Nasi lemak another victim of MAS cost-cutting?


Modified 4 Feb 2014, 3:21 am

YOURSAY ‘Will Chef Wan be charged with seditious statements against our national airline?’

Chef Wan takes offence at 'naked' MAS nasi lemak

Telestai!: My goodness, the nice lemak served by MAS (Malaysia Airlines) looks pathetic. I could have made a better nasi lemak blindfolded, seriously. The rice looks like one of the lowest grade one can find and the sambal, well, doesn't look like sambal.

To say it is “naked” is putting it mildly. It is disgraceful.

How much will it cost to supply a plate of decent nasi lemak? RM20 tops? I'd venture to say that MAS probably paid RM25 for this plate. Enough said.

Oracle: But Chef Wan, MAS boasts about its in-flight food all the time. All those international travel organisations that heap awards on MAS cannot be wrong, surely?

Perhaps you got confused. MAS tries, apparently, to provide food that reflects current Malaysian cuisine.

What with the high prices of everything rising, surely nasi lemak bungkus (ala mamak stalls) is what most Malaysians can afford, and your photo appears to show just that - minus the ‘bungkus’. And yes, they left out the kangkung because it is not politically correct at this time.

This strategy will also help MAS achieve break-even instead of racking up year after year of losses as advised by their highly paid consultants.

So don't complain, help those ding-a-lings at MAS to cut costs. But do take a leaf from my book. When I travel on a route that only MAS serves, I always have my meals at the airport - both ways.

Moontime: Thanks Chef Wan, for enlightening us on the 'naked' nasi lemak on MAS flights. It seems like the company is cutting costs yet again in order to survive. Unfortunately, the victim now is the humble nasi lemak.

Is the company feeling the pinch, too, like us ordinary citizens? MAS had better do an audit check on its caterer. Perhaps what they promised and what they actually deliver are worlds apart.

Onyourtoes: Chef Wan, it is a lost cause. Because you are “somebody”, they responded to you. If others were to complain, they will just ignore them. Mind you, I don't think MAS has paid cheaply on that “box” of nasi lemak.

Check who is the supplier first. Check how much that supplier charges MAS before we talk further.

No one is able to turn MAS around, not even a sage. It is a company of the cronies, by the cronies and for the cronies. No passengers, MAS employees, or MAS shareholders can ever make any noise - it will be anti-national, seditious and unpatriotic.

Be very careful Chef Wan, they may come after you too.

Sinner: Will an Umno minister quickly lodge a police report to ask the police to charge Chef Wan with seditious statements against our national airlines? Don't stop at DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

TakeMiddlepath: Just don't tell me MAS had not been aware of this issue before it was highlighted. What a joke.

Oh Ya?: Chef Wan may not realise that the whole episode boils down to MAS' inability to withstand the cut-throat competition of the aviation industry.

It is short-changing its passengers in its quest to cut costs. The ‘naked’ nasi lemak and the bottle of water are all the passengers get on its flights to Bangkok and many other destinations.

The same Bangkok flight code-shared with, and operated by, Thai Airways serves much, much better dishes.

Blame it on the ruling elite who do not have the political will to transform MAS, despite it having burnt close to RM10 billion of the taxpayers' money over its chequered history.

Anonymous #57883242: “Telanjang” (nude) - sexual references relating to this government are everywhere. Even the nasi lemak is not spared.

Anonymous #039163649: The quality of the nasi lemak is symbolic of the gross mismanagement of MAS' deplorable state of their services.

Ever wonder why they are continuously in the red and needed to be bailed out umpteen times? Their management is ensconced in their comfort zone, and professionalism and hard work are quite far from their minds.

They should rid themselves of all their 'fattened' executives and bring in quality staff like AirAsia or Singapore Airlines.

Sleepy: The issue, though small, is still relevant. Like it or not, it is who we are - Malaysians.

I used to take nasi lemak 'tambah', now with advancing age I only take nasi lemak with peanuts, anchovies, sambal sauce, cucumber slices and one-eight of a hard-boiled egg, also known as nasi lemak 'biasa'.

After 50 years, I still love my nasi lemak.

Changeagent: This is really pathetic. I understand that there is a rationale for MAS to cut operating expenses, but a few slices of cucumber, kacang and anchovies will cost no more than 10 sen per serve.

For goodness sake, if need be, just raise the airfares by 10 sen. Or better still, get the management to take a huge pay cut since they have been mismanaging the airline so badly.

Debater: It is the worst managed airline I have taken too. The only reason I still take it is that being a Malaysian, I am duty bound to support our national airline. I hope that the management will shape up.

Complains from little common passengers like us either turned into a racial or religious issue or totally ignored. Now that a famous chef criticise the management, I really hope it will get some results.

Apa Nama: Chef Wan, the sorry state of this nasi lemak in the MAS flight is the actual state of MAS itself. MAS is also now 'naked' as far as its financial statement is concerned.

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