Berita Harian floats 'local issues' link to MH370

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A Berita Harian column today floated the idea that the missing Flight MH370 could be linked to controversial local issues, quoting an anonymous former military intelligence personnel.
Echoing the government's line that "all possibilities" were being investigated, the Umno-linked daily said that the Lahad Datu intruders, Pakatan Rakyat-supporters and Syiah believers can also be suspects.
"It is not impossible that the missing aircraft has links to past incidents in this country like the Lahad Datu invasion or more recent developments," the unidentified former intelligence personnel was quoted telling Berita Harian journalist Mohd Anwar Patho Roman.
Following the government's confirmation that someone had deliberately altered the MH370's flight path, but stopped short of confirming a hijacking, local dailies today have been raising the question of "who" was responsible for the incident.
After eight days since the plane went missing, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said yesterday that the plane's communications were deliberately cut off and the plane veered off its Kuala Lumpur to Beijing route.
In the article, Mohd Anwar also quoted the military intelligence saying that 80 percent of the pilots working for Malaysian Airlines were members or supporters of opposition parties. 
A small portion of them were also Shiites, believers in an Islamic sect that has been outlawed in Malaysia, he wrote.
"It is not impossible, the Shiite issue that rocked the country before this may also be linked to the loss of flight MH370," the intelligence personnel was quoted saying.
However, the intelligence personnel refuted PM's claim that MH370 may have flown into a "northern corridor area" stretching from Thailand to Central Asia as it was too far off course without refueling.
Mohd Anwar also spoke to local university political scientists who think that an international power struggle may have a part to play in explaining why 239 people on a plane cannot be found.
"Some new defence policies implemented  by Asia Pacific countries does not bode well with the super powers. 
"The missing plane may be a way to 'teach' targeted countries but the government of Malaysia has become the victim.
"Our government may know this but has to keep it a secret...," the anonymous academic told Berita Harian .

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