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MCA and Perkasa - strange bedfellows in politics

YOURSAY ‘Chew, how can you get votes when you are seen with racists?’

Bloggers: Chew took stage with Negri Perkasa chief

Wg321: Despite a photo found on her Facebook fan page which showed MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun and Perkasa’s Ruslan Kassim standing together like “husband and wife” at Kg Batu 10 in Cheras on Feb 28 while he was giving a fiery anti-Pakatan Rakyat speech, she still claimed that she cannot remember the incident.

Can Malaysiakini show her the photo showing her smiling and standing next to Ruslan?

Chew is just like her boss, Liow Tiong Lai, who refused to believe the police fired tear-gas and acid water into Tung Shin Hospital during a Bersih rally despite all the photos and videos showing the incident.

Whether Ruslan was there in his capacity as a “former PKR national publicity chief” or Negeri Sembilan Perkasa chief, he is very anti-Chinese.

Chinese voters in Kajang should never forget that Perkasa leaders have always asked the Chinese to migrate or go back to China if they do not like it here.

Show the power of your vote. A vote for Chew Mei Fun is a vote for Perkasa - the subcontractor of Umno.

Ipohcrite: If MCA candidate Chew Mei Fun does not even know that the Perkasa VIP was at the function with her, as she claimed, how is she going to know who her constituents in Kajang are and represent them?

Cheong Sai Fah: If Chew is "clear as crystal" as claimed by former MCA president Chua Soi Lek, why can't she admit that she was on stage with a Perkasa chief.

Perhaps her glasses were tinted. Or her memory is not crystal-clear.

MinahBulat: Chew Mei Fun, look at the picture - Ruslan Kassim was speaking holding the mike and you were standing next to him smiling.

If you two share the same sarong together, just admit it. Kajang voters have already made up their minds.

Jiminy Qrikert: All Chew Mei Fun's functions are organised by Umno? So this is what MCA, the Umno lapdog, has come to.

There was a time when MCA organised its own activities while carrying out Umno's instructions. Now, MCA has even lost control of their own actions.

MCA is so totally dependent on Umno for its political survival, its members have utterly no shame being Umno's serfs.

And Chew Mei Fun hopes to win 27 percent of Kajang Chinese votes? MCA is a washed-out party hallucinating about winning back the Chinese.

It will win no more than 5 percent of Kajang Chinese votes and that too from those repaying past 'you help me, I help you' favours from MCA.

Ferdtan: “Politics makes strange bedfellows,” so they say. MCA and extremist Malay groups like Perkasa can come together for a common purpose.

Forget about the past insults and diatribes against MCA and its supporters? Didn’t they call all non-Malays, and that includes the MCA members, to go back to the countries of their origins?

Have they ever apologise and are sorry for such racist statements? This must be a wonderful love story between Perkasa and MCA.

This brings back memory of a 1970 love film titled ‘Love Story’, starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal film, with a catchphrase, “Love means never having to say you're sorry.”

Maybe some filmmaker gets an inspiration to make a film on this love affair between MCA and Perkasa? Shuhaimi Baba of Tanda Putera’s fame - interested?

Old Timer: Chew, I have lost all confidence in you. How can you stoop so low to be with Perkasa people whether Ruslan represented himself or Perkasa and share the same platform?

What happened to your pride and integrity? Winning a by election is not all there is in this world.

Headhunter: We are reminded of the saying, "Desperate people do desperate things". MCA has nothing to gloat anymore.

Malaysians have already given up on them. Of all people, Perkasa. How low can they go?

Maplesyrup: How can MCA expect to bury PKR candidate Anwar Ibrahim if Chew only hope 25 to 27 percent of the Chinese in Kajang support her?

She expects the non-Chinese voters to back her? If that is the case, MCA may as well close shop or hold an EGM (extraordinary general meeting) to change itself into a multiracial party.

There is no point be a Chinese party if the Chinese don’t support you.

Tentarik: Chew, how can you get more votes when you are seen together with racists? Insults and threats hurled at the minorities, does that not make you feel ashamed to be seen in the company of such scoundrels.

Bystander: Chew Mei Fun just lost the little slim chance in the Kajang by-election when she endorsed Perkasa by speaking with its leaders on the same platform.

She allowed Perkasa to drive the final nail into the MCA coffin.

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