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Why anti-Malay acts only in Penang and Selangor?

YOURSAY 'Umno should learn to write a more original script. Maybe Rosmah's son can help.'

Suspected pork meat thrown into mosque

Kee Thuan Chye: This was expected. It's so predictably part of the plan to cause some riot to break out in Penang. Part of the threat to start another May 13 racial riot.


Single Malt: The traitors of this country (Umno Baru Putras) are trying to stay in power by causing race and religious tension by provoking the non‑Malays. Their goal is to create another May 13 at any cost.


The whole world knows that. Let's be calm and not fall for the trap.


Anon1: Hopefully with all the CCTVs installed around Penang, we will get to see who this idiot is. I am absolutely sure it's not the work of the Chinese or Indians.


Keep Calm: Whoever did it is being provocative. It does not matter if he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim. He is trying to get us to break apart. Don't fall into his trap.


Odin: I agree with Kee Thuan Chye. Acts of this nature or similar have been happening in Penang but not in any other states controlled by Umno. The problem with those lowlife forms is that they have air between their ears.


Basically: Firstly, isn't it strange that all this so-called provocation against Muslims takes place only in Pakatan states like Penang and Selangor? Are there no horrible non-Malays in other states?


Penangites are happy with their new government, and with one another - remember how the night concerts during the Hungry Ghost month was settled amicably with annoyed mosques a few years back, by doing what BN has never advocated before - talk it over?


Secondly, Chinese people value the importance of not wasting food, and Chap Goh Mei has just passed - no one would waste good pork on a brainless and frankly pointless stunt that, judging from history only Umno goons would think of or resort to.


Thirdly, what's the motive? The Allah issue? Only East Malaysians are truly affected by this, and how many of them are in Penang?

The other Christians would not go to such an extent over this matter, so it isn't even a matter of Chinese versus Malay or non-Muslim versus Muslims. So the plan is as full of holes as Swiss cheese.


If they really want to start another May 13, why not just hire a few fake Chinese to go pee on a flagpole at the PM's residence? I believe there are people from China who miraculously can stay in Malaysia for years on end as professional beggars, who can do this for some money.


My Opinion: I can make that piece of pork into a delicious char siew meal. If the meat is not spoilt, then it should be a windfall to those who had found it.

Proarte: Just catch the perpetrator, charge him and case closed. Malaysians in their right minds and with no political agenda would not do such a ridiculous act. Chinese love eating pork and would regard it as a terrible waste of such delicious meat by discarding it wantonly.


Only heartless people who have no qualms about spilling chicken blood in public and smearing it on posters bearing the faces of Chinese political opponents would be capable of doing such a thing.


Of course these kinds of people do it in the name of Islam, the Malays and royalty but most Malaysians, including the vast majority of Malays are not buying this kind of cheap provocation.


Martha: Why do such incidents always happen in Penang? Go ask the Umno's Indian Muslims, I am sure they will be able to give some answers.


Apa Nama : Remember as I mentioned before, these type of problems ONLY take place in Penang and Selangor. ONLY these two states. Reflect back on what happened and still is  happening in these two states for the past six months.


There is also a piece of news saying the PTA has found Malay Bibles being distributed among students in a Penang school. The target is ONLY these two states.


Onyourtoes: They (the provocateur/s) knew exactly where to pick the site to provoke (one without CCTV cameras). I really hope the Muslim and non‑Muslim renegades are not conspiring to tear this country apart.


Karma: What happened to the suspects caught in the last pig head thrown at a mosque?


Skong Why does the PDRM takes such a long time to catch and solve the culprits in the previous two incidents against mosques? This will definitely encourage more of such incident happening in future.


These guys are trying to create riots so that Penang can be declared an emergency state by BN. Beware, Pakatan!


Chapati: It's becoming so obvious who is doing all this disgusting work in Penang and Selangor. Don't fool around with religious sentiments, it will backfire by way of votes in the Kajang by‑election.


Mayvbwell: The formula is: create inter-religion enmity, hope for chaos, declare a state of emergency, dissolve the elected government. Does this sound familiar? Isn't it easy to identify the culprit behind this?


AJ: Played out according to script. Churches defiled, then mosques. It's predictable and I am very sure they will not find the culprits. This is just to heighten tension. It's the same playbook as always.

Supercession: Umno should learn to write a more original script. Maybe the PM's wife Rosmah Mansor's (Hollywood producer) son can help.


CiViC: Malaysia is being made a world-stage comedy.

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