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Why is Alifah Ting so hostile to her own race?

YOURSAY ‘Alifah is admitting that she is an intruder? I'm lost for words.’


'I am Chinese, and I support Isma'                

Ferdtan: Alifah Ting can have her opinion and we can respect that. However when she echoed other extremist Muslims that if the Chinese are not happy with this country then they should go back to China, that is crossing the line.


Technically, it is hard to say it is racist as it is coming from another Chinese (no, I don’t expect her to agree to that), albeit a Muslim, hitting out at her own race. So, is this the strategy of racists - to get another Chinese convert to hit out at her own race?


We call upon Malaysiakini to contact her to interview her on her statement to find out if she knows what she is saying. She looks like a little girl who should be in school instead of being involved in the hateful racial politics of Isma.


Then, we can gauge whether she has the intelligence to defend her statement. If she has - good for her, even if her beliefs are twisted. If not, then she is just a stupid girl who has allowed herself to be used.


Iiiizzzziiii: Well, it is her right to state and support whatever she wants, but whatever she says shall carry no weight because she is a member of Isma. It is expected of members to come out to support whatever their leader says or does.


I do not claim or pretend to know about all the religions in the world, but I do know one thing - there is no ‘the best’ religion.


Jega Muthu: I’m sure that if we examine the roots of most of our leaders, we will not be surprised to see many of them are ‘pendatang’ from Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.


Everyone, other than the Orang Asli, are ‘pendatang’. So let us stop this bigoted and myopic nonsensical talk.


Speechless: Alifah or whoever you really are, I suggest you study the Federal Constitution before you fire blanks. You not only look stupid and racist, you are also doing Islam a great injustice.


Tak Apa: Alifah Ting? Who is she? Why does the statement from Alifah carry any weight? I'm sure this confused kid does not represent the Chinese community.


On the other hand, I just wonder why are these Muslim converts so hostile toward their own race.


Casey: The ignorant racial and religious bigots who ask their fellow citizens to migrate should be the ones to migrate as they can't tolerate the composition and dynamics of a multiracial country like Malaysia.

JooGuan: Alifah, it's up to you as to who you want to support. That does not mean the party that you support is right, morally or legally.


Until today, nobody is able to show proof of the so-called "social contract" that was supposedly signed by (presumably) the representatives of the three major racial leaders.


Gerard Lourdesamy: Firstly, the social contract does not appear in the constitution, but is merely a reference to the quid pro quo before independence, namely that in return for citizenship, the non-Malays agreed to allow the special position for the Malays as envisaged in Article 153.


Secondly, the social contract can evolve with time, changing circumstances and socio-economic development. Thirdly, the social contract does not exclude non-Malays as citizens from political and public life.


Fourthly, the social contract allows non-Malays to take part in the governance of the country and to determine its future course and direction.


Fifthly, the social contract does not allow any fundamental change to the basic structure of the constitution or to the secular civil and penal laws without the consent of the non-Malays.


Lastly, the social contract does not provide for an Islamic state.


Sleepy: For 35 years, I have accepted the logic for having "social engineering" to uplift the people and for peace.


For my part as a Malaysian, I will work hard, pay taxes and be law abiding so that nobody will be left behind.


After all this, asking someone to leave the country is not only disrespectful but also shameful.


Wira: Alifah, you chose to be a Malay. That is your democratic choice, which no one can deny you. However, don't slight the other Chinese in this country who do not follow your choice.


MinahBulat: Yes, you may have Chinese blood running in your veins, but the minute you satisfy Article 160 of the constitution, you are deemed a Malay by law and a bumiputera.


You cannot claim that you know your roots because Article 160 literally severs whatever roots you  previously had.


Now, you have new roots and for all intents and purposes, you and the Ridhuan Tee Abdullah belong in the same boat. You are anything but Chinese.


Nes: Is this for real? Alifah, if you really exist, we are all for anybody to convert to any religion of their free choice. But if you converted to put down other races (in this case, your own race) and religions, this calls your faith into question.


We are not worried about Islam, but we are worried about extremism in whatever form. You are an example, but I hope you are not for real.

Peacemaker: What a delight to hear a Chinese Muslim step up beside Isma. But the debate is not about citizenship or respect. The issue is whether hudud can and will be applied fairly across the board.


Already, we have an attorney-general practising persecution with prosecution as a sideline. So Isma is deserving of support - only if it is able to recognise the indisputable historical fact that I am Iban and a citizen of Malaysia and have the right of choice.


It's no answer to tell me to get citizenship in Kapuas, if you know where that is.


Anonymous$&@?: I just hope that the silent Malay majority will speak up soon. Enough is enough, this minority government has brought the country to the gutter with racist politics. It’s time to say enough is enough.


Malaysia Maju: Alifah is speaking not as a Chinese but as a Chinese Muslim convert. All I can say to her is that if she is not happy with people who have different views, different race, religion, creed, then she is the one who should migrate.


Maybe she can go to a country which is 100 percent Muslim, like Pakistan or Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia. Malaysia is secular and a multiracial country.


RKR: Alifah Ting admitting that she is an intruder? I'm lost for words.


Peace Sun: “We will defend the social contract, we will champion Islam. We, the Chinese community who know our roots, support Isma wholeheartedly," she added.


Alifah, please don’t use “we, the Chinese community”. You just represent yourself.


Ar-ma-ged-don: What I know is that under the Malaysian constitution, there is no such race as "Chinese Muslim" Once you become a Muslim in Malaysia and practice the Malay way of life, you are considered Malay.


Ramachandran Muniandy: You are a Muslim convert, so it’s no big deal you are supporting Isma. Don't expect the non-Muslim Chinese to support you.


There are also Malay Muslims who shun Isma. So what do you say about that?

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