We'll 'slap' Najib at the ballot box instead

YOURSAY ‘What puzzles me most is not the negligence of duties by the PDRM...’

'What if an NGO offered RM1,200 to slap Najib?'

Versey: All right-minded civilised people in the world would condemn those NGOs who slaughtered chickens and smeared blood on a banner with the images of DAP and PKR representatives in public.

These people are uncouth, and least to say, their said reward of up to RM1,200 for those who slapped Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is utterly despicable and against the law.

What puzzles me most is not the negligence of duties by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), which is well-known for its leniency towards those in power and a certain political party, not even their inability to safeguard their guns and patrol cars properly, but the silence of Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Imagine if this were to happen in any other truly democratic country, wouldn’t the ruling party leaders instantly and openly condemn and insist on stern police actions to be taken against such a group of people?

Would any right-thinking politicians dare to keep mum, signaling their silent consent or connivance of such behaviour?

Onyourtoes: Don't worry too much, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang. Despite their relentless efforts to create incitement and dissension, they have achieved nothing. The more outlandish and crude methodologies they used, the more stupid they appeared to others.

The whole world knows, including even the Malays and Muslims, that there was never an insult to the Malay race, culture, religion, or the Agong and sultans.

Come on, a chicken head-chopping demonstration that attracted only 30 participants was an obvious failure.

Anon1: Kit Siang, the police will not take action because there would be thousands of dead chickens lying at the police station after that. Who is going to clean up that mess?

What if everyone starts throwing a dead chicken here, there and everywhere? That may become a threat to national security or injure the sensitivity of chicken lovers, and the police are aware that this issue should not escalate to such heights.

Anonymous #039163649: When these same NGO clowns attack Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, what if PKR starts demonstrating, saying that an attack on Anwar is an attack on Islam and Malays because Anwar is a Malay?

When BN attacks PAS, what if PAS-based NGOs start demonstrating and slaughtering chickens, saying that an attack on PAS is an attack on Islam and Malays because PAS is a Malay Islamic party?

Anonymous #039163649: The problem is, the civil service is 98 percent Malay. So when you criticise the civil service for non-delivery, they start saying that it is an attack on Malays/Islam.

Do these NGOs know that most of the victims of civil service non-delivery are Malays themselves?

Malays are also the ones who are going to suffer most with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and price hikes, and that any demonstration on price increases is actually in defence of the poor Malays, who are also Muslims. Indeed, Umno and their civil service are not the only Malay Muslims.

BernieBaby: Is it just me, or has somebody else also observed that the banners have the same white and red colouring that the 'Jesus is the son of Allah' banners had? The faces of the opposition leaders have the same quality of the image of Jesus as well.

Are our police so blur? These are your culprits.

Vanity: It is not difficult to understand. They (Umno, PDRM, and the Home Ministry) all probably know who is behind this. They also probably liked what they saw, as they might feel that this will introduce the ‘fear factor’ that may result in some voters turning back to BN.

I will not put it past the above said to possibly even having a hand in it.

Proarte: Why do Malays and Muslims get upset when the world has a bad impression of Islam? The reason is due to a disproportionate number of Muslims who advocate bloody violence and bigotry in furthering their cause.

Equally responsible are the reactions of the so-called 'silent majority' of Muslims. They must make their voices heard in the interest of justice and in defence of their religion.

If the majority Muslims sit idly by and let evil actions carry on in the name of Islam, they, too, are responsible for the low status which Islam has in the eyes of many.

Geronimo: Kit Siang, I believe some of us are so fed-up with Najib, that we would be too glad to do it for free. Be that as it may, we will do the proper thing by 'slapping' him at the ballot box instead.

Anonymous #40538199: I may be wrong but I kind of think that any inaction of the enforcement agencies against such uncivilised or criminal acts would be really a slap in the face of the current leadership of the country and tarnish the image of the country in the eyes of foreigners.

Gen2: Stuffing of kangkung into effigy versus smearing blood on a photo. Use your brains and tell us which is more worthy for police to investigate?

Anonymous_3e06: The IGP (police chief) is waiting for instructions as to what he should do. The police do not have the power to decide. Umno decides. So to all others, please wait.

Gunnerrun: You know what Teresa Kok can and should do? Identify 10 poor families, get one member of each family and ask the person to give her a slap (a gentle slap will do).

Then donate the ‘reward’ collected to these families and be glorified in the media for being such a heroine with a brilliant idea, and a heart of gold. But please beat Najib to it first.

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