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'Malaysiakini is one lamp that must keep shining'
Published:  Jan 28, 2014 8:16 AM
Updated: 4:03 AM

Since Malaysiakini published 'Intoxicating ecstasy of Buy a Brick campaign' , the independent news portal has raised another RM130,000 from the public, bringing the grand total so far to RM1,236,200.

We ask our readers the reason behind their support for the project and Malaysiakini’s inbox has been flooded with responses.

Here are the few which best express the sentiments of those supporting the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign:

Loh SH , age 65, retired from 30-plus-year career in financial/investment services

"I believe Malaysiakini tries to fulfill that independent press role. That alone is worthy of support. I don't have much to say of the mainstream media except that none appears independent of political influence."

Dato Lee Hwa Beng , 59, retired MCA politician

“Press freedom is a vital part of a democracy and Malaysiakini is the only one that dare to be free. So supporting this campaign is for our future.”

Lokman Salleh , 54, COO of a company

“Press freedom is a must for a truly democratic country.”

Antares Maitreya , writer, musician, blogger, Facebooker, jungle chef

“Co-founders Prem Chandran and Steven Gan were two career journalists with the courage, integrity and vision to see that an independent news source was absolutely crucial to the survival of whatever little democratic space remained.

“It was a bold undertaking fraught with tremendous risk, financial as well as personal. Fifteen years later, Malaysiakini has not only survived countless obstacles but has in fact thrived as a trusted purveyor of political reportage nobody else dares publish.

“Without the relative freedom of the Internet and a fearless and independent source of news, Malaysia would certainly have spiraled downwards into the abysmal depths of totalitarianism.”

May Chee Chook Ying , 53, homemaker

“We can only live in the light; Malaysiakini keeps our path well-lit. This is one lamp that must keep going.”

Myop101 , Malaysiakini commenter

“To be free, one has to be informed. Getting a brick is a small price to pay for freedom.”

KJ John, retired government officer

“A free media defines a freer country. I supported the brick campaign so that Malaysiakini can get a brick and mortar office to support their agenda to free Malaysia!”

Philip , retiree

“As a caring Malaysian, I valued truthful and independent news reporting of the nation. My contribution is a vote for unbiased freedom of news reporting.”

Ashraf Iqbal , 49, self-employed

Malaysiakini has proven itself to be worth supporting. As a nation, we do need a press that will report the news fairly...

"The comments section is a good gauge of the maturity and balance thinking of its readers. So I take it as a good proxy for what the urban middle-class Malaysian is thinking.”

Low Peck Chen

“I support the Buy a Brick campaign simply because I follow my heart.”

SF Young

News in Malaysia has been a pity,

Misleading the people terribly

The people are really thirsty,

For news that are fair and worthy

It has been a long wait for the mighty,

To report the news of reality

Bringing the bad to their knees,

That's why WeSupportMalaysiaKini!

Timothy T

“I believe in the power of the pen that writes for the better without fear nor prejudice. I pray that the Malaysiakini pen will continue to be one for the next generation and generations to come. This is why I supported Malaysiakini in this campaign.”

Teo Nie Ching , 33, Kulai parliamentarian

“Support Malaysiakini as we need journalists whose hands are not tied to supervise both BN and PR.”

Mocking You , Malaysiakini commenter

"Spending the RM1,000 on something that may be beneficially lasting to many is way better than indulging own self, be it a five minutes thrill or a bottle that gives nothing but a hangover."

Dr Peter Jesudason , cardiologist

" Malaysiakini is for me a beacon of journalism because it is editorially independent. Malaysiakini presents news in a fearless but more importantly, in an honest and for the most part, balanced manner."

Solomon Morais , 56, creative director

"A brick that stands for a change for good."

Prodyut Dutt , 56

“I do not always agree with Malaysiakini , but I do not doubt their integrity and the importance of having a credible alternative voice in our country.”

Hannah Yeoh , 35, Selangor speaker and Subang Jaya state assemblyperson

“If we do not support Malaysiakini , one-sided mainstream news will prevail and Malaysia will return to her former days. And I do not want that.”

Stephen Leong , businessman

“I strongly support the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign, because I believe that through Malaysiakini’s open and truthful publication we will see a new and better Malaysia moving towards freedom from injustice and corruption.”

Rev Dr Tan Kim Sai , 64, retired pastor and scholar

“ I see Malaysiakini as a social justice venture which has contributed significantly to the building of a more just and open civic society in Malaysia through the effective dissemination of news and views which really matter. I wish to see Malaysiakini grow from strength to strength in years to come.”

CC Leong

“At present the reporting from the main media which is controlled by the governing party, is not reliable. They are full of propaganda reporting. We very much needed a media which can report the truth for the public to know.

“Having one's own building, Malaysiakini can have the piece of mind to work freely without having to face the problem of eviction. We have been reading Malaysiakini since its inception and find it very enlightening to hear the truth...”

Dr Leong Shown Chong , 61, physician

“I believe Malaysiakini will be instrumental in nation-building. Provide a platform for the seekers of truth and the oppressed. That it will analyse and report without fear or favour. Believes that the truth will set us free…” funders

“Supporting Malaysiakini is also supporting the freedom of speech. I support Malaysiakini for the same reason that I support freedom of speech, democracy and human rights.

So, when Malaysiakini announced that it needs a new home, we at quickly jumped in at this opportunity by sponsoring Malaysiakini a brick worth of RM1,000.”

Tai Hean Kiat , a diehard supporter of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prince of Peace

“I’ve supported the Malaysiakini campaign because, as an ‘anak’ Malaysia and a netizen of this global village, we deserve the right to have access to world-class information that is collected and written impartially and professionally.

“Let’s contribute a brick no matter how insignificantly it may seem, but it shall bring about the cracking of the great wall of censorship that has long shackled the human spirit in ignorance and fear, through a lack of freedom of information.”

Supporters in kind

Malaysiakini would also like to thank those who have come forward to offer help in kind.

We have had people offering to help sponsor the cement, pests control, signage and electrical works. A number of companies have come forward with special rates for the air-conditioning, office furniture and painting.

We will soon be looking for contractors with the best bid for the renovations of @Kini - Malaysiakini’s new building at Section 51 in Petaling Jaya. We hope to move into our new home by the middle of this year.

And there are 270 bricks left!

Malaysiakini will close the ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign when we hit the target of selling 1,000 bricks for an ‘appreciation wall’ in the new building.

For more information on the campaign, click here .