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Chinese kin seek Putrajaya's apology
Published:  Mar 30, 2014 3:00 PM
Updated: 12:14 PM

MH370 Relatives of the Chinese passengers aboard MH370 have demanded that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak apologise for 'prematurely' announcing that the missing flight had 'ended' in the Indian Ocean.
They want MAS to apologise as well for saying that there were no survivors, claiming that both announcements are without sufficient evidence.
After arriving from Beijing today, a spokesperson for the group of 35 relatives held a press conference in Subang at 2pm.
"We hope that from here, Malaysian authorities can fully disclose their evidence, and answer our questions.
"Secondly, we demand that the Malaysian government apologise for last week’s confused communications and for holding up the search and rescue effort.
"Thirdly, we demand that the Malaysian government and MAS apologise for irresponsibly saying that the aircraft is destroyed without survivors without a shred of evidence," Jiang Hui told reporters.
Quest for the truth
His red-eyed son then shouted "We want evidence, truth, and our loved ones!" while others wiped their tears.
On March 24, Najib had announced that MH370 had " ended " in the Indian Ocean based on analysis of satellite data. He stopped short of saying that it crashed.
Meanwhile in China, about 30 minutes before Najib’s announcement, MAS began informing relatives of this and that there were no survivors.
MAS group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yayha later defended this, saying that the aircraft is running low on fuel at its last known location in a remote part of the Indian Ocean, therefore the prospect of survival for an extended period of time is "extremely, extremely remote ".
Earlier today, the group of 35 landed at KL International Airport (KLIA) this morning, but were quietly whisked to a hotel in Subang Jaya through another exit, as reporters waited at the arrival hall.
More to come soon
Upon realising this, reporters rushed to the hotel to interview the relatives, only to find that they were holding a meeting with government and MAS representatives.
Jiang said that more relatives are expected to arrive from Beijing in the coming days but is unable to confirm the exact number. The logistics are being handled by MAS.
He also indicated that family members are unlikely to be heading to Australia, which is heading the search in the suspected crash site, unless there the evidence of the plane's whereabouts is uncovered there.
The group hoped to top Malaysian government officials will meet them and answer their many queries, promising that they will act in a "reasonable and legal way" throughout their stay.
"We hope Malaysia will show sincerity by arranging for someone someone of authority to speak to us with the relevant data at hand and will be able to communicate the truth," said Jiang.

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