The wedding that almost brought down a gov't

YOURSAY ‘This is how Umno rules; even a daughter's wedding can play a role.’


Ahmad: Najib said sorry, and so did I


Ferdtan: Poor outgoing Terengganu MB Ahmad Said, now his daughter will only have an ordinary wedding - a commoner’s kind - not the regal and stately celebration that was often expected if he was still the head of state.


How he must have missed such opportunity - just because PM Najib Razak’s timing to replace him sucks - to mingle with royalties, PM and top national leaders of the country.


If he was still the MB of Terengganu, many would definitely attend just to please him. Now knowing the fact Ahmad Said is no longer in power, having to step down as MB, don’t expect many would bother to attend.


We have a very sad father here for a chance to have a wedding typical of most Umno’s children’s weddings.


Whatshappenning: Imagine we have these kind of politicians to run the country.  So childish and so immature. If they can’t think straight and allow emotions to take over, how can they be politicians?


Swipenter: It is truly incredible, even bordering to unbelievable that Najib after having made his decision to remove Ahmad Said as MB of Kelantan, the latter and his stooges could turn around and made Najib eat humble pie and apologised for his "insensitive" decision.


The reason for such bizarre turnaround is the daughter's wedding of Ahmad Said. Contrast that with Najib's allegedly "bathe the keris in Chinese blood" speech when he was head of Umno Youth wing. No apology was issued by him to the Chinese community to date. 


No wonder the 1Malaysia slogan was stillborn. In fact, over time he reveals himself as PM for 1Malay-sia.


Multi Racial: If you are a Malaysian, I am sure you, like me, don't know whether we should laugh or cry.  


Firstly, you have a prime minister who insisted the former Terengganu MB resign on May 10 to make way for a new MB.


Secondly, you have a former MB who quit his party over the PM not giving him face to his daughter’s wedding. Then you have a couple of assemblymen joining him. 


Thirdly, you have the whole country excited and a political party which panicked after realising that the resignations could lose them a state.


Fourthly, you have a PM who willing to apologise to someone who hold him to ransom so that he would not lose his own job.


What do you see all these? We are trusting our nation to the care of someone: 1) who is incompetent in decision making, 2) who are not thorough when making decisions.


No wonder mystery of MH370 is unresolved. No wonder our security, education and almost everything else are failing. Wake up, Malaysians before it is too late.


Hank Marvin: This is how Umno rules the country; even a daughter's wedding can play a role, instead of issues pertaining to governance. What a shame.


CiViC: Anyone else felt disgusted over how Umno treats the country's management like their own playground?


Anonymous_1400062553: Ahmad Said’s reaction makes sense - dollars and sen.


Hey, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) Youth wing member Alifah Ting Abdullah, your comment also makes sense. Sorry no dollar but a couple of sen.


It makes bigger sense if you contest in Teluk Anson. Big money. Hurry, get Isma or Perkasa’s blessing.


Middle Path: Human nature at its best (Umno style) and it speaks volume of the how "principled" this lot are. Shameful and disgraceful.


Worried Sick: PAS said that they did not want anything to do with the three assemblypersons. What a brilliant strategy.


Caripasal: Seriously? The prime minister of Malaysia said sorry to his party member for getting the wedding date wrong? 


He has never apologised to Malaysians for all his blunders and mistakes. Ahmad Said, you and your daughter are so lucky.


Anonymous_1371515574: I remember when I was in primary school, I would play with my friends and then once in a while, we would get into a fight over trivial matters like when my friend didn’t lend me his pencil or eraser and then I would tell him, "I don't friend you anymore."


And then during recess time, we would say sorry to each other and we "friend" each other again. I can't help but feel the same when I read this piece of news.

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