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Feudalism is alive and well in Umno

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YOURSAY ‘Bow to ‘shogun’ Najib and all the ‘daimyos’ must bow down to him.’


'Umno leaders must obey, not question Najib'


Aries46: I have seen schoolboys behaving with more intelligence, integrity and dignity then these so-called Umno leaders who are hugging one another, kissing hands and then putting in the dagger from behind. 


It is an open display of political blackmail among Umno politicians, and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi cautions the grassroots about enemies of Umno from within and without out to destroy the party.


For the record, it has nothing to do with any outside enemies. The revolt in Terengganu was the making of former MB Ahmad Said, who claimed to have resigned from the party due to PM Najib Razak's callousness in refusing to accommodate his request to delay his resignation until after his daughter's wedding on May 17.


He was even more disappointed by the insult and hurt suffered by his daughter that he attributed to Najib’s insensitivity.


In fact, PAS must be complemented for its mature behaviour unlike what Umno did to destabilise the Perak state government under Pakatan Rakyat and subsequently grabbed power. Who are the enemies? 


MfM: Blind obedience? Is that what Umno is about then? I thought we were past the days of the ‘Under Mahathir No Objection’ party?


So now the rakyat know that a vote for Umno is a vote for Najib, which of course also a vote for his wife, Rosmah Mansor. So guess who's the real 'leader' of the country.


It looks like the feudalism is alive and well in Malaysia. Bow to ‘shogun’ Najib and all the ‘daimyos’ must bow down to him.


Dr Mahathir Mohamad's Look East policy is bearing fruits within his party. We go back to ‘bangsawan’ era where us commoners are really nothing to them.


Fairnsquarez: Kelantan Umno chief Mustapa Mohamed is right, a leader must be obeyed not questioned or doubted. Such weakness in Umno is destabilising the PM.


As for Ahmad Zahid's warning, don't worry, Umno is good at destroying itself without without help from any enemy.


4Malaysia: "As leaders, we must obey?” Where in the world did you learn how to be a "leader" as per your definition?


You are not a leader, Mustapa. You are a lowly follower of Najib, since all you do is obey. You obviously don't have a mind of your own.


As representatives of the rakyat, you must question. You must apply logic and rationale. You must fight for what is best for the country and rakyat.


Once again, it's so embarrassing for Malaysia when foreigners see how idiotic our government "leaders" are. It’s a very sad state of affairs.


Man On The Street: An individual seems to be bigger and more important than the party itself in Umno right now.


The party is protecting a weak leader and the principle of loyalty to the president is being stretched to the extent the leader himself is exploiting it to serve his own agenda than the party's.


Ozzie Jo: Welcome to the Democratic People's Republic of Malaysia, where glorious leader Najib Razak is not to be questioned, merely obeyed.



'Shock' over MB swap made Roslee quit Umno

Homesick: Bukit Besi assemblyperson Roslee Daud, let's face it and be truthful. It's something else that change your mind. You know it, I know and the whole of Malaysia knows it.


But hey, do you care if the whole world knows? Of course not. To unscrupulous, unprincipled and shameless people like you lot... it's the normal thing to do.


Myrights: Roslee Daud, do you expect us to believe that?


Now, let's just say that what you say is true, then we must have the worst political leaders in Malaysia where you can simply and impulsively make a big decision to quit a political party, just because you are shocked, and then decide to rejoin it a few hours later.


Either way, this is the reason why Malaysia is doomed.


Wiser: To these sickening politicians, they got into politics not to serve the people. Never for country, too. They are in politics for greed.


To them, leaving the party shows how much they bother about the rakyat who voted for them. It's a game to them.


So now, they have changed their mind again, and go back to Umno... And he has the gall to say he was not influenced by anybody. Pigs can fly, too. Do you believe that?


1960's: Magic words - "It is over now and I will continue to fight for religion, race and country," he said.


Then everything will be forgiven... BN-style.

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