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For PM, era of rakyat know best is over

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YOURSAY ‘Najib, why don't you make police reports against Isma and Perkasa?’


Najib threatens to sue Mkini over comments


Vijay47: PM Najib Razak, you should be thanking Malaysiakini readers instead of threatening with legal suits and other machinery at your disposal. 


Your biggest problem is that you allow yourself to be guided by those who uniformly lack in basic intelligence and contact with reality. If nobody believes you, if everybody holds you in minimal esteem, is it our fault? You earned it yourself. 


Malaysiakini and its readers' comments would give you a glimpse into what many if not most Malaysians feel, yet you place greater truck with garbage like Utusan Malaysia .


In case you did not notice it, Pakatan Rakyat politicians also get it from us if we feel they have stepped out of line. Why should you be special?


It is your duty to listen to us. If Malaysiakini is lacking in accolades for you, it is because that is what you deserve. You should be grateful to us for pointing that out.


CQ Muar: Just as Utusan publish much lies, malicious and lop-sided reporting, surely independent news portal are entitled to some 'freedom' contributed by readers, albeit coarse at times, isn't it?


Upon reflection, why are you being troubled if you'd done no wrong or guiltless? Malaysians generally love and aspire to have a great leader to lead the nation with fairness - free from those daily 'allegations' and unwholesome practices.


Just one other thing, I am glad to know you do read, or at least browse, Malaysiakini . So, that makes you one of us.


Dalvik: Dear PM, I still remember clearly that you once mentioned "the era of government knows best is over" . I hope that is still the case.


Hytan: The move to replace Ahmad Said as Terengganu MB was already widely circulated for sometime as it was learnt that he would only serve in that post for just one year.


Mr PM, it is apparent that your inner circle of advisers have not fully covered all the ramifications of replacing him (since the replacement did not arise suddenly) and you were virtually caught in a bind after Ahmad quit the party in a huff.


No one is indispensable. You cannot fault anyone voicing their criticism of your action following his resignation from the party and we would like to hear your side of the episode instead of threatening legal action.

Wira: See how CNN bashed the performance of our government over the loss of MH370? This happened because of the lack of information and credible data from the Malaysian authorities.


It's the same with Terengganu. We bashed BN because of lack of credible information plus its past attitude and performance as a "minority" government. I have this to say to Najib and his party - if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


But there is one positive trait from the PM. He is threatening to sue instead of bullying Malaysiakini with the Sedition Act.


Multi Racial: I think what Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan offers Najib is fair. If any accusation is wrong, then Najib and those involved in Umno should rebut and explain.   


Don't they think they owe Malaysians an explanation over what had happened in Terengganu?


Why threaten to sue? And shouldn't Najib and Umno also sue former New Straits Times chief Kadir A Jasin as his blog posting , which also implied money politics (‘Politicians can change their decisions at will if the ‘price’ is right’)? 


Najib and Umno should not blame the people for suspecting wrongdoing. If those are not true, explain them.


To many Malaysians, it is hard to believe an MB would resign over such a trivial matter as a daughter’s wedding, backed by two other assemblypersons.


It’s time to come clean and explain rather than trying to use threat to shut our mouth.


JoanH: It’s very sad that Najib speaks up only when his own reputation is at stake. But when selected groups continually spew venomous lies about the non-Muslims and Christians, etc, he chooses to keep quiet. Is this the best a prime minister, a leader of a nation, can do?


The comments published by Malaysiakini are not the views of those six people named in the legal notice sent to the news website, but they represent the views of many, many of us. 


Myop101: Najib, why don't you make police reports against Isma and Perkasa? In fact, in your own personal capacity, you can state if you agree or disagree with their views.


But you chose to keep silence. And now, this legal notice against Malaysiakini is simply unwarranted.


Avenger: Najib is a public figure. The issues raised in Malaysiakini are of public interest. Much has been hidden from the public by the government. The public has a right to know.


What is Najib's problem? Sedition law and  defamation suits are meant to stifle public debate on matters affecting the nation.


Pputeh: Indeed, I cannot see the problem here. When Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and his team wanted to raise their salaries and allowances, we were critical and vocal .


The Selangor MB never resorted to suing but went back to his exco and they retracted the increase in salaries. This was the feedback they received. Isn't it better to know the feeling of the rakyat and take proper action?


After all, a PM is placed in his position by the rakyat and I think its our responsibility to voice our views when we see things are not in order.


It’s sad to see that we have reached a stage where lawyers have to be brought in to sort out views/problems between the government and rakyat.


CiViC: Should I feel proud that the prime minister actually felt threatened by my comments?

Najib’s legal action aims to silence Malaysiakini

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