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Is Kidex contrary to Pakatan’s 'no toll' promise?

Recently there have been a lot of news on the new proposed Kidex highway (Kinrara-Damansara Expressway).

Looks like another tolled highway in Klang Valley is inevitable.

While the effectiveness of such highways in solving traffic congestion is still in question, most residents of Klang Vally cringe at the thought of further financial burden by using another tolled highway in their back alley.

If I remember correctly, right before general election 13, Pakatan Rakyat came out with a ‘Manifesto Rakyat-Pakatan Harapan Rakat’, detailing how they were going to run the country if they were in power.

On page 24 of the manifesto, the headline reads: Abolish tolls.

In short, if Pakatan Rakyat were to be in power, they promised to abolish all the highway tolls in our country.

All highways will be toll-free.

While Pakatan failed to win the election, they did manage to retain control of a few states, including the state of Selangor, where the Kidex highway will be located.

To Pakatan’s credit, everyone knows they were very vocal in opposing the current federal government for compensating various tolled highway concessionaires hundred of millions of ringgit for their loss of profit, due to the non-increment of current toll rates.

Then how is it possible the Selangor government seems to be approving the Kidex highway, a tolled highway no less, to be built in the state of Selangor?

It runs against the principles of the party to allow another tolled highway to be built in a state controlled by Pakatan Rakyat, as detailed in the manifesto.

Imagine a few years down the road, we will be facing the same dilemma again, allowing highway toll hikes, or compensating for their loss.

Pakatan Rakyat will feel like its is shooting itself in the foot.

The state government, if it is still run by Pakatan Rakyat then, for sure will regret their decision to allow it in the first place.

If there are any new highways, let’s make them toll-free.

Let's stop tolled-highways right from the beginning while we still can to lessen our financial burdens.

Keep your promise.