YOURSAY ‘You are made of stern stuff. Just dismiss your detractors with humour.’

Kit Siang's aide under 'bikini' attack

Ferdtan: The ‘bikini’ attack was still good publicity (though undesirable) for DAP’s Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud. Now everybody is talking about her. Another trick by supporters of BN has backfired.


Dyana’s wit in rebutting the action is classic. That is how to deal with imbeciles. It is good that she was not upset. It reminds me of the famous racist taunt recently which started the world’s craze in eating bananas and Twitter retweets aplenty. 


It started when an opposing fan threw a banana at coloured Barcelona player Dani Alves when he was about to take a corner at a soccer game.


The banana was to insult blacks - monkeys eat bananas, you see - but Dani Alves nonchalantly picked up the banana to take a bite.


And the rest is history with the whole world applauding him for his brilliant response. Fight stupidity with class.


Hopeful123: Great way to go, Dyana. Keep it up. I am really happy with the way you responded to the ‘bikini’ attack.


You’re young, but mature and beautiful. May God bless you to be part of a good team that will change Malaysia's future for the better.


You have the support of 52 percent Malaysians right away. There are many more to come. Be strong and you will make it great in politics, clean one I mean.


Rubystar_4037: Good for you, Dyana, you are made of stern stuff. Just dismiss them with humour. I like that as it shows you are a mature woman ready to take on the tough world of politics.


Lightning: Dyana must thank those sex-on-the-mind maniacs - and we know which party they are from - for the free publicity to make her better known.


The non-Malay votes will go to her because they are not hypocrites. The young Malay votes will also go to her because she is a young, capable and open-minded professional who will surely command respect from the younger generation of all races.


Turvy: It’s good to see a courageous person like Dyana moving into active politics. Roar , Dyana, roar.


CQ Muar: Dyana Sofya, like Alifah Ting Abdullah , who embraced Islam, has the freedom and democratic right and liberty to choose on which side of the political divide she fancies.


Why get so obsessed and worked up to the extent of defaming her for something not true? You must be deranged to descend to such low level and resort to such depraved tactic and personal attack.


This is pure mockery at its ebb, and display how devoid of grey matter the blogger Afiq is just like Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin, who could easily get excited over a knee-length skirt !


Such people of jungle instinct obviously hailed from Umno - jealous of Dyana's talent and good looks prompted the blogger to falsely portraying her in a sleazy 'bikini'.


To this, we announce to the world at large, this is what Malaysia offers - far from what PM Najib Razak often falsely bragged about while prancing the world stage.


Mushiro: And the person who lied to tarnish her name is most probably an Umno Muslim. Luckily we have not implemented hudud.


Versey: If the Internet is being used in a proper manner, it helps us to widen our horizon, understanding and acquiring knowledge of happenings in the world in nearly any subject matter that we wish to know much easier than without it.


However, some people abuse it and use it for the wrong cause and reasons. These bloggers actually have unknowingly revealed their depraved mind/character in what they are doing, bringing shame only upon themselves, not anyone else.


These cavemen are really not worthy to be taken seriously. I admire Dyana's cool and collected manner in her response. Nice one, Dyana.


Anonymous_3faa: Dyana Sofya, you are not only beautiful, but you got a lovely name too. It seems that only the pretty ones, with brains to match, are in the opposition.


Oh, Umno has got their Shahrizat. As someone once said, as iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by their own incapabilities.



To my detractors, you will hear me ‘roar!’

Centurion: Dyana, and others like Nurul Izzah, are the future of this lovely country. Umno has saturated this country with ugliness in their rule, especially through the Mahathir period. 


You have my vote. You articulate very well your views and ideas and I am convinced that you will make a great people's representative. God bless you and keep you well.


LRMW: Dyana, all the attacks only confirms that you are indeed a formidable candidate as they are afraid. They will hear you roar. I, for one, applaud your conviction and principles.


Geronimo: Take heart, Dyana. The reason why they are attacking you is because they see the future in you which they so fear, and that is good. 


If you are not a threat to them, they would not have even bothered at all. Not to worry, we are all rooting for you.


Justice Pao: The Tiger of Jelutong is gone but a young and fearless tigress is born.

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