to change the government.

Onyourtoes: There is no way universities and colleges are able to provide for all the specific skills required by the industries. The most important thing in education is whether or not the system is able to teach our students "to learn how to learn".

If our students have learned how to learn, the ability to work independently, initiative, tenacity, communication ability and adaptability will come naturally.

I think our schools and universities have lost their academic and intellectual vigour. Our teachers are substandard and therefore unable to lead. Our examination lacks vigour and therefore our students are not subjected to proper evaluation and assessment.

This has been our greatest tragedy, not because we do not have sophisticated courses.

Pemerhati: The main thing you have to do to improve the school education system is to ensure that all schools have the best headmasters and teachers. That will mean Umno will have to drastically change its racist policy of recruitment and promotion of teachers.

Umno is unlikely to do that (as it will not be in keeping with its racist vote getting slogan of ‘untuk bangsa, agama dan negara') and hence the pathetic state of affairs will continue while the Umno ministers will from time to time come out with blueprints and reassuring statements to show that they are doing something to remedy the situation.

Lawfool: You, BN, has been in power, running the government for more than 50 years and now you tell the whole world that our education systems do not produce employable people? You have to apologise to the whole nation.

Odin: International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed, you not only need to overhaul the education system but the policy-making system as well.

The Malaysian education system has been messed up by Umno through Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the rest of the education ministers who followed. And that includes Muhyiddin Yassin, who is totally unfit for the job.

As for you, Pemandu chief Idris Jala, you are contaminated by that 1Malaysia badge you are wearing on your jacket lapel. The badge is a symbol of deception and inferior quality. Thus your statements are about as earth-shaking as the pronouncement that the sun rises in the east.

What are you talking about Malaysia would be overtaken in 50 years' time if you don't up your game in education now?

Malaysia is already overtaken, for goodness' sake! Even if you up your game now, you would still be 50 years behind others in 50 years' time because you will have already lost 50 years.

By the way, one doesn't suppose you know anything about the cases of your fellow-Sarawakians Marina Undau and Natasia Nicole Deser .

Quigonbond: Mustapa, you're preaching to the wrong crowd. You should address your concerns to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, who can't even answer a simple question as to why there is such a high number of passes for local exams while Pisa rates us so abysmally .

Then, you should question whether the education blueprint is up to mark. Did the DPM even get your input? Was the education blueprint brought up and discussed in detail at cabinet meetings?

P Dev Anand Pillai: The people have been telling you this for the past two decades. What have your idiocrats been doing, Mustapa?

We produce lazy and dumb kids, who are good at begetting children instead of increasing their knowledge.

They are stupid and lazy and yet can refuse jobs because the wages are low, therefore it makes more sense to employ a Bangladeshi, Nepali or Burmese graduates who will do a better job and accept the wages that employers are willing to give.

There is no use of talking, Mustapa, drastic measures must be taken or else your party Umno will have to contend with a load of numbskulls as your future leaders. No discrimination here, the same applies to Chinese and Indian youth as well.

Joker: Didn't Muhyddin, the education minister and country No.2 (or is it No.3, behind the 1st Lady?) say that our education is better than England and United States?

So prior to election we are the one to beat when it comes to education but after election our education has been beaten black and blue? 2013 has indeed been a year of transformation.

Prior to 505, Malaysia is the best, everything is going well and there's nary a fault. The government is so flush with cash that the calendar is full to the BRIM with free dinners and gifts giving. After mid-2013, Malaysia's finances are in tatters. The government is pulling back subsidy after subsidy and introducing new taxes.

The country No 1 (or is he No 2?) was quoted that without GST (Goods and Services Tax), Malaysia would go the way of Greece. A total transformation from dream to nightmare in a matter of months. Endless possibilities in Bolehland.

Wira: I think overhauling the government is easier. The present BN government is simply clueless and in self-denial.

The trouble with education in Malaysia


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