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MCA slams Bung's Internet censorship proposal
Published:  Mar 26, 2014 3:55 PM
Updated: 11:27 AM

MH370 Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin's proposals for Internet censorship on information regarding the missing Flight MH370 has come under fire from MCA.
In a press release today, MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun said the reasons cited by Bung Moktar for such a move had portrayed the Chinese citizens and the Chinese diaspora, including those in Malaysia, as "uncontrollable" and "immature".
Chew said that such comments were racist in nature and thus unwarranted.
"If Bung Moktar has nothing positive to contribute, then just zip those lips," she said.
Chew, a former deputy minister, added that Bung Moktar's arguments will "only confirm" Pakatan Rakyat's claims that BN was out to curb media freedom.
Yesterday, Bung Moktar had told the Dewan Rakyat speculations on MH370's fate on the Internet, presumably originating from Malaysia, can cause rioting and reprisal attacks against Malaysians.
"In view of this, I urge the government to be prudent or control all information on the Internet, even though our citizens don't want controls.
"But this issue is too sensitive and must be curbed. If not, it is not implausible that billions of Chinese nationals will be at war with us. Where will we have left to go?" he asked.
In view of Bung Moktar's outburst, Chew urged the BN Backbencher's Club to stop "misusing" Parliamentary immunity to "churn out seditious speeches".

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