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Hisham should address Parliament on MH370

YOURSAY ‘Why waste time and money to brief BN MPs outside Parliament?’

Hisham says he’s willing to brief Pakatan MPs

Wg321: As a responsible defence and transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein should brief all MPs, whether they are from BN or Pakatan Rakyat, in Parliament.

Since he claims he is very transparent, he should allows the MPs to ask questions in Parliament concerning the missing MH370 plane.

Why must he brief only the BN MPs in a hotel? And then brief the Pakatan MPs separately if they request for the briefings. And why waste time and money to brief the MPs outside Parliament?

Please don’t use the Official Secrets Act (OSA) to prevent MPs from asking questions. The world press is in Kuala Lumpur, and they are watching to see whether you practice what you preach.

Hibiscus: It should be incumbent on the PM and the transport minister to call a special session of Parliament to give all MPs a briefing and to answer questions.

Not only BN and Pakatan MPs are to be briefed, but independents too, especially since the incident has caused much worldwide condemnation about the ineptness of the government in handling the matter, with accusations that the government had lied and withholding material information, adding to the grief of the families of the passengers and crew.

The PM and the transport minister must demonstrate now that they are on top of the situation, even though mistakes have been made in the past.

Clearwater: Hishammuddin failed to show leadership qualities by being partisan in the MH370 briefing. In the first place, he failed to treat all MPs as Malaysians first, and politicians, second. Indeed, all MPs should have been gathered at one sitting to be briefed.

Onyourtoes: This is playing politics to the hilt. You want Pakatan MPs to beg you for a briefing?

There was a request by BN backbenchers and you have already agreed to give a briefing. So why can't you include the opposition if your primary concern was to serve this country?

Of course, the expectation of Pakatan MPs is they want to know what is going on. But the issue is do you know what is going on so far?

Tikusmati: Briefings should be made to the public and not just BN MPs. Do BN MPs not follow your press briefings? Do they not understand your briefings? Is there something they should know about more that we should not?

You had earlier said to put politics aside and now stand as a nation. We are prepared to do so. Are you?

The Mask: Pakatan MPs, since you have been asked to ask, so ask for a briefing. This will show the world how stupid this minister is. What a waste of effort, time and money.

By the way, did any of the BN MPs ask any questions at the briefing? I doubt it, as they would have been told, "Ask no questions and I'll tell you no lies.”

Ozzie Jo: How utterly stupid! No wonder the world is wondering what Malaysia doing in this seemingly endless and sad saga. Regardless of whether they are Pakatan MPs or BN MPs, they should have been at the same briefing.

Why are you doing the same thing twice? Practise makes perfect? What could be happening in the empty shell between the ears of Hishammuddin?

Hytan: You have a sworn duty to answer to the rakyat, represented by all MPs irrespective of which political faction. You are far, far from the high integrity displayed by your late father and grandfather.

Anonymous_1390562550: You said, “It's just that we didn't know what is (their) expectation."

What do you think is the expectation of every MP? To get as much information on the disaster, you idiot, so that they can relay it to the public.

Swipenter: I suggest, like everyone else, get the news from the reputable international media. What does this minister know that we do not know from the world media.

Just let the Umnoputra ministers play politics with the 293 lives on MH370.

2 Tim 1:7: The following is adapted from a Tony de Mello story. Once upon a time, a man in a classy neighbourhood lost the keys to his house.

His neighbours came out in full force to help him find them. Dungguwati Toyoliah binti Otak Udang, the head of the Department of Immigration, was one of those who volunteered to help.

Frustrated that a thorough search of the area pointed out by the man had yielded nothing, Toyoliah asked him, "Are you sure that this is where you lost your keys?"

Pointing to a clump of bushes 25 metres away, he said placidly, "Actually, I lost them there but the place is dark, so I asked you to search in an expanse where there is light."

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