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YOURSAY ‘This is a typical Umno game of ‘How to Become a Millionaire.’


Umno lawyer: T'ganu trio still BN reps

Kangaroocourt: It is deja vu. You reap what you sow. And BN sowed this in the Perak crisis. What a bitter pill for PM Najib Abdul Razak to swallow.


Now I wonder how much he will spend to keep Terengganu BN-friendly? And how much more to keep his premiership?


Ferdtan: Of course, the three BN assemblypersons who said they are leaving the party to become Independents will not send the letters of resignation so soon for a simple reason - an opportunity to get the best out of Najib in bargaining. They are obviously holding the party to ransom.


Keeping the status quo with retaining the old MB Ahmad Said is out of the question as the sultan has sworn in (a de facto and irreversible action) a new MB.


So what is next to satisfying them? Two of the resigning assemblypersons were expected to be dropped in the new cabinet line-up in the state government so they are fighting to keep their positions.


As for the former MB, will he be appointed to a cushy and lucrative job in some government-linked company (GLC)? Better still appoint the North Pole-lover to be a special envoy to Greenland, a country nearest to the top of the world.


Karma Chameleon: Have we all forgotten? Najib must have, too.


Slightly less than three years ago, Najib held an engagement ceremony for his daughter, Nooryana Najwa at his official residence at Seri Perdana on June 17, 2011.


Did anyone then try to advise Najib that it was a private matter and should not be held at the prime minister's official residence? Even if someone had advised him, would Najib have listened and moved the ceremony to his private residence in Jalan Duta instead?


I don’t quite agree with former Terengganu MB Ahmad Said's actions. But as a father myself, I could understand his feelings. I am surprised that Najib did not.


The political impasse in Terengganu is the result of your arrogance and stupidity. Now, you have to pay the price and that is none other than your resignation as PM.


Kit P: The wording in the constitution is clear. The positions of the menteri besar and exco members are dependent on having the "confidence of the majority of the legislature". It is not dependent on their continuing membership of a political party.


A government will fall if it no longer has the support of the majority of the legislature, regardless of whether those who turned are still Umno members.


Mushiro: In the Perak case, the former MB did not submit a resignation letter to the sultan and yet the sultan sacked him based on an unverified head-count of assemblypersons.


Hence the Terengganu sultan can invite the current PAS, PKR, Independent and Umno assemblypersons to his palace to see their stand and the sultan can then decide which party command the majority in the state assembly.


My Opinion: I wonder if the bailiffs will drag the BN speaker away and tear his official robe.


Onyourtoes: Are announcements and copies of resignation shown to the press not good enough? Those concerned have not denied that they have resigned.


So what is the issue here - waiting for the letters to reach your desk? What if you throw away the letters and then claim you have not received them?


1Mockery: The whole world knows that the three of them resigned from Umno. Whether Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor received the letter is not a state matter. It’s your own Umno internal matter.


Don’t equate Umno as a state matter. That’s the problem with you guys thinking you always own the government.


Fair Play: Of course, the three 'Independent' state representatives would take their time and let Umno 'sweat' really hard in the meantime. Politics is the art of the possible. Who knows what the trio want and what they would get to maintain the status quo.


Pemerhati: This is a very smart move by the former Terengganu Umno MB and the assemblypersons, who have declared themselves as Independents.


This is simply because the top people in BN like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdul Taib Mahmud, Najib, etc, steal by the billions while the small-time MBs and state assemblypersons get very little or none of that loot.                                   


Now by making themselves Independents, they can tell Najib that he either shares with them all the huge kickbacks he allegedly got or risk losing Terengganu to Pakatan.


Anonymous_1396849985: Indeed, Umno is certain the three will change their minds. After all, it is good at making offers too good to refuse.


KnockKnock: Yes, I wouldn't be surprised at all. This is typical Umno game of ‘How to Become an Millionaire: Dulu, Kini and Selama-lamanya’.


It is just a matter of "how much?"

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